Starting Over At 50: The Fast & Easiest Ways

At 50, it is expected that you may have achieved nearly all your life’s ambitions but then, life has its own way of twisting us around.

When this happens, the question then is, how do I start all over at my age? If this is your lot, this article is for you.

It is one to read with so much passion knowing there is still hope for you. While some have thrived to go past this stage of starting over, others are living the good life while in the process.

Various reasons abound why you may have to start over. Maybe a job loss, relocation, financial breakdown, divorce, and I could go on and on.

The table of contents below will guide you through the process of starting over at 50 and with little or no money. It is not as scary as you think.

Can I Really Start over at 50?

Giving an answer to this question will be pointless to say the least. There is a popular saying ‘when life throws lemons at you, make lemonades’.

I understand that you have no option but to go blank when what it is you fear finally come upon you.

It is fine to go back into your shell when nothing is benefiting you. But, it is totally not fine if you remain where life kept you.

This may not sound good I know, but it is fine to dust yourself and make that one step that could give your later life a great meaning.

Want to know how you can start up all over at 50?

Read on….

Tips on how to Start Over at 50

A new beginning walks hand in hand with fear and lots of curiosity. These tips may likely have no effect on you if you do not come to a point where you have to adjust your mindset to see the little effort you’re about to make.

Also, solutions that we proffer are not rocket science neither are they far-fetched. They are very simple hacks that can do wonders putting you back on track.

But first, you must find time to answer the following questions.

  • What will make me happy?
  • Can I help others?
  • What is my passion?
  • At what is my expertise glary?
  • What will give me the greatest amount of freedom?

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#1 Give Yourself Time

Did you know, there is no shame in feeling pain? When you feel devastated, you have all the permission that you need to cry through the process.

When it’s time to pick up what is left of you, you notice that little by little, you’ll begin to feel a loved one’s presence or even the sound of your own laughter.

#2 Create an Escape Route for Yourself

While reconditioning your mind to starting over at 50, get a beautiful paper to pen down your thoughts that you could sit and have a feel of.

Write, write as fast as you can imagine. Figure things out and make plans to that big step.

At first, this will seem a little involuntary but as time progresses, you will learn to do that on impulse.

#3 Revamp your Life

Someone said, ‘The best way to be in the future is by creating it’. It doesn’t matter how minute it is. What matters is that you do anything!

Anything could range from taking a stroll outside your vicinity, listening to the leaves, or even the water rush on the bank.

When you carry out such activities every day through the week, you get to see how possible it was for you to leave that solitary state you have always been.

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#4 Get to Work

No time is late to make ends meet. Take stock of your abilities and see what extra training you need.

You can buff your resume next to nothing using internet worksheets like,, and

You can go as far exploring opportunities for establishing your own company.

#5 Find your Finanacial Truth

This is about the hardest part in starting life over at 50. It is expedient that you understand our financial status.

In understanding your financial health, below are some questions you must answer and enlighten yourself through them.

  • How much do you have and spend monthly?
  • Is your health insurance tied to someone else’s policy and when do you qualify for medicare?
  • How can you speed up your mortgage terms?
  • What are your home insurance policies?
  • What is your plan for retirement?

#6 Stay Determined and Courageous

While some do not take their newfound resolve too far, you shouldn’t be like them. It is your life.

Therefore, it is totally up to you to make the changes you desire however, nothing is going to change if no change occurs.

Staying true and fearless has a way of making you see the possibility in all you want to do.

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#7 Face your Fear

Starting over at 50 with no money is frustrating, I know. Shut out your fears and do whatever it takes to make your start over a reality.

Do that which totally catches your fancy and take your mind off the age thing.

Final Thoughts

Crashing and wanting to start life all over at 50 isn’t an experience worth having. What do you do if you find yourself in such a situation?

Break free from that state of mind where you feel nothing’s going to work again and have a happier ending using the tips we have provided you in this article.

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