Updated Swagbucks Reviews: Is It Legit Or Make Money Online Scam

There are a lot of ways to make money online but there are a few legit ways to do that. Swagbucks is one legit way that lets you earn money doing the things you love to do online.

So, helping you understand better, we have written a Swagbucks review just for you.

The internet has become the go-to for everything, making money included. Because of this, a lot of sites offer to pay you to do anything. Some may even pay you to just be you. (Relax, I’m exaggerating).

But because some of them are legit, there are also some sites that are a scam. Swagbucks has proven to be one of the legit ways to make money online. You can watch videos, take surveys, refer a friend, and even shop and get paid for doing all that.

Now you may think, “Aren’t they usual things I do online?” Yes, they are and you can earn a few bucks doing your regular stuff online.

Let’s get started with this Swagbucks review, there’s a lot to know.

What Is Swagbucks?

Swagbucks is a subsidiary brand of Prodege, LLC. a leading Internet and media company with headquarters in California and has existed since 2005, helping people earn more.

Swagbucks is the most popular rewards site that allows you to earn points and redeem those points for cash and gift cards for the everyday activity you do online. You can earn points when you take a survey, watch videos, play games, search the web, find great deals, and even shop at your favourite retailer store.

Over the years, Swagbucks has paid out over $464 million dollars to its members in cash and gift cards. These free gift cards are from favourite brands like Amazon, and Walmart and you receive cash from PayPal. The best part is you can join for free without having to pay a cent!

To earn cash and gift cards, you need to understand how Swagbucks works. This leads us to our next discussion.

Swagbucks Reviews: How Does Swagbucks Work?

Getting started on Swagbucks is really easy. The first step is to sign up on Swagbucks to become a member or download the app and signup there. You’ll get a $5 bonus just for joining.

Then each time you complete an activity, you receive points for these activities which you can use to qualify for contests or gift cards. These Points are called Swagbucks or (SB’s).

When you collect enough points (Minimum of 100) you can redeem them for Amazon gift cards or other gift cards of your choice. You can also choose to redeem the same value as cash to your PayPal account.

Remember Swagbucks DOES NOT ask for your credit card details.

In fact, I suggest you know how to make money on Swagbucks to prevent you from being a victim to scam sites that try to mimic Swagbucks.

Swagbucks Review: How Do I Earn Money On Swagbucks?

This Swagbucks review wouldn’t be complete if I don’t talk about how to earn money on Swagbucks. To make money on Swagbucks, start by building up enough points (known as Swagbucks) as possible to enable you to qualify for regular draws or redeem them for any gift card of your choice or the cash equivalent paid to your PayPal account.

Basically, earning points is the first step to making money on Swagbucks. So if you would like to know how you can earn points and redeem for instant cash out, here they are.

Earning Points

You can earn points (also called Swagbucks or SB’s) by completing several activities listed on the app.

Remember, some of these activities more time-consuming than others. However, on completion of each activity, you will be rewarded with a point that you can use to qualify for draws for gift cards or to buy gift cards or receive cash.

Here are some activities you can engage in to receive Swagbucks.

#1. Surveys

Taking surveys is an excellent way to earn points because they are very popular on Swagbucks. However, before you qualify to take a survey on the Swagbucks portal, you’d be required to answer a few questions.

These questions and your answers help the site find surveys that are a good fit for you. Surveys can range from brand recognition to advertising.

Also, you can earn anywhere between 30 to 200 Swagbucks per survey and these surveys can take up to 30 minutes to complete.

#2. Searching The Web

Instead of using Google or Bing as your default search engine, you can install the Swagbucks browser extension and search using the Swagbucks button.

The Swagbucks button will display if SB points are available for the site you’re searching on. When you carry out searches through Swagbucks, you receive points for every search you make.

The points you will get depends on how many searches you do every day. You can expect to earn about $0.10 for every 10 searches you make or One SB point each day you use the Swagbucks button.

If you find that the results you are getting while using Swagbucks to search aren’t what you need, you can switch back to your default browser.

#3. Shopping Online

Shopping is another popular way to earn points. When you shop online through Swagbucks, you can earn cashback. Swagbucks has a wide range of stores, where you can earn about 1% back on the total amount you spend if you shop at these sites through Swagbucks.

The site also features deals sometimes where certain stores give you a higher percentage back, which is only for a limited time.

To know when these stores are offering a higher percentage or coupons download the SwagButton browser extension on Google Chrome. When you shop online using Chrome, the SwagButton automatically searches for coupons and cashback on the site you’re visiting.

Ensure you’re using the portal every time you buy something online. If you’re going to spend money at a specific retailer, you might as well earn SB points for it.

