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Sometimes, getting the best deals on even your college textbooks is an incentive to excelling in your studies. Knowing the text may not be readily available, should spur you to read it thoroughly when you lay your hands on it. Interestingly, textbook rental websites can save you money.

The idea of renting textbooks is fueled by a plethora of reasons. From renting as a secondary source of research to lack of funding for other personal reasons, students rent textbooks on a regular.

Knowing this, I am persuaded that this post will enable you to save some bucks by pointing you to some textbook rental sites with the best offers.

What is the best place to rent college textbooks?

Some of the credible sites to buy, rent and sell textbooks on include, but are not limited to;

  • Amazon.
  • Campus Book Rentals.
  • Chegg. Why it’s cool.
  • Student2Student.
  • TextbookRush.
  • Alibris.
  • TextbookRentals.com.
  • BigWords.com.

Where can I rent cheap textbooks?

At Amazon.com, you can save money by buying either new and used, but cheap textbooks and by renting textbooks for college.

Is it better to buy or rent textbooks?

You should know that renting textbooks is much cheaper than purchasing books. There are a plethora of places where you can rent books online and some bookstores offer this service to their student-customers.

However, never forget that you will need to return rented textbooks on a fixed date. In addition, we advise that if you can afford it, buy text books. This way, you grow your library and also have quick access to references in the event of a research.

When you rent a textbook do you get money back?

Of course. If you return a borrowed textbook before the agreed date of the return in the same condition as when you got the textbook, you should receive a full refund of the rental fee.

Which textbook rental websites will save me money in 2021?

Here are 15 best textbook rental websites to save you Money in 2021;

1. Bookscouters

Bookscouter helps you to compare prices not only for textbooks but for all kinds of books from over 20 vendors with one quest.

Physical and wireless textbooks can be rented online or via a smartphone app. But bear in mind that you will also need to purchase additional content or digital access codes.

You can check for the appropriate text by book title or ISBN. Second, Bookscouter lists the lowest rental rates.

Each Bookscouter list displays the following rental details:

  • Name of the seller – the book rental place where you can rent a book
  • Period of rental – The number of days you will rent a book
  • State – Paper books are fresh and used and ebooks are now available.
  • Coupons – Discount codes available to reduce your rental price.
  • Price – The upfront rental period expense

Pay attention to rates as the rental period will range from 60 to 180 days for most books. Longer rental periods can cost the same or slightly more than a shorter period of time.

You send actual books back to the vendor once the rental period is over. In contrast, your digital license can run out seamlessly once your eTextbook rental term is over.

As Bookscouter is a price comparison app, you need to choose which vendor to rent from. Some vendors offer discount codes that mean that your final cost will be less than the Bookscouter price.

It is also possible to purchase or sell Bookscouter textbooks when renting is not cost-effective. If you’re selling a book, the Bookscouter app scans the book barcodes and lists the latest rates for several buyback vendors.

2. Amazon.com.

It might come as no surprise that Amazon is offering textbook rentals. The regular rental term shall be one semester. Some books provide shorter rental periods of 30, 60, or 90 days.

You could rent physical books and eTextbooks. All rentals require payment by credit or debit card. Amazon officially does not accept Amazon’s gift cards for textbook rental.

Semester-long rentals give free returns within the first 30 days if you want a refund. On the other hand, short-term rentals give risk-free returns for the first 15 days. Otherwise, you can return the book with a free prepaid return shipment.

You will extend the rental duration by another semester. And if you plan to buy a book, Amazon will add your paid rental fee to the purchase price.

Getting Prime Student will allow you to receive your textbooks free of charge for two days of shipping. However, if you are a basic member, you’re going to have to pay for the boats. Plus, you’re going to wait up to a week to obtain your books.

3. CampusBooks

Since 1999, CampusBooks has been purchasing and selling used textbooks. You may also rent textbooks and compare the prices of different vendors. Both price quotes include taxes, delivery, and vouchers. You can further trust it as a good textbook rental website.

Your rental period can be as short as 30 days or up to 150 days. Shipping is free to pick up and return your books. You will have a grace period to escape late return costs.

As purchasing used textbooks can often be cheaper, CampusBooks compares your purchase and rental costs. The patent-pending CampusBooks SuperBot recommends whether you need to purchase or rent.

