How does Work? Legit or Scam | Full Review

It is your first time in an entirely new place and you want to spice it all up by having a unique taste of exotic meal but don’t know where. sees to that by bringing you closer to having that perfect dining experience.

While sees to your satisfaction as a customer, it also drives deals to over a thousand restaurants.

So, to know more about works, have a thorough read into this article.

What is

This is an online market hub that has helped several restaurants in America experience a breakthrough since its inception in 1999.

Through its digital marketing program, it connects diners to exquisite cuisines at no extra costs.

However, the certificates are baits for you as the diner to keep patronizing a particular restaurant or give another a try.

To find the restaurants connected to go online and take advantage of every certificate to cut the cost of every meal and also, use the mobile app.

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Expert Tips for

To use the app effectively, follow the tips given below.

  • Search for promo codes: You can look out for promo codes that are 50-70% off and this means that a $25 gift certificate will worth between $3-$5 which isn’t the regular rate.
  • Confirm if the place is worth it: You know, most offers sound too good to be true. So, when you’re unsure of the offer, carry out a thorough check to see if the meal is worth the deal.
  • Ensure you read through the terms and conditions to have a clear definition of what you can order or not.

What does do?

To further buttress how works, some of its business activities include selling gift certificates that someone else has to observe.

Also, knowing that this service is a free-for-all for restaurants to sign up with, it attracts new customers, fills empty tables, gives the restaurants a worthwhile online recognition. continues to strive and wax stronger by getting a review from each customer after they redeem their gift certificate. So, is a business acumen with a full edge!

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How does Work?

An array of restaurants get the gift certificates from at discount rates.

See the list below for the restrictions on the gift certificates.

  • Eat-in as it were
  • Not substantial on Friday or Saturday night
  • Liquor doesn’t tally toward minimum buy
  • Not substantial toward assessment or tip
  • Breaking point 1 for every table
  • Not substantial with some other offers
  • Ends 1 year from date of issue save for where obviously it is unlawful for gift certificates to elapse).

Upon discovering, follow the steps outlined to find great cuisines and save too.

#1 Look out for Offers

Do this by searching for the restaurant by name, food type, city, or postal code. Reviews from people who ate at these restaurants could aid you to know how amazing or terrible their meals are.

On the mobile app, you can quickly discover deals near you.

#2 Buy a Deal

Whenever you’ve found the ideal café, it is also good that you choose a certificate. Now, if you are feasting in a group, you could try the $25 or $50 certificate.

If you are grabbing a brisk lunch or dinner for two, the $5,$10, or $15 options might be a great fit.

Regardless of the event, there is an arrangement to meet your wish for investment funds that is up to half off your last bill!

#3 Eat and Save

Don’t you find it interesting when they say you should come and eat? All you need to do is to present your certificate to whoever is in charge of that at the restaurant and you see the savings appear on your last bill.

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These gift cards by could easily pass for a perfect gift to anyone in your circle.

If you get a $25 gift card at $10, your beneficiary gets a $25 value to dine at without having to know how much you spent in getting the gift card.

To redeem a gift card, visit the redeem a card page on, enter a 10-digit code and select a particular restaurant certificate. Interestingly, you can do that on your phone!

Is Legit or Scam?

From the various reviews on the site, isn’t a scam rather, there are some customer dissatisfactions that have made it get a poor star rating. Have a look at some reviews. Reviews

#1 Takes a bit of work

Check ahead to make sure the restaurant still honours, the website is pernickety, customer service meh. I use them when I travel, for an adventure out of a few local places in my neighbourhood. Some of them ARE very nice quaint restaurants.

#2 Not up to usual standard

Went to 3 Sheets at Sorrento Quay on Friday night, they weren’t taking any more bookings so we took a chance and walked in and they seated us – four people. Sorry to say that it was a little disappointing and not up to their usual standard.

#3 Hit or miss…

A bunch of restaurants on their site that offer coupons has closed. We went to one this evening that no longer takes the coupons and said they’ve contacted several times to let them know the coupons are no longer accepted. Dumb. You should call a restaurant and ask about coupons before you end up paying way more than you expected.

Final Thoughts is an all-inclusive resource when choosing where to eat because we give clients the dish and the arrangement!

The survey program guarantees that only individuals who have really eaten in a restaurant write a review. So, is very legit with a little system mismanagement.



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