#4. Playing Games

It does not leave the game lovers out as they too can earn points on Swagbucks. You can earn SBs for playing all kinds of games, including solitaire, slots, and memory games.

The amount of SBs you earn for each game varies depending on promotions and other special deals. But the rewards are moderate and are worth your time if you were already interested in playing online games.

However, If the games don’t interest you by themselves, there are other ways you can earn on Swagbucks.

#5. Watching Videos

When Swagbucks said they will pay you for doing your regular online activities, it wasn’t a scam. I can say they are doing just as they said because you can earn points for just watching videos. Swagbucks has a lot of videos in categories from health to travel.

The more videos you play, the more SBs you earn, up to almost 150 per day. Although it may not be the best way to earn points, it’s lucrative as it doesn’t require your full attention or engagement. You can play the videos while you do other stuff.

#6. Referrals

When you refer someone to Swagbucks, you earn 10% of whatever they earn on Swagbucks as long as they are active on the site.

There is no limit to how many points you can earn through referrals, the more reason you should bring all your friends on board!

On completion of either of these activities, it rewards you with points. However, these points are only valuable if they can be redeemed for something valuable.

Scroll down to see how to redeem your points.

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Redeeming Points

Receiving cash or gifts is the main reason for being on Swagbucks. The points gathered are not valuable if they can’t become money or anything worthy.

So do you have enough points you want to redeem? Today is a good day to share my knowledge on how to redeem Swagbucks points with you.

Before we go further, know that one Swagbuck is equivalent to 1 US Cent so if you have 100 Swagbuck, that’s $1. But, you can get a free $5 Amazon gift card with 450 Swagbuck.

Now, to redeem your points for gift cards, go to the Rewards tab at the top of the page and click on the card you want or you can choose the cash equivalent.

Note that Swagbucks can be redeemed with a minimum payout of $3. So it’s not a good choice to hoard your points. When you collect enough, redeem them as early as possible.

When you redeem points, you don’t get your chosen gift card instantaneously. It could take a while before you receive it in your mail. If you use PayPal to redeem points, the bank transfer can take extra time to complete.

Put all these in mind before you plan how to spend it.

Swagbucks Review- Pros and Cons

Swagbucks has its pros and cons but I still regard it as one of the legit ways to earn a few bucks doing the things you love to do online. It’s almost like you get paid to do nothing.

Pros of Swagbucks

  • It requires zero effort to join, and it’s free.
  • You can earn uncommon gifts including cash for your everyday online activities.
  • Referrals easily earn you points that can increase your point collection.

Cons Of Swagbucks

  • The money is not worth your time and effort. Sometimes, you can earn a dollar or 2 after spending an hour on the site.
  • The payout amounts are not constant and this is a disadvantage to the user
  • To earn more while shopping, you may spend more than you had budgeted for.

Swagbucks Legit or Scam- Reviews and Ratings

Swagbucks has a Trustpilot star rating of 4.3 with 18,193 reviews. But, if you are yet to decide if signing up on Swagbucks is a good idea, here are some reviews from users On Trustpilot.

i love swagbucks
its legit website that give you money, i able to get money at least $100 a month with do survey, watch video, and playing games- Customer

Easy and free!- JaciCarroll

Apparently, they deactivated my account because “After careful review by our Compliance team this account was closed for exceeding the one account per person policy stated in our Terms of Service. This closure may be a result of sharing accounts with other members and/or operating more than one account.
Any contents remaining in a multiple account are automatically forfeited.”
I had only one account. After you get the points, they lock you out before exchanging. – Purple

Sometimes I do surveys until the end and not get rewards with the answer that it was not a good match- Anna Sogglu

Swagbucks is my favorite place to earn points for gift cards. I would love for Swagbucks to improve on the length of videos. Playing a 15 minute video only earns us a mere 2 SB. The receipt for online purchases never work for me. More easier Discover opportunities are appreciated- Jenny

In Conclusion, Is Swagbucks Worth It?

Knowing if Swagbucks is worth it is totally up to you. It entirely depends on how much time you will invest in Swagbucks. That is why I came up with a Swagbucks review.

If you have other things that take a lot of your time but you still want to earn as many points as possible, Swagbucks is not worth it for you. This is because a lot of activities on Swagbucks are time-consuming and most times, the money you earn isn’t equivalent to the time you spend. Also, the money you receive wouldn’t replace your salary for a full-time job. It’s just a few bucks that could come in handy.

However, if you have enough time to play around and earn a little extra cash while doing that by all means, Swagbucks is for you. It’s an entirely legit way to get paid to do the things you love.

Who doesn’t want that?

Click the button below to sign up on Swagbucks and start earning your own cash and gift cards

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