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10 Most Expensive Scarlet and Violet Pokemon Cards in 2023

Maybe you’ve swapped cards with friends or battled in the Pokemon arena, but have you ever delved into the universe of the rarest scarlet and violet Pokémon cards?

These aren’t your everyday cards; they’re the crown jewels of collectors’ dreams.

Brace yourself for a captivating journey into the world of extravagance and prestige, where these vibrant gems hold a spellbinding allure for all who dare to explore.

What are Scarlet and Violet Pokemon Cards?

Scarlet and violet Pokémon cards are the pinnacle of rarity and prestige in the world of Pokémon collectibles.

While most Pokémon cards showcase vibrant illustrations and designs, scarlet and violet cards take rarity to another level. Scarlet cards feature a striking red hue, while violet cards boast a deep purple shade, setting them apart from the ordinary.

These cards are exceptionally rare, often released in limited quantities or as special promotional items. They’re highly sought after by collectors and enthusiasts who yearn to possess these unique treasures.

The scarlet and violet cards often feature iconic Pokémon characters or showcase stunning artwork that elevates their desirability.

Due to their scarcity and the fervor they evoke among collectors, scarlet and violet Pokémon cards have become symbols of exclusivity and luxury in the world of card collecting.

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Will Scarlet and Violet Pokemon Cards Be Valuable?

Without a doubt, scarlet and violet Pokémon cards are poised to retain and even increase their value over time.

Among the limited editions available, the Special Illustration Rare version of Koraidon ex stands out as the most coveted. Its lush backdrop harmonizes perfectly with Koraidon’s ancient aura, while the shadowy presence of Dedenne reminds us of the Pokémon universe’s depth.

This card is not only valuable but also visually enchanting, making it a true collector’s gem.

With only a small number of these cards in circulation, their scarcity coupled with the intricate design ensures their desirability among collectors, making them a smart investment for those who appreciate the fusion of rarity and artistry.

What is the Best Card to Pull From Scarlet and Violet Pokemon Cards?

When it comes to the realm of Scarlet and Violet Pokémon cards, certain gems stand out as the most sought-after pulls. Topping the list is the Miriam card, a Special Illustration Rare, which commands a price tag of around $49.15.

Its uniqueness and scarcity make it a prized possession among collectors. Following closely is the Koraidon EX, another Special Illustration Rare, valued at $18.00. Its captivating design and limited availability contribute to its desirability.

For those eyeing powerful gameplay options, the Gyarados EX card, an Ultra Rare valued at $15.00, provides strategic advantages. The Drowzee and Riolu, both Illustration Rares priced at $6.90 and $7.99 respectively, are also noteworthy pulls for their distinctive artistic flair.

Additionally, the Miraidon EX Hyper Rare at $9.42 and the Rare Candy at $11.34 offer valuable gameplay effects. Even the Dondozo at $4.49 has its place in rounding out collections.

Each card represents a unique blend of value, rarity, and visual appeal, catering to diverse collectors’ tastes and desires.

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Most Expensive Scarlet and Violet Pokemon Cards

Let’s delve into the details of the top 10 most valuable Pokémon cards from the Scarlet & Violet set:

Miriam (Special Illustration Rare)

Claiming the title of the most valuable card within Scarlet & Violet, Miriam’s Special Illustration Rare version stands out due to its unique combination of factors.

Its elevated value is partly attributed to the success of its Japanese counterpart, which generated significant demand and anticipation. This anticipation translated into high sales and interest upon the English release, creating a self-fulfilling cycle that propelled Miriam’s value to the forefront.

The card’s Special Illustration Rare rarity, coupled with the allure of completing a female character’s Full Art Supporter card, contributes to its desirability. Miriam’s multifaceted appeal, a blend of narrative, artistic design, and gameplay potential, solidifies its place as the pinnacle of value and allure within the set.

Gardevoir ex (Special Illustration Rare)

Gardevoir ex secures a prominent position as the second most valuable card, and its appeal is woven with layers of narrative and gameplay significance.

The Full Art version of Gardevoir ex presents an emotionally resonant domestic scene, the final piece of a three-part narrative that extends through its preceding evolutions, Ralts, and Kirlia.

This continuity draws collectors seeking to complete this story sequence, driving demand for all three cards.

Gardevoir ex’s gameplay prowess, marked by Energy acceleration and powerful attack options, elevates its strategic value, making it a competitive powerhouse. The confluence of narrative resonance and gameplay utility cements Gardevoir ex’s significance.

Miraidon ex (Special Illustration Rare)

Miraidon ex, positioned in third place, offers an intriguing blend of artistic symbolism and competitive potential.

