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10 Most Expensive Pokemon Cards Target in 2023

In the thrilling world of collectible cards, Pokemon cards target a special place in the hearts of enthusiasts. Usually, when we reminisce about Pokémon cards, images of trading with friends on the playground flood our minds.

However, beyond those fond memories, there exists a realm of pure extravagance—the domain of the most expensive Pokémon cards. These exceptional gems command prices that can leave you astounded.

Today, we’ll take an enlightening journey into the world of Pokémon cards, with a specific focus on the highly coveted and valuable Pokemon cards target.

What are Pokemon Cards Target?

Pokemon Cards Target refers to a subset of Pokémon trading cards that are particularly sought after by collectors and enthusiasts. These cards are often exclusive releases available through the retail chain Target.

They can encompass various characteristics that make them desirable, such as limited edition prints, unique artwork, special holofoil patterns, and promotional tie-ins with various Pokémon media.

Due to their limited availability and distinct features, Pokemon Cards Target often hold higher value in the secondary market. Collectors are drawn to them not only for their aesthetic appeal but also for their potential as investment items.

As a result, these cards have become iconic symbols of the Pokémon franchise’s enduring popularity and the fervor surrounding collectible card game culture.

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Does Target Sell Pokemon Cards?

Yes, Target is a popular retail chain that typically sells Pokémon cards. These trading card products include booster packs, theme decks, tins, and special sets.

Target often stocks a variety of Pokémon TCG products, catering to both collectors and players. It’s important to note that the availability of Pokémon cards at Target might vary based on demand, location, and specific releases.

Target has also implemented purchase limits on certain items to ensure fair distribution and discourage stockpiling.

To stay updated on the availability of Pokémon cards at Target, you can check their website, visit local stores, or subscribe to their newsletters for product announcements and releases.

Most Expensive Pokemon Cards Target

Here are the most expensive Pokemon cards target:

Charizard Base Set 1st Edition:

This card is considered the holy grail of Pokémon cards. From the first-ever Pokémon TCG set, its 1st Edition status and the majestic depiction of Charizard make it a collector’s dream. In mint condition, it can fetch astronomical prices at auctions due to its iconic status.

Pikachu Illustrator:

As one of the rarest cards in existence, the Pikachu Illustrator card was awarded as a prize to winners of a 1998 Pokémon Card Game Illustration Contest in Japan. Only a handful were produced, contributing to its extremely high value among collectors.

Tropical Mega Battle Trainer Cards:

These cards were exclusively distributed during the 1999 Pokémon Tropical Mega Battle event in Hawaii. Featuring illustrations of Pokémon Trainers, they are cherished for their limited availability and unique artwork.

Shining Charizard:

Part of the Neo Destiny set, the Shining Charizard card showcases Charizard in a stunning holographic “shining” pattern. Its rarity and impressive visual effect make it a favorite among collectors.

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First Edition Shadowless Blastoise:

This 1st Edition card from the Base Set features Blastoise without a shadow underneath the image box. It’s sought after for its early release and the absence of the shadow, which was corrected in later printings. See the 10 Most Valuable First Edition Pokemon Cards

Dark Raichu 1st Edition:

Included in the Team Rocket set, this card displays Raichu with a darker and edgier design. Its 1st Edition status and connection to the Team Rocket theme contribute to its value.

Crystal Charizard:

From the Skyridge set, the Crystal Charizard card boasts a unique crystal pattern, making it visually distinct. Its rarity within the Crystal Pokémon series adds to its appeal.

Gold Star Cards:

Gold Star variants of Pokémon like Charizard, Rayquaza, and Mewtwo feature intricate gold artwork and were released in sets like EX Dragon Frontiers. Their rarity and striking appearance have led to them being highly sought after.

Rainbow Rare Cards:

In modern sets, “Rainbow Rare” or “Hyper Rare” cards are characterized by vibrant rainbow-hued foil. These cards often depict popular Pokémon and are rare finds, commanding high prices among collectors.

EX Deoxys Rayquaza Gold Star:

Another Gold Star variant, this card showcases Rayquaza in a golden hue. Its association with the EX Deoxys set and the Gold Star rarity makes it a valuable card to collectors.


Are there any purchase limits on Pokémon cards at Target?

Yes, Target has implemented purchase limits on Pokémon card products. The limit often ranges from 2 to 4 items per customer per day, varying depending on the demand and availability.

Can I return or exchange opened Pokémon card packs at Target?

Generally, Target’s return policy allows returns of unopened items within a specified period. However, opened Pokémon card packs might be subject to certain restrictions due to the collectible nature of the product. It’s best to check Target’s specific return policy for details.

Are there any purchase limits on Pokémon cards at Target?

Yes, Target has implemented purchase limits on Pokémon card products. The limit often ranges from 2 to 4 items per customer per day, varying depending on the demand and availability.


In Pokémon cards, Target serves as a hub where collectors and enthusiasts converge to discover the excitement of trading, collecting, and battling. With exclusive releases, rarity, and the thrill of the hunt, Pokémon cards from Target add an extra layer of magic to the captivating world of Pokémon.




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