200+ Online Business Ideas That Can Make You Wealth

For a lot of entrepreneurs, running a business that gives them freedom to work at their own time is a dream come true. Hence, they look for viable online business ideas that can give them this dream.

More so, the pandemic has forced a lot of businesses to find other ways of serving their customers, making a lot of them move their services online.

eCommerce sites have topped the chart, having estimated spending of $82.5 billion.

This clearly shows that ecommerce sales are the new normal.

Now, with this daily increase, doesn’t it look like a good time to take part in the action and start your own online business?

Of course it does.

So, to help you have lots of options to choose from, we have compiled this list of the best online business ideas to make you wealth.

As you read through, you’d discover which online business idea suits you, and can get you the profit you desire.

The table of content below will guide you through reading.

Here are 200+ online business ideas that can make you wealth.

#1. Blogging

The first online business idea you can start in 2022 is blogging. It’s a really simple idea that will take up to 1 hour of your time every day, and over time can make you a lot of money.

Here’s the deal, owning a blog, isn’t where the money lies but, in publishing sponsored posts, hosting third-party ads, or selling your products. And to do all that, you have to focus on building an engaged, loyal audience.

When you start your blog focused on your audience, rather than the money you will make from them, you’ll grow a community that trusts you. And when you finally start making money off them, they’d be willing to give it.

Conversely, you may say that since everybody has a blog, it may seem like an outdated business strategy.

You may be right. However, if you can look beyond the competition, you’d realize that blogging can be a profitable business for you.

So, if you want to make money blogging, Read this guide on Best Ways to Make Money from a Blog in 2022 | See Our Tricks

#2. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing involves providing links on your website or blog to an affiliate marketing service that sells a third-party product, or a company that sells their own product.

It allows you to make money by just promoting another company’s product on your site or blog. The largest affiliate marketer is Amazon whose commissions are between the 4 – 4.5% range.

Read this post on 15 Best Affiliate Programs For Beginners in 2022|Full Guide to have a better understanding of affiliate marketing.

#3. Virtual Assistant

Becoming a Virtual assistant is another online business idea you can consider in 2021. If you have good organizational skills, and task management then this is a good fit for you.

As a virtual assistant, you’d just typically carry out basic administrative tasks like data entering, making travel arrangements and answering phone calls.

Start making money as a virtual assistant by getting to know the 10 Paying Virtual Assistant Jobs For Beginners in 2022.

#4. SEO Consultant

If you have professional knowledge on the ins and outs of search engines, and technical skills on platforms like Google Ads, and Google Analytics, becoming an SEO Consultant can be a good online business idea to venture in.

Gradually, many businesses are beginning to understand the importance of search engine optimization (SEO) to the success of their business. Hence, they are seeking for skilled individuals who can teach them how to be fully optimized.

So, learn SEO if you can and join the winning train.

#5. Social Media Consultant

Becoming a social media consultant is another online business idea to consider making money from.

Small businesses often require the guide of a social media consultant to determine the best social media strategy for their business. You can help them post schedules and content for their target audience.

As their visibility and followers increase, your business grows, as well as your portfolio.

#6. Selling online courses

Selling courses online is a good online business to try out. If you’ve got some serious expertise, you can consider selling online courses or even better teaching online.

#7. Freelance Coding

If you’re a software engineer who wants to be able to work at his own pace, then offering freelance coding services is a good online business idea.

It wouldn’t be so much of an issue to find clients that would need your services.

#8. Freelance Web Design

If you are interested in flexibility ,and diversity of working, you can consider working as a freelance web designer.

This is one of the greatest online business idea you can take consider especially if you are a software designer.

#9. Social Media Marketing

Another online business idea you can consider venturing into is social media marketing.

Most especially, if you have a thing for getting likes, recommendations, retweets, Insta-hearts, followers, reblogs, shares, plus-ones, upvotes, comments, and clicks, then by all means, do consider social media marketing.

The best part is, it can be done anywhere.

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#10. Freelance Designing

Do you love aesthetics, combining colors to produce something beautiful, and putting together elements to form something creative? Then you might want to consider freelance designing as an online business idea.

As a freelance designer, you can take up clients at your own pace, build a good reputation online and work on projects that interest you.

#11. Freelance Writing

If you are good with words, then you’re not left out. You can consider becoming a freelance writer as one of the online business ideas available.

You don’t need a lot, you just need a stable internet connection, and perfect keyboards, then you’re good to go.

As a freelance writer, you can contribute blog posts and eventually become a leader in whatever niche you’re writing for.

#12. Translation

If you haven’t seen any online business idea so far that you can consider, then this should be a good option.

