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Where to Sell Pokemon Cards in 2023 | 10 Best Places

For those curious about Pokemon cards in 2023, finding the right place to sell them can be exciting and puzzling. Here, we explore where to sell Pokemon cards in 2023.

Whether you’re an avid collector looking to trim your collection or stumbled upon some cards you’d like to part with, this brief guide will explore the options for selling your cherished Pokemon cards, making the process as easy as a quiet afternoon chat.

Selling Pokemon Cards

Selling Pokemon cards involves more than just passing on pieces of colorful cardboard. It’s a dance of value assessment, nostalgia, and market awareness.

As you delve into the process, you’ll need to evaluate the condition of your cards, identifying any wear and tear that might influence their worth.

Research comes next, as understanding the current market trends and card rarities can significantly impact your selling strategy.

Whether you choose online platforms, local card shops, or even trading events, each avenue has its nuances. Remember that patience is your ally; finding the right buyer to appreciate the cards’ magic may take time.

So, buckle up for a journey that combines sentimentality with shrewdness in the vibrant world of Pokemon card selling.

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How Do I Know If My Pokemon Cards Are Worth Money?

Curious about the potential value of your Pokémon cards? Start by inspecting their condition; cards in mint state are often more valuable.

Rarity plays a crucial role, too; older cards or those with special attributes tend to hold more worth. To assess value accurately, research is your best friend.

Explore online platforms, consult price guides, and engage with collector communities to gauge the market’s pulse. Remember, a card’s value can fluctuate based on demand and trends.

For a precise appraisal, consider professional grading services.

So, whether you’re unearthing childhood treasures or stumbled upon cards, a blend of scrutiny and research will guide you in unraveling the monetary charm of your Pokémon collection.

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How Can I Sell My Pokemon Cards?

Selling your Pokémon cards can be an engaging venture. Start by organizing your collection and identifying valuable cards based on their condition and rarity.

Research the current market trends and prices using online platforms, forums, and price guides. Once you grasp their potential value, decide on your selling approach.

Online marketplaces like eBay and specialized card-selling websites offer vast reach. Local options include hobby shops, comic stores, and trading events. You can also consider reaching out to fellow collectors.

When listing your cards, provide accurate descriptions and clear images to attract potential buyers.

Patience is key, as finding the right buyer might take time. Remember, a mix of knowledge and patience will navigate you through a successful Pokémon card-selling experience.

How Much Money Will I Get If I Sell Pokemon Cards?

The amount you’ll receive from selling Pokémon cards varies widely. On average, Pokémon cards are valued at around $1.20.

According to Culture of Gaming, most “Rare” cards fetch under $10, while “uncommon” or lower cards often go for less than $1. However, older and promotional cards hold significantly higher values.

Certain cards can reach astonishing figures, with values soaring over $300,000. The worth of your collection hinges on factors such as rarity, age, condition, and demand.

So, while some cards might only bring in a few dollars, others could become lucrative treasures. It’s where careful assessment and market awareness can yield rewarding results.

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Where Do I Sell Pokemon Cards for Money?

One of the best places to sell Pokémon cards for money is eBay. This online marketplace offers a massive platform with a vast user base, creating high visibility for your listings.

You can set your prices, engage in auctions, and utilize its user-friendly interface. eBay provides a safe transaction environment and protects buyers and sellers. Additionally, its global reach increases the chances of finding interested collectors willing to pay competitive prices.

Ensure to accurately describe your cards, include clear images, and consider setting reasonable starting bids or “Buy It Now” prices for a smooth and potentially lucrative selling experience.

Best Places to Sell Pokemon Cards for Money

Below are the top 10 places to sell Pokemon cards:


As one of the largest online marketplaces, eBay offers a wide audience and global reach.

You can create listings for individual cards or entire collections, set your own prices, and even choose between auctions and fixed-price listings.

eBay provides a secure platform with buyer and seller protection, making it a go-to choice for both beginners and experienced sellers.


TCGPlayer is a dedicated platform for trading card games, including Pokémon. It provides a vast marketplace where buyers can easily find and purchase specific cards.

The platform utilizes a system for card grading, allowing you to accurately describe the condition of your cards.

TCGPlayer’s reputation for quality and security attracts serious collectors and players alike.

Facebook Marketplace

Ideal for local sales, Facebook Marketplace lets you connect with buyers in your vicinity.

This can be advantageous for avoiding shipping costs and facilitating in-person transactions. You can list your Pokémon cards, negotiate prices, and arrange meet-ups for exchange.

Local Card Shops

Many local card and hobby shops buy and sell Pokémon cards. Visiting these shops enables you to receive offers directly from experts who know the market, and you might even strike a deal on the spot.

Online Forums and Communities

Websites like Reddit (r/PokemonTCG, r/pkmntcgtrades) and dedicated Pokémon forums allow you to engage with fellow collectors.

Here, you can post lists of cards you want to sell and negotiate with potential buyers who share your passion for the game.


The visual nature of Instagram makes it perfect for showcasing your cards. By using relevant hashtags and interacting with the Pokémon card-collecting community, you can attract potential buyers.

Some users create separate accounts dedicated to selling or trading cards, ensuring a targeted audience.

Card Shows and Conventions

Participating in local or national trading card events gives you a chance to interact directly with buyers and enthusiasts.

Setting up a booth allows attendees to browse your collection and make offers in person.


Similar to Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist is a platform for local sales. You can list your Pokémon cards in your city’s specific section, facilitating transactions with nearby buyers and potentially saving on shipping.

Pawn Shops

While not always the first choice, some pawn shops deal in collectibles and might be interested in purchasing valuable Pokémon cards. It’s worth inquiring with local pawn shops to see if they’re open to such transactions.

Collectibles Auctions

Local or online auctions that focus on collectibles, antiques, and trading cards can be a great way to showcase your Pokémon cards to a dedicated audience of collectors.

Depending on the demand and rarity of your cards, you might attract competitive bids.

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What to Know Before Selling Your Pokemon Cards

Before parting with your Pokémon cards, there are crucial points to consider.

Firstly, assess the condition of your cards, as mint cards hold more value. Research the rarity and demand for each card, as older and unique ones often fetch higher prices.

Familiarize yourself with market trends using online platforms and forums. Decide whether to sell individually or as a collection. Understand the fees and policies of the chosen selling platform, whether it’s an online marketplace, local shop, or auction.

Accurately describe your cards, provide clear images, and be transparent about their condition. Finally, exercise patience, as finding the right buyer at the right price might take time.


What’s the best place to sell rare Pokémon cards?

Specialized platforms like TCGPlayer and eBay are great for rare cards. They offer a vast user base with dedicated collectors who are more likely to value and purchase rare cards.

Can I sell Pokémon cards on social media?

Yes, platforms like Instagram and Facebook are viable options. Create dedicated accounts or use relevant hashtags to attract interested buyers and fellow collectors.

Can I sell damaged Pokémon cards?

While damaged cards have lower value, you can still sell them. Be transparent about their condition and offer them at a reduced price.

How do I price my Pokémon cards?

Research similar cards on platforms like eBay to gauge their market value. Consider card condition, rarity, and demand when setting your prices.


No matter where your Pokémon card selling journey takes you, remember that knowledge is your ally. Armed with insights into conditions, rarity, and market trends, you can navigate this realm with confidence. Whether you’re seeking quick sales or hunting for hidden gems, informed decisions lead to rewarding experiences.




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