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Do you consider yourself to be a creative person? Do you work in a creative field? Or do you have a brand-new concept? SMFest is an annual conference that brings the best and brightest minds in the world together.

Over the last few years, there has been a rising awareness of the effect of Social media, as well as the benefits of utilizing innovative ways to improve service offerings to service consumers.

That is why Social Media Fest is an event that provides that ideas, exposure, and insights help people and businesses understand how to achieve more with digitalization.

Where people have low self-esteem and low expectations, the level of creativity found in this community allows them to begin to break free from negative or self-destructive patterns and begin to build a new story that encourages recovery.

Also, speakers invited to SMFEST are keen to share their success stories, initiate a discussion, or perhaps pitch a future-focused proposal. Ultimately, the speakers are there to assist the local businesses in growing and becoming more successful.

Hence, this enables attendees to form new connections, collaborate, and think in new ways.

So, if you’ve always wanted to connect with and engage with creative people, you’re about to read something that will propel your development to the next level.

What is Social Media Fest?

Social Media Fest is an annual event that brings together creative minds that want to push their talent to the next level.

It is an event that provides people and businesses with ideas, exposure, and insights to assist them to understand how to achieve more with digitalization.

SMFest is owned and produced by Silicon Africa Technologies.

Their mission is to build a community of creatives who maximize social media to grow influence and increase visibility.

Through thousands of events, SMFest aims to be a platform that provides opportunities to Connect, Innovate, and Grow.

How Does Social Media Fest Work?

The objective is to help Africans make the most of social media and other digital skills, which is why the topic for this year’s event is “The Big Picture.

Here are the activities that makeup Social Media Fest:

1. Teaching Sessions

These are the standard sessions that can be found in many programs and events. There will be approximately four (4) keynote speakers in this session who will present a variety of topics based on their experience and skills in their respective industries.

Each session would last around 45 minutes to an hour, and it’s always fascinating to hear these experts’ tales and how far they’ve come.

2. Breakout Sessions

This type of seminar is hard to get by at many events, but SMFest is delivering it to you.

You and a group of people interested in learning about a specific expertise, such as education, community development, entertainment, and more, will assemble for these sessions to learn from a facilitator.

You can ask questions, make arguments, and contribute throughout this session. It promises to be thrilling at all times.

3. Panelists Sessions

These are fascinating lectures that also serve as a type of general education for all attendees.

In this session, a few specialists will sit and answer questions from the audience about various topics.

These panelist sessions are fantastic for removing ambiguity while also providing a fantastic mix of comments to aid comprehension.

How Do I Participate in Social Media Fest?

Giving your time to help make Social Media Fest a success is a great opportunity to give back to society and have a long-term impact on the lives of others.

There are three areas where you can take part in Social Media Fest.

It’s important to bear in mind that whichever aspect you decide to choose, you will be giving your time and effort to making SMFest a success.

1. As a Sponsor

One of the most effective methods to promote your brand and business is to sponsor SMFest.
You can be certain that by attending an event where educated minds will be assembled, you will generate more leads and clients for your company.

Click the button below to become a sponsor for this event.

2. As a Volunteer

Volunteering for SMFest is a terrific way to learn, engage with people, and expand your network.

As a volunteer for this event, you will gain a better understanding of the operations that take place in order to ensure the program’s success.

This is advantageous to you because you may use your experience for future opportunities.

Click the button below to become a volunteer for this event.

3. As an Attendee

As a participant in Social Media Fest, you will have the opportunity to network with innovative people who can help you grow your business or brand.

Due to the organization’s investment in this event, your attendance experience will be nothing short of thrilling.

How Can I Get Social Media Fest Tickets?

If you want to purchase tickets for the social media festival, all you have to do is go online.

Depending on the type of ticket you purchase, there are three types of tickets available for the event.

Each ticket has its own set of benefits, but all tickets guarantee that you will be a part of the program.

1. Basic Ticket

This ticket cost #5, 000, but it’s #3,000 for the early bird. It has a range of benefits but can’t be compared to the Standard and Premium.

Here are the benefits of the basic tickets:

  • Access to network with industry experts.
  • Branded Jotters and Pen
  • Refreshments

2. Standard Ticket

This ticket cost #10, 000, but it’s cut down to #7,000 for Early Bird.

As usual, there are benefits attached to this, it includes:

  • Access to 10+ sessions of world-class industry
  • Access to network with industry experts.
  • Branded Souvenirs (T-shirt, Jotter and Pen).
  • Informal Nibbles.
  • Refreshments

3. Premium Ticket

This ticket cost #15,000, but it’s cut down to #12,000 for Early Bird.

Its benefits are top-notch as it stands out from other tickets available.

Getting the Premium ticket exposes you to the following:

  • Access to network with industry experts.
  • Front row seating arrangement.
  • Access to 10+ sessions of world-class industry experts.
  • Branded Souvenirs (T-shirt & Cap, or a Hoodie, Jotter and Pen).
  • Access to program materials.
  • Informal Nibbles.
  • Refreshments.

Click the icon below to learn more about the tickets and their features.

What are the Registration Requirements for Social Media Fest?

You must finish your registration in order to participate in this fantastic event. With a few conditions, the registration procedure is quick, easy, and efficient.

These prerequisites are as follows:

Name in full: Your name must be included in the registration procedure. Because, as the saying goes, “your name is your identity,” you must guarantee that your name is spelled correctly in order to register.

Email address: Another important registration need is your email address, which you’ll need to complete your SMFest registration. Please remember your email address’s password because it is where you will receive your virtual tickets and other information.

Phone Number: Your phone number must be acquired by the system in order for you to get text messages from the system informing you of the status of your registration and other important events related to the event.

Always use a phone number that you are currently using.

Payment Method: Paystack is in charge of the payment mechanism for this event. As a result, you’ll have to pay with your credit card or use a special transfer code to complete your purchase.

To summarize, in order to register for SmFest, you must:

  • Full name
  • Valid email address
  • Phone Number
  • Name of Referrer


What is SMFest Owerri?

SMFest Owerri is an annual gathering of creative minds seeking opportunities to connect, innovate, and grow.

When is SMFest Owerri?

SMFest Owerri 2022 will take place on the 23rd of October 2022.

Where is SMFest 2022 Happening?

SMFest Owerri will take place at Landmark Centre located at Plot H / 1, Nekede Pocket Layout, beside Protea Hotel, Owerri, Imos State

What is “The Big Picture”?

The Big Picture is the theme for this year’s event, aimed at revealing the underlying benefits of social media, and how you can maximize it to grow your influence.

How much does it cost to attend SMFest Owerri?

You can obtain a license to attend SMFest Owerri 2022 starting from 12th August. The prices of licenses will go up on the 1st of October. Visit the License page to get yours.

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