If you’re fluent in multiple languages, then translating should be one you’d like to venture in.

You can do it wherever you’d like, so long as you’ve got the text you’re working on and you understand the goal of the translation.

#13. Editing

Another online business idea you can consider is editing. Although editing comes in different forms, it can still be a good business idea if you have an eye for detail.

The best part is you can decide to work as a freelancer, then it makes everything according to your interests.

#14. Internet Domain Selling

Buying and selling of internet domain name is another very profitable online business idea to consider.

Successful Internet domain name sellers carry out in-depth research to determine high value domains. They buy these domain name at a cheap price during auctions and sell them to the highest bidder for a good profit.

What’s preventing you?

#15. Virtual Telemarketing

If you can have natural conversations with people, becoming a virtual telemarketer is a good online business idea to consider.

Plenty companies prefer to outsource their sales and customer service. So, if you don’t have an issue working on the phone, you can consider becoming a virtual telemarketer.

#16. Data Entry

Data entry is another online business idea that lets you easily work from home. Although it doesn’t pay the best, its still a good option if you want to make predictable income while at home or travelling.

#17. Social Media Manager

Another online business idea awaits those who know how to use Facebook, Twitter and similar sites.

If you’re skilled in the ins and out of social media, then you can offer social media management services to organizations in need of it.

Read this post on 10 Ways to make money from Instagram | Proven Tricks if you want to start as a social media manager.

#18. Vlogger

If you are comfortable in front of a camera, then you may want to consider starting a YouTube channel as a vlogger.

However, don’t expect to earn from it just yet, it may take some time. Regardless, you can earn revenue through ad shares.

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#19. Podcasts

Another online business idea you can consider starting is having your own podcasts.

As long as you have valuable content to share, you start your own podcast and sell advertisements or sponsorships to build a business around your content.

Get to know How to Make Money from Podcast in 2022 | A Step by Step Guide

#20. App Developer

If you have a lot of technical knowledge about mobile apps, you can start an online business as an app developer.

More so, you can choose to build your own apps to sell. Either way you are making money off an online business idea.

#21. Remote Tutor

Becoming a remote tutor is an online business idea you can consider if you are searching for feasible online ideas.

You don’t have to meet with people in person in order to be effective. You can set up online meetings with clients, and help them with a variety of different subjects.

#22. Stock Photographer

You can build an online photography business by becoming a stock photographer.

You can take online photos and then sell them on stock photo websites.

Learn how experts make money from photography by reading this post How to Make Money as a Photographer | 20 Easy Ways

#23. Freelance Researcher

James my friend always says that if anything is on the web, he could find it. Every time he says this, I always think “How do you find the patience to go through the 10 pages of search results on Google to find one particular thing?”

Well, that’s James. Everybody is unique in their own way.

So, if you are like James that can find anything on the web, yo may want to consider becoming a virtual researcher as one of the online business ideas available.

You can offer your services to writers, businesses and other clients, and get paid for it.

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#24. Become an Influencer

Influencer marketing is another viable online business idea that has exploded in the marketing segment.

Although, influencers have a bad record for employing dishonest practices, you can still show your clients that you are different from the rest.

As an influencer, you’d get to work with several brands, and discover companies you love that you never would have found if they didn’t request for your services.

Grow your followers and engagement, and start making money off several social media platforms.

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#25. Create Subscription Boxes

Subscription boxes are themed packages of various products. Every industry has subscription boxes for most of its products. From meal-prep kits, to makeup, to fitness products and craft snacks.

You can curate subscription boxes virtually for these organizations at your own time.

When you curate subscription boxes, you work with brands to purchase and resell their products in a bundled offering.

Typically, consumers expect to be surprised by what’s in the box. But in some cases, the customer chooses what they receive. 

#26. Develop a Product

If you see a good opportunity in a particular product, you might be on your next big online business idea by developing a niche specific product.

When you develop a product particular to a niche, it serves the community and caters to its unique audience.

Also, choosing a specific target customer makes it easier to create marketing messages that resonate with your market and drive sales.

Having issues starting? Read this post on Product-Centric vs Customer-Centric: Which Approach is Best for My Business? before you get started.

#27. Remote tech support

If you are tech-savvy or have deep knowledge in handling networks and working on computers, you might want to consider offering remote tech support as another online business idea you may like to venture into.

This is because, a lot of small businesses usually don’t have enough budget for an IT personnel.

Hence, when their system goes nuts, they immediately contact a tech personnel to fix it.

So, you can save them the stress and just offer remote tech support.

#28. Search engine developer

Yeah! developing your own search engine, can be the next big online business idea to send you to your millionaire status! Just kidding though.

