15 Scrap Wood Projects That Sell Crazily 

There are so many amazing hand-crafted items out there made of superior materials and quality that it can feel like the only option available. But there is a ton of options out there
from beginner scrap wood projects to ones that are a little more advanced.

Here are several that we love! When you’re looking to sell woodworking projects—especially if you’ve been honing your skills for a while now—it’s challenging to choose the right pieces.

Below are some of our favorite and popular scrap wood products that are perfect for selling. You’ll find several ideas great for various skill levels, from beginners to experts.

List Of Scrap Wood Projects That Sell Crazily

1. Chalkboard Shelf Unit

Here’s a simple DIY knockoff build of an otherwise pricey and great-looking shelf unit with a chalkboard on the front. The build was done by Scott at SawsOnSkates.

The joinery requires no glue, just pocket screws using a Kreg jig. But before attaching, he rounds over each board for this look.

Metal brackets wrap each corner for good looks. After applying the stain and finish to the shelves, he cuts the chalkboard backing down to size with a different saw then attaches it using finish nails. 

2. Box Shelves

Looking for scrap wood projects that sell well? This great-looking box shelving unit was
put together by FamilyHandyman with a full tutorial with pictures.

He even offers suggestions to turn this into a more formal style vs the rustic look pictured here. This is a collection of single boxes which he details how to build individually.

Some of you can put the backing on, others leave it off so the wall can be seen behind the shelf. The construction is done with glue and nails. Then stain or paint however you prefer.

When hanging, you can attach them all together with screws, and he offers his methods for hiding the screw heads. 

3. Baby gym

Here’s a great baby gym project for anyone looking for a fun DIY project that would make a great gift or sell at an online store like Etsy. This one was made with a miter saw,
drill, and random orbital sander, with just some finish and paint used in the end.

Be sure to use any finish or paints that you use with this project in food-grade projects. And they went the route of screws in the dowel; I would advise against that as they could eventually work loose over time and allow your baby to reach them when they’re just starting out crawling.

This could be done by using a smaller length dowel glued into the hole of your main dowel. This is an easy to build and falls into the category of great woodworking projects that sell because parents are some of the biggest shoppers online. 

4. Wooden wine rack

If you’re looking to build some simple and easy woodworking projects you can 
sell, a wine rack could be a great project to try. A good wine rack will hold 22-23 bottles, so you don’t have to deal with storage issues for quite a while. See the video here on YouTube

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5. Bedside Docking Station

Here’s a charging station made of scrap wood that Christine tells you how to makeover at pinspiredtodiy.com. She lays out the individual cuts required, labels them for you, and gives you tip for what kind of lumber to buy.

She adds several photos, so you get a very good idea of what you should look for in your local hardware store. And she shows detailed step-by-step instructions on each step, as well as good photos of all angles.

This is a fantastic tutorial! Isn’t this just about the most useful thing ever? And if you’re not cluttered with cords everywhere and your family is safe from having an electrical fire, then it’s time to make one, right? 

6. Toy Cars and Trucks

This kids-toy-set from TheProjectLady.com is a simple and cute little gift. It’s cheap to make, so you wouldn’t be able to charge much individually. You could package them in larger sets though since they would work well together.

If you were to use a scroll saw, these cuts would leave a nice smooth finish. However, if you were to use a jigsaw, it might take a couple of runs at it to get it done right and the jigsaw may create some sanding damage during those failed runs. 

7. Event and Season Sign

This is a great, low-tech, and beginner-friendly idea. Just make it out of pine or cedar in any size you want and with whatever text you want on it. And make some signs for different seasons and events, because if you have signs ready to go all year round it will be easier to promote them.

Signs are the perfect way to make your home extra festive. With a few inexpensive supplies, you can create gorgeous signs that add instant personality and charm.

All the steps are straightforward, allowing anyone to make their beautiful custom sign. Learn how-to here

8. Wooden SandBox

Here’s a gift that kids will remember forever and parents will be sure to love. It stands out
in the sea of toys and games because it’s made from a wide variety of rough materials that parents can salvage for free – literally.

The fact that it’s impossible to find it in the store makes you unique and different from everyone else. It’s easy enough for children to put together with supervision, yet strong enough that kids and adults can play together in safety. To make a sandbox, visit here

9. Treasure Chest Toy Box

HousefulOfHandmade.com made this awesome toy box out of scrap wood. They do cool stuff over there and you should check them out. You can use some cute paint and make it personal for the kids you know.

Gifts and stuff like this made specifically for children can be successful as a business model if that’s all you made and sold online.

Plus, parents spread the word about good quality gifts for their kids, more would come back for more gifts! This is one of the scrap wood projects.

10. Wooden Serving Tray

I found this project posted by The Kim Six Fix and it is a cool idea if you want to make something people will buy. She’s creating an interesting cross-hatch pattern out of wood and then gluing the pieces together with a quick set of glue.

Since quick set glues have short shelf lives, I would recommend regular wood glue for this project. 

11. Cutting Board

Creativity doesn’t have to be about business. It can also be about doing something for
Someone you care about or perhaps just for yourself. For example, this is a plain-looking butcher block cutting board you can easily make yourself.

It will look great in any kitchen and will be sure to impress anyone that tries it out. It’s always a good idea to look online for tips and ideas on how to make a project before you get started, but don’t let that put you off from taking on a challenging build completely from scratch.

With creativity and a little research into the tools of the trade, nearly anything is possible. Check it out on Instructables 

12. Bathtub Caddy

I love this little stand, it’s great. They’ve used Walnut hardwood, which is not cheap (not where I’m from anyway). But if you can find some for a good price, then you could do what they’ve done here.

And if you want to make them even more beautifully unique, joinery is glue and broad nails, and the finish they suggest is varnish. If you wanted to add some features of these things could easily sell for well over $100. Check here 

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13. Entryway Hooks

If you’re looking for woodworking projects that sell, try building an entryway table or hooks for bags and coats. These projects are quick to build, easy to sell, and always appreciated by homeowners. 

14. Scrap Wood Wall Art

Here’s a simple scrap wood project that was done on Fix This Build That (a great project resource by the way), and this type of thing sells well in places like Etsy.

It’s a cheap project, which you can make from all scrap pieces you may already have laying around. Each one of these is unique since the layout and design will completely depend on the pieces of scrap wood you have. 

15. Floating Shelves

Krista’s tutorial is spot on. She uses knotty alder in her tutorial and finishes with a gel stain. This would be an excellent project for someone that is just getting into woodworking.

These are fun little projects that sell like hotcakes, and you should have no problem flipping them for a healthy profit. The design is solid and sturdy, with quality construction explained step-by-step in Krista’s video tutorial. 


There are lots of ways for you to earn cash from driving traffic to your woodworking projects. This list compiles some of the most popular buy items you can create and sell.

Even if you’re new, there will be something on this list for you! After reading our list of 15 woodworking projects that sell, you’ll have a wide range of easy-to-follow projects to relax and practice your woodworking skills. We hope you enjoy it! 



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