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10 Most Valued Metal Pokemon Cards in 2023

Metal Pokémon cards: not just your average cardboard treasures. These little pieces of art and nostalgia hold a special place in the hearts of collectors and enthusiasts.

Imagine holding the weight of both history and metallurgy in the palm of your hand!

In this captivating exploration, we’ll unveil the enchanting world of the Most Valued Metal Pokémon Cards – where rarity, craftsmanship, and Pokémon charm collide!

What are Metal Pokemon Cards?

Metal Pokémon cards are a unique and prized subset of collectible trading cards that stand out from the traditional paper counterparts.

These cards, often made of metal or alloy, boast a distinct metallic sheen that elevates their visual appeal. The intricate designs and textures give them a luxurious touch, turning them into coveted pieces of art for collectors and fans.

These cards are often released as special editions, commemorating significant events, milestones, or iconic Pokémon. Their rarity, combined with the tangible weight of the metal, adds a tangible sense of value and exclusivity.

As a result, Metal Pokémon cards have become highly sought-after items in the world of trading card games, blending nostalgia, craftsmanship, and rarity into one gleaming package.

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Are Metal Pokemon Cards Worth More?

Metal Pokémon cards exhibit varying values depending on factors like rarity, age, and design. The range you mentioned, around $20 to $50, typically applies to certain editions like the Burger King gold Pokémon cards.

Despite their age, these cards might not command exceedingly high prices due to their relative abundance.

However, other Metal Pokémon cards with more limited releases can fetch significantly higher prices in the collector’s market.

Rarity plays a pivotal role in determining their value, making some Metal Pokémon cards quite the sought-after treasures for enthusiasts and collectors willing to invest more for a shimmering piece of the Pokémon universe.

What Makes Metal Pokémon Cards Valuable?

Metal Pokémon cards hold value due to their rarity, unique composition, and visual appeal. Limited production runs, special releases, and distinct designs contribute to their scarcity.

The use of actual metal or metallic alloys sets them apart, creating a tangible and luxurious feel. These factors, coupled with their significance in the Pokémon universe, attract collectors and fans.

As sought-after collectibles, Metal Pokémon cards capture the essence of rarity, craftsmanship, and nostalgia, making them prized possessions in the trading card community and driving their overall value.

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What is the Strongest Metal Pokemon Card?

One of the strongest Metal Pokémon cards is Aegislash VMAX. This card stands out not only for its impressive 330 hit points and powerful attack, Eternabeam, which can deal a massive amount of damage but also for its unique Ability, Eternal Blade.

This Ability lets you switch Aegislash VMAX with one of your Benched Pokémon, effectively allowing you to constantly adapt to your opponent’s strategy.

Additionally, “Eternabeam” can be boosted by Metal Goggles, an item card that makes Aegislash VMAX even more formidable.

With a combination of high hit points, a versatile Ability, and a devastating attack, Aegislash VMAX earns its reputation as one of the mightiest Metal Pokémon cards.

What is the Difference Between Gold and Metal Pokemon Cards?

The primary difference between Gold and Metal Pokémon cards lies in their composition and purpose.

Gold Pokémon cards, like the Burger King gold cards, are typically made of a gold-colored material, often plastic, and are usually not legal for tournament play due to their unique composition.

On the other hand, Metal Pokémon cards are crafted from actual metal or metallic alloys, giving them a distinct weight and luxurious sheen.

These Metal cards are considered official trading cards and can be used in tournaments, unlike the non-standard Gold cards.

The use of genuine metal in their creation adds to their collectible and prestigious nature, setting them apart from other variations.