But here’s the thing. Google and Bing are very large search engines. However, they still don’t satisfy everyone’s needs.

So, if you can, develop your own search engine that will address user’s specific needs like making it possible to insert parameters and lots more.

#29. Transcription

Transcription involves taking audio and video content and turning it into written text. It sounds simple enough, but this work requires a certain level of skill. 

So, if you have experience in transcription, you may want to consider this another viable online business idea.

Areas of expertise include corporate, financial, legal, and medical transcription.

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#30. Search Engine Evaluation

Search engine evaluators work online as independent contractors and give feedback to the company if the search engine results are comprehensive, accurate, relevant, and timely.

Additionally, they are the human quality-assurance check in a system run by complicated algorithms. And they must be familiar with the language and culture of the local web search engine users.

Web research skills, analytical abilities, and excellent communication are important for this position. Note that you typically need to pass an exam before you start working as an evaluator.

#31. Medical coder

Medical coding is a popular online business idea. Remote medical coders review patients’ records and services for the correct diagnosis and procedure.

This job requires training of some sort, maybe by an organization, institution, an individual, or an online program.

#32. Graphic Design

For the artists and designers out there, graphic design is a great way to monetize your hobby.

Knowledge in branding, sales, and direct response marketing allow many graphic designers to charge over $100 per hour. 

The beauty of it all is that you get to pick your own clients and work in niches that interest you.

#33. Accounting, and Bookkeeping

Online business ideas for accounting and financial professionals include certified public accountants (CPA), bookkeepers, and mortgage brokers.

Your pay correlates with your experience, so if you’re new to the field, be careful of any opportunity that promises big profits; it’s likely a scam.

Regardless, if you are an accounting and financial professional, you might want to consider this as an online business idea.

#34. Animator

If you’re artistic and can create animation and visual effects for movies, videos and game, you can work from home as a freelance animator.

There are varieties of opportunities for animators on sites like Fiverr, Upwork, and many other related freelance sites.

#35. Freelance Copy Writing

Every business needs copywriters. This is because copywriters craft out marketing messages for brands that drive the users to take a particular action.

The action could be for sales or for signup. Conversely, it could be to increase brand awareness.

You can earn up to six figures writing copy for businesses from your home. You just need to know and master the skill.

Then you just might be on your way to the next successful online business idea.

#36. Internet Security Specialist

An internet security specialist monitors networks for security threats and implement security standards. 

With the level of attention that online security has been receiving, this career is expected to grow over the next decade.

So, if you have an experience in internet security, you might want to consider freelancing as an online business idea.

#37. Product Tester

Do you want to get sent products to test, keep them, and even earn money reviewing them? You can make between $20,000 and $95,000 just by reviewing the products that you use daily.

If you need a stress-free online business idea, becoming a product tester is one of them.

To get started, read this post on Get Paid to Test Products: 25 Website to Carryout Consumer Product Testing

#38. Voice Acting

If you can lend your voice to represent a character or to provide information to an audience or user, voice acting will make a great online business idea for you.

Several audition agencies require freelance voice actors who can lend their voices for a character.

So, if you think you can do this, go ahead!

#39. Website Tester

Becoming a Website Tester is also a great online business idea to consider. Your job is to make sure that their websites are intuitive and easy to navigate.

Depending on where you work, a web testing job can fetch you up to $60 per test.

The best part is, you can work at your own time.

#40. Online Chat Agent

If you have the ability to type fast, you can work from home as a Chat Agent to a company or any business organization that requires an online presence.

Here, your job description is already defined, and you just have to state your day and time of work.

Remember, you choose when you work. And that’s the whole beauty of freelancing.

#41. Online Juror

An online Juror reviews and respond to legal cases. You can earn between $5 to $150 for your opinion depending on the mock jury website you choose.

This is easy cash, for those of who has dreamt of becoming a lawyer or a paralegal at some point in their life.

Go ahead and make money from that dream.

#42. Grant Writer

As a grant writer, you can help Universities, hospitals, and nonprofit organizations seek funding by writing applications for grant money.

There’s a whole lot of money in becoming a grant writer, especially if you have the skill or experience.

This online business idea mostly requires skill.

#43. Dropshipping

Another successful online business idea you can try out is dropshipping. Especially if you want to run an e-commerce site, you may be worried about storing inventory.

Dropshipping helps you tackle this as you can take customer orders on an online store and send them directly to a third-party retailer for fulfillment.

As long as you intend to sell at a higher price than you’ll pay to your third party retailer, your dropshipping business will thrive.

