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Ski-z Shark Tank Net Worth Overview

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Net Worth
Date Started2013
Age9 years in 2022
State of OriginColorado
Source of WealthInvestment from Barbara

Ski-z Shark Tank Net Worth

The Ski-z is manufactured for $3.50 per unit and retails for $19.95. The Louisiana entrepreneur mortgaged his home to pay the company’s current inventory of $350,000.

When the Ski-z initially opened five years ago, in 2013, it sold $230,000 in less than four months. Between then and 2017, the founders encountered several personal setbacks. 

Entrepreneurs in Aspen, Colorado, were diagnosed with prostate cancer, while a divorce came as a surprise in Louisiana. Following that, a hurricane ripped through Louisiana, with devastating destruction.

This business generated no money in 2014 or 2015. They projected earning $575,000 by year’s end, even though no sales had been made, due to their discussions with a famous sports equipment wholesaler.

Ski z’s net worth is currently unknown but it is said that they earn $200,000 annually from this corporation.


Ski-Z is a patented ski caddy—a strap with a wheel that allows skiers to roll their skis around the slopes rather than carrying them on their shoulders.

In December 2018, the two contractors behind Ski-Z launched their sports equipment company on Shark Tank. During a pitch and after Barbara’s investment in 2018, the company was valued at $333,333.

The corporation is still in operation and earning $200,000 per year as of June 2021. Ski z’s net worth is currently unknown.

Apart from learning about Ski z’s net worth, this article will cover how the corporation started and where it’s headed.

Ski-z Shark Tank Net Worth – How It Started

Kyle Allen and Nick Palermo, the founders of this corporation, went to the Tank expecting a $50,000 offer in exchange for 15% of the equity, and they got exactly what they wanted from Barbara Corcoran.

Corcoran grew The Corcoran Group from a $1,000 business loan into a real estate behemoth which she sold for $66 million in 2001.

Her first property investment commission was $340, which she spent on a swanky wool coat at Bergdorf Goodman, an aspirational garment that made her feel like the “Queen of New York Real Estate” before she occupied the throne.

Two Aspen (CO) and Lafayette (LA) entrepreneurs have created a one-of-a-kind new type of ski strap with a wheel for skiers who prefer to wheel their equipment rather than carry it to the slopes.

The designers think a new design makes it easier to drag or pull skis to the lift, even across the snow.

SkiJunk, LLC is the company that makes Ski-Z. For the time being, it is their sole product. It consists of an injection-molded nylon wheel attached to a plastic frame similar to a skateboard wheel.

The frame is attached to two skis that are butted together at the curved end. Rather than carrying the skis on your shoulders, the Ski-Z allows you to roll them across a parking lot or hard-pack snow. Put it in your pocket when you’re ready to go skiing.

Ski-Z is available in four different colors: lime green, pink, grey, and red. It is light in weight and resistant to heat.

They’re on the market for $21.95. The company and product are new, and there isn’t much information or news about them online.

That will undoubtedly change after appearing in the Tank. Kyle and Nick hope that the Sharks will help make Ski-Z a household name.

Ski-z Shark Tank Quotes and Reviews

Shark tank’s ski-z has a lot of positive reviews and a few negative ones. Here are a few reviews and quotes on Ski-z:

Clemens, Claudia G.

I saw this on Shark Tank and thought it was worthwhile to give it a shot. That’s something I’m glad I did! I’m getting too big and too old to schlep my skis any longer. The Ski-Z makes it so simple! And boy, did I turn heads as I sped through the Village!

Everyone was curious about what it was and where I got it. It fits into my inside coat pocket, but it’s a little hard and bulky, so I’m worried about what would happen to my ribs if I had a good wipeout.

If you ski with a backpack, it will fit perfectly. The wheel glides smoothly over all surfaces and is simple to steer with one hand.

Ketcham, Jeff

The plastic appears to be very brittle in the cold (which is surprising given that it is designed for use of skis), and one of my two ski-has Z’s broken in multiple places.

The majority of use occurred at the height/strength of 8-10-year-old users. Also, even with a wider strap, the unit does not stay in place on the skis.

Castle Dave

Everyone on Shark Tank either doesn’t ski or has a ski caddy.

I wouldn’t want to fall with that gadget in my jacket.


Ski-Z does exactly what it is supposed to do. I highly recommended it, and I told everyone at the ski resort about it after seeing how much effort it saved me. 

Feedback 1: It will NOT fit in the ski jacket without posing a safety hazard. Please remove the misleading image and find a better way to carry it before informing the users. Because it gets dirty, I had to put it in a waterproof bag and carry it in my backpack.

Feedback 2: balancing and steering the skis with one wheel requires two hands and a shoulder. Please figure out the best way to transport the skis with Ski-Z and educate the users.

Perhaps add a strap on the other end, as some users prefer. Again, great “product,” and I hope the creator turns it into a “solution.”


This is an intriguing Shark Tank pitch from a guy who lives part-time in the Aspen area.

Ski-Z is an attachment that allows you to roll your skis wherever you want. I’m not sure whether I’d use it, but I’d like to see one in person.

Here are Ski z’s social media handle, as well as their website:

FAQs Ski-z Shark Tank Net Worth

Ski-Z has never been a full-time endeavor for either man in the years since it aired. Kyle continued to run his other business, Global Vessel and Tank, while Nick continued to sell real estate in Colorado. The company is still operating and earning $200,000 per year as of June 2021.

Palermo and Allen told the Sharks that they expect Ski-Z to sell $575,000 in 2018. The co-founders told the investors that Ski-Z got off to a fast start.

Palermo and Allen sold $230,000 worth of the product in four months during its first year of sales in 2013. However, the success did not last.

Skis can be heavy, according to the entrepreneurs, and with their new invention, skiers can now drag or push their skis to the lift quickly, even across the snow! The Ski-z is manufactured for $3.50 per unit and retails for $19.95.

Cochran was the second of four siblings born in Claremont, New Hampshire, to Richmond, Vermont’s renowned “Skiing Cochrans” family. It has continued to operate a small ski area in its courtyard since 1961.

In June, “The View” host Tamron Hall left the show for a week to treat sciatica. According to USA Today, she took a break from the show in 2019 while in the hospital with pneumonia.

Following August 24, 2019, collision on Lake Joseph north of Toronto, Linda O’Leary was charged with careless operation of a vessel. Her husband agreed, as did a family friend. Gary Poltash, 64, of Florida, and Suzana Brito, 48, of Uxbridge, Ontario, died due to their injuries on the other boat


We’ve learned about Ski z’s net worth, how it all started, and people’s reaction to this invention. Ski-Z is one of the few startups that has been given a second chance to prove itself. 

Its unique selling point is the primary reason it has survived four years of dormancy. Aside from its main feature, Ski-small Z’s and portable size makes it an excellent business prospect. 

It is simple to sell and can be easily marketed as an add-on to ski stores and makeshift ski shops set up in ski towns during the season. In conclusion, Ski z’s net worth remains unknown.


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