Its artwork symbolizes the contrast between technology and nature, encapsulating the duality through the juxtaposition of the Legendary Pokémon with mechanical legs and the endearing dog-like companion.

This art carries a parable about technology’s dual nature, enhancing its allure. Competitively, Miraidon ex serves as a key component for Lightning-type decks, bolstering their viability in the Standard format.

Its strategic benefits, combined with its symbolic art, contribute to its status as a valuable and coveted card.

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Miriam (Ultra Rare)

Miriam’s Ultra Rare version secures the fourth position, driven by a unique blend of narrative significance and collector appeal.

As the aspiring school nurse in the Scarlet & Violet world, Miriam’s Full Art card stands as a symbol of her character. Despite playing a smaller role in the game’s narrative, her depiction carries a distinctive visual impact.

The Full Art Supporter card featuring a female character attracts collectors, and Miriam’s utility within the game adds to her value.

While not as strategically dominant as other cards, her narrative connection and visual appeal make her a sought-after Ultra Rare.

Koraidon ex (Special Illustration Rare)

Koraidon ex claims the fifth spot, propelled by its captivating design and thematic relevance.

The Special Illustration Rare version aligns with Koraidon’s ancient Pokémon theme, showcasing a lush and untamed background that resonates with its origin. The shadowy Dedenne reinforces the continuity of the Pokémon universe.

Beyond aesthetics, Koraidon ex offers Energy acceleration in exchange for sacrificing an attack, contributing to its strategic appeal.

The combination of art, rarity, and gameplay potential positions Koraidon ex as a valuable and attractive card for collectors and players alike.

Nest Ball (Hyper Rare)

Ranking sixth, Nest Ball’s value emerges from its exceptional utility across various Pokémon decks.

With its ability to locate Basic Pokémon without imposing constraints, Nest Ball is a crucial tool in deck-building.

Its impact is heightened by its circumvention of the one Radiant Pokémon per deck limitation, reflecting its strategic significance.

The Hyper Rare version’s rarity, combined with its widespread applicability, elevates Nest Ball’s status among the most valuable cards within the set.

Gyarados ex (Ultra Rare)

Seventh on the list is Gyarados ex, driven by a blend of nostalgia and strategic potential. Nostalgic sentimentality linked to Gyarados’ evolution from Magikarp resonates with fans.

While its move, Tyrannical Tail, might not see frequent use, its game-changing potential when triggered enhances its desirability.

Gyarados ex’s competitive value and nostalgic appeal converge to position it as a notable addition to collections.

Arcanine ex (Ultra Rare)

Arcanine ex secures the eighth position through its distinction as one of the few Generation I Pokémon ex in the Scarlet & Violet set.

Its inclusion as one of the first two Tera Pokémon in the English release adds to its uniqueness.

Although Tera Pokémon mechanics might not fully translate into gameplay dominance, Arcanine ex’s appeal lies in its status as a Generation I ex card and its special attributes within the set.

Rare Candy (Hyper Rare)

Ninth on the list is Rare Candy, an exception among item cards due to its rarity and gameplay impact.

The rise of Stage 2 Pokémon’s relevance in the metagame contributes to Rare Candy’s prominence.

With Gardevoir ex’s influence in the competitive scene, players actively seek this gold-colored Hyper Rare to enhance their decks. Rare Candy’s strategic significance and exceptional rarity combine to elevate its value.

Ralts (Illustration Rare)

Surprisingly rounding off the list is Ralts, known for its modest appearance. Its inclusion is attributed to its role as the first part of a three-part narrative unfolding through its evolution line.

This sequential storytelling appeals to collectors who seek to complete the narrative set.

The demand to complete the evolving story contributes to Ralts’ value, highlighting the blend of visual storytelling and collector sentiment.


How do Scarlet and Violet Pokémon Cards differ from regular cards?

Scarlet and Violet Pokémon Cards stand out due to their unique color palette and rarity. They are often more limited in availability compared to regular cards, making them more sought after by collectors and enthusiasts.

What makes Scarlet and Violet Pokémon Cards valuable?

Scarlet and Violet Pokémon Cards are valuable due to their scarcity, eye-catching design, and their desirability among collectors. Limited availability, coupled with a captivating aesthetic, contributes to their elevated value.

Where can I find Scarlet and Violet Pokémon Cards?

Scarlet and Violet Pokémon Cards can be found in booster packs from the Scarlet & Violet set, which are available through various sources such as local game stores, online retailers, and trading card events.


In Scarlet and Violet Pokémon Cards, rarity, design, and strategic prowess intersect, creating a tapestry of sought-after collectibles. As these cards find their way into the hands of collectors and players, their value shines as vibrant as their distinctive hues.




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