Here’s a guide if you want to start dropshipping 35 Best Products To Dropship in 2022: Fastest Cashout

#44. Telecoaching

A lot of people are seeking someone who will render one-on-one help on some lessons.

People want help advancing their careers, improving their nutrition or finding more meaning in their lives. Hence, they could benefit from your coaching through video chat software like Zoom or Skype.

So, if you can, start Telecoaching as an online business idea, and offer valuable advice, and support to your clients.

#45. Technical Writer

There are a lot of writers online. However, only a handful of them can write technically for topics like a machine manual or usage procedure.

So, if you have a knowledge in technical writing, and probably a background in science, you can start technical writing as your online business.

#46. Resume and Cover Letter Writer

The truth is that not everyone knows how to write their resume themselves. In fact, I used to be amongst these people, I always used my boyfriend’s resume template to write mine, till I had to learn to write one myself.

There are lots of people willing to pay to have their resume written. So, if you have an expertise in this field, then you may want to consider this as an online business idea, or even a side hustle.

Show examples of successful resume and cover letters you’ve written and how the owners got a job afterward.

It’ll increase your chances of getting hired.

#47. Startup Advisor

As a startup advisor, you can advise startup companies on the right decisions and strategies to make.

Use any expertise you have in corporate finance, software development and other relevant fields to provide new businesses with the knowledge they need to succeed.

If you offer valuable advice, you’d see a lot of startups willing to pay you to tell them the right thing to do.

#48. Stock or Foreign Currency Trading

Like every other internet business, stock trading could be a good online business idea.

As long as you are willing to put in the time and effort needed to carry out deep research and predicting trends, you can become a full time stock trader.

Although there are a lot of efforts accrued to this job, its still a good online business idea for anyone willing to be fully committed.

Learn How To Make Money In The Stock Market in 2022: Full Guide.

#49. Travel Planning

If traveling is your hobby, you may want to consider starting an online travel planning business.

It involves helping clients plan every aspect of their trip, from flights to hotels, things to do, tips for food, currency, and lots more.

You can serve as a point of contact between your clients and any international contact.

Its a very profitable online business idea, as you can operate it from anywhere you are.

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#50. Sell T-shirt Through Tee Spring

Tee Spring is a website you can sell t-shirts. Here, you can design a t-shirt and sell it anywhere in the world without having to leave your home.

This site does the entire job for you. All you need do is to design a t-shirt you want to sell and upload it on Teespring.

You set the price tag on the t-shirt and get the buying link from them to promote it. After that, you can promote the t-shirt on social media, forums, or anywhere you want with a link given to you by Teespring.

So, once someone clicks the link and buys the t-shirt, Teespring ships the t-shirt to him/her and you get the money after $10 deduction by Teespring as their commission.

Read this post on Design T-Shirts To Sell | 13 Companies that pay you heavily in 2021 before you decide to start selling T-shirts.

#51. Start CPA Marketing

CPA stands for Cost Per Action.

CPA marketing involves promoting a specific product, service, or an offer (in most cases) and getting commission per lead.

It’s actually an affiliate marketing that mostly involves promoting a free service or an offer.

More so, most beginners use CPA to start their online journey because promoting a free offer and getting leads is easy as compared to any other form of money-making method.

To start CPA marketing, join some CPA network. This could be a very profitable online business idea for you.

#52. Become Amazon Affiliate

You can make money online by becoming an Amazon affiliate. Amazon has a program through which you can join to promote your products and get commission per sale generated through their affiliate link.

Amazon is the biggest eCommerce giant and every second person buys stuff on Amazon.

Much of their annual sales come through their affiliates who regularly promote their products on their blogs, websites, etc.

You can turn this side hustle into a full-time gig.

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#53. Write a Short E-book

You may have a story to tell or a subject to explore–you might write books. Before then, remember they need not be of any specific length or style, and you don’t have to be an expert in the field.

Writing an ebook isn’t simple, but this is an exceptionally good road to take if you’re not really in audio, video, or merchandise.

Writing a short ebook is a profitable online business idea that can earn you over $10,000 a month.

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#54. Earn Money With HealthyWage

With the HealthyWage app, you can win up to $10,000 by making a “bet” on your own weight loss.

Also, you have the opportunity to take part in any of HealthyWage’s weight loss and fitness challenges.

The challenges are fun and effective. You can decide to make it a side online business.

Read this HealthyWage Reviews 2022: is HealthyWage legit? How it Works| to learn how it works.

#55. Email People

Another online business idea you can consider is emailing people. Not just any email newsletter, but newsletters that have to be valuable to convert.