It is also possible to save money by borrowing books from the local library. CampusBooks will scan for local library catalogs to help you locate free textbook rentals.

4. Chegg

Chegg is a leading provider of research aids and online tutors. Also, it is among the commendable textbook rental websites students can trust. The well-known company also allows you to borrow books and eTextbooks. You can purchase digital access codes as most rentals do not come with additional content.

Shipping is free for orders of at least $30. This minimum is easy to achieve if you rent at least two books. Physical textbooks have a 21-day risk-free return window. You can return your books in any box using Chegg’s prepaid shipping mark once the rental period is over.

Chegg lets you renew your rental online or buy a rental if you find a book worth keeping for a long time.

The site allows for a minimum amount of focus on the renting of textbooks. Most of the rental sites allow up to one-third of the book to be highlighted. It is, however, difficult to write a novel.
Your Chegg rentals will also come with a four-week Chegg Study free trial.

This premium feature lets you ask for help in answering your textbook and homework questions. Chegg Research costs $14.95 a month if you decide that an expert access mentor will help you improve your score.

5. E-Campus

The eCampus is another low-cost venue, it is also one of the better textbook rental websites available. In addition to renting books to save money, you can also redeem coupon codes for extra savings.

The eCampus eWards rewards program will send you gift cards for future purchases. Every textbook rental earns three points per dollar you pay. Earning 175 points will earn you $5 off your next $30 purchase. It’s possible to save up to $20 after you’ve won 400 points.

You can also gain points by purchasing books, selling books, engaging with eCampus on social media, and referring friends to ecampus.

You can pick the rental return date that suits your timetable, and eCampus provides free return shipping. Plus, delivery is free of charge on all eCampus orders of at least $35.

6. Knetbooks

Knetbooks provides free delivery on all purchases, whether you rent for a short term, a quarter, or a semester. It is a commendable Textbook rental website.

Not having a minimum makes Knetbooks a good alternative for those random one-time rentals that cost less than $30. For example, you would need to rent a $24 book for a month. Many lenders charge shipping costs on small orders.

In addition to free delivery, you can redeem coupon codes to reduce your spending even further. For example, Knetbooks will give you a discount offer for your first offer.

You can find additional codes by searching the articles of Knetbooks, such as how to take care of your leased textbooks.

You can return your book rentals using the free UPS prepaid label. Other rental sites provide returns using the US Postal Service or FedEx if you don’t live near the UPS drop-off spot.

Knetbooks sends you a text message alert, so don’t forget to send your books back on time. As other rental sites offer, you can extend your rental.

7. SlugBooks:

SlugBooks is a revolutionary price comparison platform that allows you to compare several ISBNs at once. It is one of the laudable textbook rental websites.

Many textbook rental sites are only studying one ISBN at a time. In particular, finding different books will save time if you need to rent a textbook package for a single class.

You’ll see the sales price and the rental price for the main textbook websites. Amazon, Chegg, and eCampus are some of the alternatives for comparison.

An eTextbook rental can be made available depending on the book you need. As with other comparison tools, you must compare your choices and complete your order with the partner website. You may want to rent from a few places if you have a lot of books you have to rent.

8. Textbook Rentals

Textbook Rentals compares rental prices for physical and online copies on different platforms. You can see the best rental rate for the number of rental days, such as 60, 90, or 125 days. Each comparison also lists the lowest selling price for new and used textbooks.

It is possible to scan for books by title, author, and ISBN. But there’s no advanced search filter available like some of the comparison tools.
Textbook Rentals makes it easy to rent.

9. ValoreBooks

This is one of the good textbook rental websites. Each ValoreBooks textbook rental includes a free return shipping service and a price match guarantee. You must find a lower rental price within seven days in order to obtain a partial refund.
Physical books can be leased for a quarter or a season. However, there are no digital rentals available.

Unlike other textbook rental sites that provide free shipping for most rentals, ValoreBooks charges shipping charges. Standard shipping costs $3.95 per book, and expedited shipping costs $6.95 per book.

Any ValoreBooks rental comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee. You will refund your rental within the first 30 days, regardless of whether you are dissatisfied with it.

While you pay for delivery on any order, ValoreBooks will make it easy to compare rates. You may search for an ISBN book, title, or author. Each question shows the leasing, new, and used purchase prices plus any alternative versions.

