Root Insurance Reviews: Is It Legit Or Scam | How It Works

After I got my car and was looking for car insurance, I looked for companies that would give me individual quotes depending on how I drive rather than getting blanket estimates for all drivers.

Sincerely, the idea of charging everyone the same price seems unfair, given that we all drive differently. So I found Root Insurance Company. They have been in charge of insurance.

So in this article, I’m going to do some Root Insurance reviews for you to help you make informed choices whether you will commit your funds to them.

What is root insurance?

Root Insurance Company is a new company in the insurance market known to be offering car insurance, homeowners insurance, and renters insurance in a rising number of states.

The insurance company established in Columbus, Ohio, provides a one-of-a-kind insurance product in the form of usage-based car insurance. It is one of the most well-known organizations that uses telematics to collect data from devices in order to compute consumer premiums.

Instead of relying purely on demographic and historical information such as your driving record or credit history, rates are adjusted based on your driving behaviors and frequency.

Recently, the company has expanded into homeowners and renters insurance, encouraging clients to combine multiple coverage types to save money. While Root’s home and renters insurance products are not as widely available as its auto insurance, the firm intends to grow into new markets in the future.

Check out our Root insurance review to get a feel of the company’s overall performance and client happiness.

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How does root insurance work?

The Root app employs smartphone technology to assess driving behavior, such as braking, turning speed, driving times, and route consistency, in order to identify who is a safe driver and who isn’t.

So, you can begin by downloading the Root app or visiting Root’s website and simply opting into their quote procedure. During their Test Drive period, Root will use your phone’s GPS (which you must activate for the app) to analyze your driving habits.

They’ll look at your speeds, the time of day you drive, how quickly you turn, how smooth your rides are, and how hard you apply your brake. What’s truly cool is that Root uses machine learning to determine whether you’re driving or a passenger. This way, you won’t be crushed as a result of your spouse’s bad driving habits.

Once the Test Drive period has expired, Root will either provide you with an estimate for insurance or decline to cover you. Root has a policy of not covering high-risk drivers, so if you have a horrible driving past or are simply a risky driver, just look for another choice because you would most likely be refused.

However, if you’re a decent driver, you should be able to get a quotation from Root. Furthermore, because they weed out undesirable drivers, you might benefit from lower rates.

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Is root insurance legit?

Root Insurance is a reputable insurance firm that provides vehicle, house, and renters insurance. In 2020, the corporation collected $616 million in insurance premiums. It raised $724.4 million in its first public offering late that year.

This means the platform is trusted among the users and you too can try it out but at your own discretion.

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Pros and Cons of Root Insurance

Here in this section, we are going to look at some of the pros and cons of signing up with Root Insurance. Do take time to read through.


  • One of the amazing about Root is its refusing to cover risky drivers. This makes drivers to be mindful and cautious while driving.
  • Also by limiting reckless drivers, Root Insurance lowers the rates of commitment.
  • Root has a 24/7 support system to attend to all your concerns. Usually, you might expect to not have a live person available for things like claims at 2:00 in the morning. But Root is always there.
  • Root Insurance pays out their customers claims within a period of time. Usually a maximum of 10 days while other insurance companies take up to 3 weeks or more.
  • Root Insurance also offers referral rewards to people who get others to join the platform.
  • Root is completely app-based


  • Root Insurance has a very strict policy and may likely decline your coverage offer than other companies.
  • Sparse coverage- Root Insurance is currently available in only 20 states. Root promises to be expanding to additional states in the future, but if they don’t cover your location, you’re out of luck for the time being.
  • Financial stability of Root Insurance is still uncertain

Bottom Line

Root Insurance is a very legitimate insurance platform to invest your money. The main aim of our Root Insurance review is to help you know Root Insurance is all about and then whether it is a good platform. We hope the information we’ve given here helps you find what you are looking for. Cheers!


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