There are several ways to make an exceptional newsletter. One of them is reading books or watching movies and then email your subscribers exciting facts with a rundown.

More so, you can monetize newsletters when you get enough subscribers, you can get an advertiser or sponsor to support your newsletters.

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#56. IT Consulting

If you have an IT background but you are not interested in coding, app or web development, becoming an IT consultant may be one of the best online ideas for you.

As an IT consultant, you can work with businesses of all sizes to evaluate their systems, run testing, and offer tips on how they can improve their set up.

Also, if you want, you can decide to travel to offer on-site experiences, it all depends on you.

#57. Online Therapy

With the recent developments, you don’t need to have an office to be able t counsel your patients.

Although this online business idea requires the proper credentials and education, a technologically-inclined therapist who wants to reach a new group of patients could easily hit the ground running.

So, if you are a counselor, therapist, or psychologist, you might decide to explore the online therapy space by starting a business of your own.

#58. PR Consulting

If you have good knowledge about business branding and marketing, and all the best ways for companies to communicate with the public online, then you might want to start a PR consulting business as one of the profitable online business ideas.

You can assist businesses with their online presence, including social media accounts, press releases, web content, and more.

You can also advise them on campaigns, initiatives, and overall public image.

#59. Video Production

Video production is another online business idea on our list that can fetch you good amount of money if you are creative and are knowledgeable in digital production.

As a video producer, you can work with different clients in various industries to shoot, cut, and edit video to create the perfect final product.

#60. Survey Taker

Surveys are not the most fun, but they are one of the easiest.

Survey sites collect consumer data that companies use to improve their products. The resulting increase in their financial results is the reason why these companies are so happy to pay every day for opinions.

So, you can start this as an online business idea by signing up to several survey sites e.g Survey Junkie, and lots more.

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#61. Life Coaching

Life coaching is another online business idea you may want to consider starting.

It allows you to help people, offer both advice and guidance, without needing the extensive education of a medical professional.

Although you may need a certification to become a life coach, you have the privilege to explore different niche and find which one best suits you, that allows you to help people through life’s ups and downs.

#62. Career Coaching

Another viable online business idea you might want to consider starting is becoming a career coach.

As a career coach, you can offer clients advice and guidance on their career path, job application resumes, and cover letters.

The best part is, all the discussions you want to do with your client can be done through email, chat or phone, giving you the ability to work at your time.

#63. Marketing Consultant

Marketing is broad. And if you have any skills or experience in any branch of marketing, you might want to consider becoming a marketing consultant as an online business idea.

As a marketing consultant, you can provide guidance on a wide range of topics, depending on your level of expertise.

All businesses will always have marketing needs. So, you can as well stand in for them.

#64. Online Cooking Instruction

Showcasing your cooking skills online is a good way to earn money while doing the things you love.

You can start it as an online business and structure it in such a way that’s suitable for your audience. You can decide to offer one-on-one instruction videos, host live classes, and even create workshops and cooking programs.

Over time, it can translate into something bigger. It all depends on you.

#65. Voiceover

If you’re looking for an online business you can start from home, at your own hour, then you may want to try voiceover business.

All you need is a decent microphone, basic sound editing software, and the ability to lend your voice to ad agencies, production companies, and anyone else looking for a voiceover.

To get started, signup on freelance sites like Fiverr and offer value.

#66. Proofreader

Do you have a knack for spotting grammatical errors and correcting them with ease? Are you that friend people send their works to help them cross-check?

If Yes, do you know people get paid to do the same thing?

Proofreaders are needed as much as writers because they help to spot errors that may not have been readily observed. You’ll be expected to proofread all types of content including email copy, business documents, blog posts, and more.

Over time, you can develop this as a side hustle or a full-time online business.

#67.  Music Reviewer

Yes! its totally an online business idea that you might want to consider.

Companies hire people to listen to songs and give their reviews. This feedback helps the artists or record labels to make necessary adjustments (if any) before releasing it to the public.

More so, you get a chance to listen to songs you love before they are released, give your opinions, and get paid!

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#68. Facebook Ads Specialist

Do you know that you can earn up to $30 – $100 on sites like IndeedSimplyHired, and Hubstaff Talent to run Facebook ads for businesses?

Every business needs to run ads at one point or the other. So if you know how to set up enticing adverts and fashion campaigns towards the targeted audience, this is one online business idea you should consider.

See 15 Legit Ways To Make Money From Facebook In 20212| Full Guide. How the experts make their money.

#69. Sell on VarageSale

VarageSale is an online marketplace where you buy and sell new items locally.

You can create your online store and reach customers via the internet that you would not usually have access to on the website.