10. Cengage

Cengage is distinct from the majority of textbook rental sites. They provide learning resources to teachers and students at all grade levels. Resources are available in more than 20 countries.

Students may purchase hard copies or rent digital textbooks for a range of topics. However, the list of Cengage textbooks may not be as broad as other rental sites. You may also buy access codes for particular textbooks.

One way this choice will save you money is to enter Cengage Unlimited. You pay $119.99 for four months, $179.99 for one year or $239.99 for two years.

Cengage Unrestricted membership provides the following benefits:

  • Physical textbook rentals with access codes;
  • On-line access to all Cengage eTextbooks
  • Online course materials (MindTap, WebAssign, etc.)
  • 30-day Chegg Tutor Kit and 60-minute tutoring
  • 6 months of Quizlet Plus
  • Other exam planning and research guides

Students can only get up to four free physical textbook rentals each semester. Every hardcopy rental also has a shipping fee of $7.99.
In addition to earning free textbook rentals, Cengage rewards you for taking online surveys. You will win prizes and gift cards from the Cengage Exchange survey.

11. CheapestTextbooks

Since 2001, CheapestTextbooks has helped college students escape a college bookshop. You can compare book rental rates from over 15 textbook rental sites.

In addition to ISBN, book title, and author, it is possible to search by keyword. This additional search feature can be a simple way to locate alternative editions or custom prints.

Most of the merchants that CheapestTextbooks partners with sell sessions, quarterly, and semester rental periods. If required, you might be able to extend the rental period. And you can return your rental with a prepaid shipping label once you complete your lesson.

Like other price comparison sites, you can find active discount codes, rental prices, shipping costs and return due dates.

12. VitalSource

You can rent or purchase eTextbooks from VitalSource. Although you cannot rent physical copies, you can download textbooks to your smart device or laptop for offline access.

You can download the VitalSource Bookshelf Reader app for digital highlights and notes on your rentals. Some rentals also have built-in flashcards and study groups. Bookshelf also lets you listen to an audiobook version if you don’t have time to read it.

Enable a Rakuten shopping session is another way to save money with VitalSource. You can receive cash rewards from your online shopping at VitalSource. Your first $25 online transaction with Rakuten will earn you a one-time $10 cash bonus.

13. McGraw Hill

McGraw Hill is one of the main manufacturers of college and lower grade textbooks. Students can purchase or rent books directly from McGraw Hill. Of course, rentals are not available for every course.

You will consider this option if you need access codes or additional materials. Digital content is accessible via the purchase of a Link Pass. When rentals are available, McGraw Hill will fulfill your request through a rental partner like Chegg.

As McGraw Hill is expensive, you should try an app like Bookscouter first.

14. Textbookx

Textbookx is a subsidiary of the Connecticut online store Akademos, Inc. The company has been in operation since 1999 and has a long record of delivering online books at reasonable rates. The organization has also made a commitment to customer service and this is reflected in its ranking in the A+ Better Business Bureau.

This company has a wide range of new and used college textbooks, and it is possible to sell books through its marketplace. The business keeps its own books and has three online partners to further expand the selection process.

However, shipping costs and strategies differ depending on who has the book in stock. If you buy directly from Textbookx, you can enjoy free shipping if you spend more than $49. Otherwise, shipping costs are $4.96 per object.

Generally, Textbookx provides cheaper prices than other online bookshop resellers, but the book rental service connects to other bookshops.

15. Bookbyte

This is an all-inclusive platform that allows you to purchase, sell or rent college textbooks. The book rental part of the company is quick and easy to use. All you need to do is check the title or ISBN of the textbook and select the “rent” option. You may also select a rental period of 30, 60, 90, or 150 days.

If you need to keep the book a little longer, Bookbyte will grant you a seven-day grace period. In addition, the company reports that you can save as much as 87% on the rental of textbooks and that the average student saves $112.93 per book with the use of its services.

Bookbyte also provides free shipping on orders over $49, which may be higher than some of the places on our list, but is still a decent deal.


Finally, explore these credible sites that offer you one of the best offer textbook rental websites have got.

We strongly advise that you read other users’ reviews of these sites from credible third-party sites like the Wealth Circle, etc.

Cheers to several wins in life!


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