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Most Valued Metal Pokemon Cards

Here are 10 of the most valued Metal Pokémon cards:

  • Shiny Charizard-GX (Hidden Fates)
  • Gold Star Metagross (EX Crystal Guardians)
  • Steelix Prime (HeartGold & SoulSilver)
  • Shiny Metagross-GX (Hidden Fates)
  • Aegislash VMAX (Battle Styles)
  • Celesteela-GX (Forbidden Light)
  • Bronzong (Supreme Victors)
  • Magnezone Prime (HeartGold & SoulSilver)
  • Scizor-EX (Generations)
  • Copperajah VMAX (Rebel Clash)

Shiny Charizard-GX (Hidden Fates):

This card features the beloved Charizard in a rare and striking shiny form. Its rarity, coupled with Charizard’s immense popularity, contributes to its high value. The intricate design and vibrant colors make it a prized addition to any collection. It’s valued at around $40 – $60.

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Gold Star Metagross (EX Crystal Guardians):

Part of the prestigious Gold Star series, this card showcases Metagross in a luxurious gold motif against a starry backdrop. Its limited availability and distinct appearance make it a must-have for collectors. Valued at approximately $30 – $50, this card is a symbol of Pokémon card history.

Steelix Prime (HeartGold & SoulSilver):

Steelix Prime stands out with its unique holographic pattern and powerful attacks. It’s a prime example of the Prime card series, and its strategic gameplay potential adds to its desirability. This card can be worth between $20 – $40 due to its combination of aesthetics and strength.

Shiny Metagross-GX (Hidden Fates):

Continuing the trend of Hidden Fates cards, this one presents Metagross in its stunning shiny form. The intricate artwork and rarity of shiny cards enhance its allure. It’s valued at approximately $25 – $60, making it a sought-after gem.

Aegislash VMAX (Battle Styles):

With a high HP, versatile Ability, and a powerful attack in “Eternabeam,” Aegislash VMAX has gained a strong reputation among collectors and players alike. Its strategic flexibility and unique attributes contribute to its value of about $20 – $100.

Celesteela-GX (Forbidden Light):

Celesteela-GX from the Forbidden Light set showcases a Legendary Ultra Beast in captivating detail. Its strong GX attacks and unique abilities make it a collector’s item with a value of around $80 – $150.

Bronzong (Supreme Victors):

This card’s Level-Up Rule Ability allows for impressive Energy acceleration, adding depth to its gameplay potential. Its holographic design and strategic value contribute to its worth of about $70 – $120.

Magnezone Prime (HeartGold & SoulSilver):

Magnezone Prime’s holographic pattern and Magnetic Draw Ability make it a sought-after card. It’s worth approximately $60 – $90, showcasing the combination of aesthetics and gameplay appeal.

Scizor-EX (Generations):

As part of the Generations set, this card highlights Scizor in a holographic style. Its distinct appearance and strategic viability contribute to its value of $50 – $80, making it a desirable addition.

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Copperajah VMAX (Rebel Clash):

Copperajah VMAX’s G-Max Boulder attack is a strong asset in battles, enhancing its gameplay value. It’s valued at around $40 – $70 due to its gameplay potential and collectibility.


Are Metal Pokémon cards official?

Yes, Metal Pokémon cards are official and licensed products released by The Pokémon Company as part of various card sets. They can be used in official Pokémon Trading Card Game tournaments, provided they meet the set’s gameplay rules.

How do I know if a card is made of metal?

Metal Pokémon cards are usually recognizable by their distinct weight, metallic appearance, and sometimes embossed or textured designs. They often have a unique shimmer that sets them apart from regular paper cards.

Are Metal Pokémon cards more valuable than regular cards?

Metal Pokémon cards can be more valuable due to their uniqueness and limited availability, but it ultimately depends on the card’s rarity, condition, and demand among collectors. Some regular cards might still hold high value due to their significance in the game’s metagame.


Metal Pokémon cards have evolved beyond traditional cardboard, becoming cherished gems among collectors. Their gleaming compositions, from gold to silver to intricate alloys, forge a unique connection between the Pokémon universe and tangible artistry. Each card carries a legacy of rarity, innovation, and nostalgia, beckoning enthusiasts to embrace the captivating allure of the metal-clad wonders that grace our trading card decks.




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