One nice fact about this platform is that you can price your items as you wish.

#70. Sell Through Shopify

You can set up the whole process through Shopify if you have items you want to sell online.

They can help you set up an online store, including figuring out payment options and even handling your promotion and shopping.

See the 20+ Most Successful Shopify Stores In 2022 to get inspired to start yours.

#71. Watching Videos

If you have free time on the couch or computer when getting some well deserved R&R, you can make money watching videos.

Some of the digital platforms that can pay you just for watching movies include Swagbucks, DailyRewards, Mypoints, and so on.

If you need something easy and stress-free, this is an online business idea to consider.

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#72. Publicist

Do you have excellent communication skills? Are you able to make contents appealing and attract sells from prospective clients? Are you a motivator? These are some of the qualities one needs to possess to pass as a publicist.

If you have these qualities, you can work with brands, especially small or new brands and help them market their products using social media and other platforms.

Another online, money making opportunity.

#73. Online Fundraising Consultant

Do you have any prior knowledge or experience managing campaigns? Do have an electric personality?

If yes then you might consider starting an online freelance fundraising business.

As a fundraising consultant, you’ll have the opportunity to market for a business or cause and talk to prospective donors about how and why they should contribute to your campaign.

This is a good online business idea that you can consider, as it allows you help others for a just cause.

#74. Sell Software

Building and selling software is a lucrative business for people who are skilled in the field.

There are lots of software you can build to make money. Ranging from important consumer software to games you can play on your phone to unwind.

Building and selling software is a way to go for people who have knowledge in software development.

If you do, this is a good online business idea to start up.

#75. Create an eCommerce Site

Another online business idea to make you wealth in 2021 is creating an ecommerce site.

eCommerce is fast becoming the order of the day, so, you can create an eCommerce website where you sell physical products.

However, you should know that the competition is high from already established sites like Amazon, Shopify, and others.

Regardless, if you are skilled, you can go ahead and create an eCommerce site that solves users specific needs.

#76. Sell Plans to New Teachers

Sia, my high school friend recently moved to my neighborhood because she got teaching job at the community high school.

When I went to visit, Sia complained for over one hour about how she doesn’t know what to do in the environment and in the school.

I talked to her about some plans I knew about settling in new environments, and with time she settled in nicely.

Sia is my friend, so I easily shared my plans with her. But there are a lot of people out there, willing to pay for plans on how to settle in their new environment.

If you have any, you can sell quality plans to such people and get paid.

A good online business idea isn’t it?

#77. Sell Your Expertise on Clarity

If you are skilled in any area of business, then you can make easy cash online from thousands of business owners searching for ways to improve their business.

Visit clarity.fm to meet business owners willing to pay for your expertise.

#78. Manage the Fan Page of a Celebrity

Your favorite celebrities are often too busy that they don’t have the time to manage their fan page.

So, if you get the opportunity to maintain the fan page of a celebrity, it is a great way to make easy cash.

Subsequently, the celebrity can tell others about your good work and you find yourself running a celebrity fan page as an online business.

#79. Online Dating Consultant

Relationships are an important aspect of our life and we relate to people in different ways.

A romantic relationship is one thing we almost cannot do without. Unfortunately, some people find it difficult to maintain their affair with their loved ones.

So, if you notice you are gifted in such an area, then you can make a good income by consulting for people who need help fixing their relationships.

#80. Become a Columnist

Are you skilled in writing?

There are boundless opportunities waiting to be tapped into if you are skilled in writing.

If you don’t want to be a freelance writer, you can apply in any of the dailies or magazines to write articles in your area of specialization.

#81. Online Fitness Coach

Are you vast with the regimes in the gyms? If you visit the gym a lot and know much about fitness, then you should go online to meet people who are willing to pay you to guide them on fitness issues.

This can be a good online business idea to start. Sell your gym routines to those who want to lose weight.

#82. Start Online Clothing Business

Another online business idea you can consider is starting an online clothing business.

You can set up a social media account for your business and post your goods there.

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#83. Become an online reseller of a product

Becoming a reseller of a product is another online business idea you should consider starting out.

Get products from the manufacturer and resell to consumers who need it.

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#84. Prepare Tax for people

There are people willing to offer you money to check their numbers up. Every business and most individuals need someone to help prepare tax returns, especially time or resource-strapped small business owners.

Look up such people on sites like Craigslist to make easy cash online.

#85. Digital Marketer

Digital marketing services are always in demand, and many small and midsize companies would rather outsource it than establish a costly in-house team.

So, if you’ve got good knowledge in SEO, content marketing, pay-per-click, web development or social media management, this is an online business opportunity that allows you the freedom to work from home.

#86. Meal Plan Service

As a nutritionist, you can help clients plan out their meals and nutrition. Additionally, you can consult with clients online and send them a meal plan based on your consultation.

You don’t have to meet-in-person. The meal plan can be sent through email.

#87. Custom Illustrator

If you are a skilled artist, you can offer custom illustration to brands and businesses who need your service.

With custom illustrations, the elements of a brand’s identity can unite around a shared perspective and personality.

They communicate to customers on an intuitive level and help brands tell their stories in an enduring way.

So, if you can do this, consider building it as an online business idea.

#88. Video Ad Creator

Another online business idea you can consider starting is video ad creation.

If you specialize in creating video ads that appear on YouTube or other platforms, then you might want to consider working with clients that needs your service.

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#89. Website Maintenance Service

If you have expertise in website maintenance, you may want to work with brands that have websites.

These brands can employ you to offer website maintenance services to their websites if an issue arises.

#90. Online Business Coach

If you have a fair amount of online business expertise, you can offer consulting or coaching services to clients and communicate with them via email or video chat apps like Skype.

Over time, you can build an online business out of this as you continue to offer profitable business advices.

#91. Website Critique Service

Another available online business idea is offering a website critique service. Here, you can specialize in critiquing websites for businesses that feel like they need to make some improvements or changes to their online visitor experience.

#92. Buy and Sell Websites

This involves buying undervalued websites, improving its general online characteristics, and selling it for a profit.

Not only can you make money on the sale itself, but you can also make a monthly profit on top of that, making it one of the most lucrative online business ideas, if you get it right.

#93. Create Presentations

There is a high demand for presentation designers in companies. Organizations use these presentations to educate their staff as well as to persuade an audience to purchase goods and services.

Due to its importance, many companies outsource presentation creation to freelance presentation designers to save time and expenditure.

So, if you are skilled in using Google Slides, Canva, and Keynote, you might want to consider setting this up as an online business.

#94. Remote project management consultant

As a project management consultant, you’d advise, plan and lead a team through a project for a client.

Other projects include; organizing and holding appropriate meetings, gathering and updating industry knowledge and delivering projects.

So, if you can use the several project management tools, you can create an open channel for communication and set up your portfolio as an online project management consultant.

#95. Start a lead generation business

This is another online business idea that is profitable. It involves sourcing potential clients for other firms.

One of the main advantages of having a lead generation business is that once it’s set up, it’s entirely automated.

It’s all about collecting data of people interested in certain products, to pass on to your business clients. The best way to collect data is to place an ad for a product online that redirects the consumer to your landing site.

Here, the customer fills out their details in the hope of getting more information on what they’re looking for.

Once they’ve given their contact information, you’ve generated a lead, which gets sent automatically to your lead buyer through your lead software.

#96. Create a Chrome Extension

If you have a good knowledge in tech, you can consider monetizing your skills by building a chrome extension.

The most popular chrome extension is an Adblocker. So, if you can create something similar or better, then go ahead.

After creating, you can sell it to Chrome store. This can serve as another good online business idea.

#97. Produce and Sell your Music

As a musician, you can capitalize on your talent by selling your music online. There are several ways to do so. But the most lucrative way is to sell your tracks directly from your website.

Conversely, you can sell on other music platforms like iTunes, and Amazon.

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#98. White hat hacking

White hat hackers use hacking skills to break into protected networks, computer systems and hardware to test their security and identify any loopholes.

Due to the nature of the job, many companies often require a certificate to prove reliability. You can get one from an Ethical hacking course available.

So, if you are tech-savvy, you might want to consider this as an online business idea.

#99. Become a systems integrator

As a systems integrator, you will combine subsystems and digital components into one overarching system, where all of these former functions work together.

The best part is that you can provide this service from home, provided you have the necessary specialized skill set.

#100. Become a business plan writer

The first step to having a successful business is to have a business plan. Unfortunately, a lot of entrepreneurs just have the idea but don’t know how to write a business plan.

So, if you have the skills, you can build an online business as a business plan writer.

#101. Freelance database consultant

Lots of data are stored online, as a lot of business operations are moving digital.

Most of this data goes into online databases, hosted by servers to which all computers in a given network are connected.

These databases can be complicated and smaller companies may not have the resources to handle such issues.

So, if you are skilled in database consultancy, this is where you step in and save the day.

If you do a good job, you just might get referred, and slowly you build an online business from it.

#102. Website theme & plugin seller

Becoming a web theme or plugin developer requires a very specific and technical skillset. You need to be fluent in coding and have extensive knowledge of the industry.

This is because, websites and organizations will want to buy plugins to add certain features to their websites.

So, if you’re skilled in this, consider this online business idea.

#103. Become a ghostwriter

Another online business idea you can venture into is ghostwriting. Individuals, often celebrities, principally hire ghostwriters to write anything from articles and speeches to books and blog posts. 

Although they are not given enough credit for their work, they develop a lot of contacts in the industry.

#104. Write University admissions applications

Some universities outsource the services of individuals who can write their admission statement.

Setting up a business as an online university admissions writer doesn’t cost a lot. You just need a laptop, the internet and a place to advertise your services.

So, if you have the skills, you can set up this online business idea.

#105. Document creation

Companies often require help with creating various documents. These may be contact lists, directories, checklists, inventories, emergency contact forms.

If you have the expertise needed to create these documents, then set up an online business around this idea.

#106. Online Collection Agent

Becoming an online collection agent is one of the online business ideas you can choose to consider.

As a collection agent, you are tasked with creating lists of debtors and organizing them depending on how high the debt is.

So, if you have the required skills, then consider building a business from this.

#107. Buy and sell secondhand books

Books are always needed. Despite e-books, printed books are still very much needed.

You can tap into this market and make decent money by buying an selling secondhand books.

#108. Formatting documents

Formatting makes the document look more professional and visually appealing for a reader.

If you have the appropriate skills to format a document to suit its intended purpose, then consider making this your online business.

#109. Set up a daily deals site

A daily deals site is one where consumers an find heavily discounted products and services for one day only.

To set this up, you’d have to research for brands willing to give these discounts for a day alone.

Afterward, you combine your tech skills to produce a daily deals site.

#110. Buy and sell on online auctions

Selling through auctions online is an easy way to make money as you can start with your own unwanted items.

Once you’ve made a bit of money, you can invest in other products online and resell them for a profit.

This makes this a profitable online business idea.

#111. Freelance data analyst

Another online business idea you can consider is becoming a freelance data analyst.

If you have the skills, you can advertise on several freelancer websites such as Fiverr to promote your services.

#112. Sell your videos

This online business idea is pretty straightforward. It involves prducing and uploading your video content to stock video platforms.

The market is high for videos in 4K formats, in 1080p resolutions, and between 15 and 30 seconds long. So, if you can produce such videos, go ahead and make money from them.

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#113. Start online training events

With the increasing number of remote workers, organizations are willing to give their staff online training.

So, if you are skilled in a particular field, you can hold informative online training events which can be live-streamed to clients.

#114. Design newsletters

For creatives, newsletter design is a simple online business idea to start with as little as a laptop.

All you need is some creative software to produce the drawings and a computer to get going.

By only offering email newsletters, you cut out all the costly printing processes.

#115. Offer a rewriting service

Businesses who want to improve the quality of articles on their site will employ the services of rewriters to enhance the quality of copy on their site.

So, if you have the expertise on how to rewrite contents in such a way that there is no plagiarism, you should consider this online business idea.

#116. Sell private-label products on Amazon

Private label products are goods sold by a retailer with their branding and packaging but created by another company. 

So, if you are looking for which online business idea to engage in, you can consider selling private-label products.

#117. Remote Email Manager

You can help companies manage their inboxes which is constantly filled with advertisements or messages from job seekers.

From the name, you can manage several companies’ inbox and get paid for it.

A stress-free online business idea, isn’t it?

#118. Become a crypto trader

Gradually, crypto trading is the future of finance. With the increasing rate of bitcoin, you too can get a piece of the action by purchasing cryptocurrency and waiting for its value to increase.

However, it is important you do your research before investing.

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#119. Start a Paid Private Facebook Group

Starting a paid private Facebook group gives you the chance to create a highly engaged community.

It gives you a place to deliver your content, allows your community members to interact with each other, allows you to limit access to qualified members, and also allows you to moderate and control the group.

As long as you have valuable content to give out, you’d always have people willing to pay you to join your group.

#120. Sell handmade crafts on Etsy

Rounding up my list of best online business ideas is selling your handmade crafts on Etsy.

Monetize your skills like painting, making products of plaster of Paris, woodworking, and sculpturing by selling your crafts on Etsy

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In conclusion, these online business ideas are not to prevent you from getting an actual office job. Instead, they give you an insight into what being your own boss feels like.

It shows you the flexibility that comes with managing an online business, setting your own working hours and goals, and taking responsibility for your work.

Conversely, everyone enjoys the freedom of working remotely but to have people to work for, you have to advertise, and marketing your services.

I hope this post helps you find a suitable online business idea.

All the best.

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