What to Get Someone Who Has Everything | 20 Best Answers

Getting gifts for people can generally be hard let alone someone who seems to have everything. If you have ever been at crossroads as to what to get someone who has everything, I think I can be of help.

This article will help you identify odd but sensitive gifts for someone who has everything.

Most of my friends have virtually everything they want, why not? They are doing quite well in their individual endeavor. Knowing this about them made it difficult for me to get them gifts, well, not until I started learning about things they can’t say no to.

And to do this, I started paying keen attention to the things they love to do spend time on.

If you’d like to know what I found out and get gift ideas, read this article.

What To Get Someone Who Has Everything| 20 Best Ideas

1. Gift Cards:

This is probably the best gift for someone who has everything. If you’ve already figured the person out to have everything or to be very picky with gifts, get him or a gift card.

This allows the person to buy anything of his or her choice relieving you of the burden of making the decision. There’s definitely ‘no-brainer” buying a toy that would be played with for a couple of days, and set aside afterward. Nor would it be good to buy just another flower vessel that may never be used.

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2. Stemless Champagne Flutes:

If your friend has cause for celebration, say a baby shower, maybe he or she was just promoted at work or is getting engaged, get them stemless champagne flutes for the occasion.

While you are at it, customize each one with sparkle, cheers, toast celebrate, and some other catchy words.

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3. Baking Pan:

If you’re looking for what to get someone who has everything but loves to bake, getting them a baking pan won’t be half bad.

With the pan, they won’t have to worry about rough brownie edges as it will give his or her bakes a crispy nice curvy edge.

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4. A reusable lunch bag:

Consider the fact that your office buddy brings lunch to work sometimes. Get him or her a reusable lunch back, that way they save money from buying disposable. They will have you to thank for that.

There are pretty large reusable lunch bags that can fit a ton of food inside of them. It’s made with food-safe lining (organic cotton) and is machine washable, so if something spills it won’t be a problem.

5. Flight tickets:

In the situation where you have a friend who loves to tour, you might want to consider picking up his next flight ticket for him if it fits your budget. Getting this kind of gift for people who have everything will surely be appreciated because there must be a place they are dying to go to.

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If the recipient hasn’t been to Europe before, a flight ticket to one of tourist-friendly European countries can help them widen their horizon.

6.Take care of their travel accommodation fee:

It might be a little too expensive to take care of their flight fee, but you can always help out with their travel accommodation. Of you don’t necessarily have to pay for as long as they wish to stay there, however, you can pay for them to stay a few nights longer.

However, if you are not sure about the kind of accommodation they might like, get them a gift card for a major blockchain hotel.

7. A Passport Wallet:

Taking a tour can actually be stressful, and some people tend to get a little careless during this period. Lots of people lose their tickets or passports while still traveling, that is why this gift is a perfect gift for someone who has everything and loves to travel.

 The purse holds your passport, boarding pass, credit cards, ID, keys, money, pen, and more. The best part about it is that it zips shut, so everything stays safe.

8. Buy A Scratch Map:

Everyone loves international travel so a scratch map is a good idea for a gift for someone who has everything. For your recipient who loves to travel getting them a scratch map will help them keep track of all the places, they have been to.

Like scratch-off lottery tickets, scratch maps come with all countries coated with silver or gold plating. As you visit a country, you scratch it off the map. For the travel lover on your list, it makes a fun and inexpensive gift.

A vintage-looking scratch map that looks like it fell off a museum’s shelf won’t hurt at all. Scratch maps that distinguish between states in countries like the US, Brazil, and China is a great way to be more specific. Check out this extra-large vintage scratch map from Maps International as a good example.

You can’t go wrong with a scratch map as one of the best gifts for men and women that like to travel.

9.An experience:

The best gifts are not always physical objects, giving people who have everything the opportunity to have a certain experience might be what they just need. For example, if their favorite band is playing you can get them a ticket to the concert, or a ticket to watch their favorite sports team.

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Below is a list of other things you can do to give them an unforgettable experience

  • A massage
  • An airplane flying lesson
  • A hot air balloon ride
  • Skydiving
  • Whitewater rafting
  • Tickets to a gallery opening at a local museum
  • A wine tasting

10.A Night Out:

People need a break from work and everything happening around them and sometimes staying home and “Netflix chilling” doesn’t just cut it. A night out can do a lot of good and help them relax from the stressful week or day. You could get reservations at his or her favorite restaurant and cap the night off with a visit to the bar.

11. Baby Sitting Services:

Do you know how hard it is for parents to have a night out? It’s crazy!! especially if their children are still too young to be left by themselves. Now if you have a friend who is in a similar situation, you might consider engaging a block babysitting service for them, to enable them to have some time out, they’d be grateful.

However, most parents would never let strangers babysit their kids, so you might have to do it yourself. Kids can be overwhelming I know, but see it as a chance to bond with them.

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12. Home cleaning services:

After a hard day’s work, the last thing anyone wants to do is scrub floors or toilets, so you might want to consider getting a cleaning service to tidy up the house, that would be a good gift for someone who has everything.

This would bring great relief to your recipient.

13. A Beautiful Piece Of Decoration:

Getting your parents something might be difficult, they always say they don’t need or want anything! However, you are always determined to get them something nice anyway.

How about a beautiful personalized wood sign for their home? This lovely wooden sign will add a personal touch to your mom and dad’s home. They’ll want to display it somewhere prominent so that everyone who visits can admire it! No matter the occasion, your parents will enjoy this beautiful sign for years to come.

14.An Indoor Garden:

For people who like to grow their own herbs, but don’t have enough space for a garden, you can give them the opportunity to enjoy homegrown crops with this indoor garden?

This nifty gadget comes with basil, tomato, and green lettuce seeds so that you can enjoy delicious homegrown vegetables without actually having to go outside! How cool is that for a gift for people who have everything? It even uses NASA-made soil that ensures the plants get just the right amount of nutrients so that they grow to perfection.

15. Headphone Sunglasses:

These aren’t just ordinary sunglasses, they’re headphones too! A befitting gift for people who have everything. Whether you need a cool birthday gift for your SO or a holiday gift for a family member, you definitely can’t go wrong with these 2-in-1 sunglasses.

16. A Membership or Subscription:

There’s always something that needs to be subscribed to, consider it the gift that keeps on giving. You can give your loved one access to a year’s worth of entertainment through a video streaming service like NetflixHuluDisney+, or Amazon Prime Video. If they’re a book or music lover, give them an audiobook service like Audible, or a music service like Spotify or Sirius XM.

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17. Cooking Classes:

People would cook more at home — and cook healthier dishes — if they felt more confident in the kitchen.

Cooking classes from someplace like Sur La Table cover a wide range of cooking skills, such as basics like meal prep and how to use kitchen utensils, intermediate lessons on how to cook quickly and efficiently with appliances like pressure cookers and air fryers, and advanced lessons such as pairing wines with food.

If your recipient feels he or she doesn’t need anything but can’t really find his or her way around the kitchen even though they’d like to, then they actually do need something: A cooking class

Besides being a fun experience gift, cooking classes can truly transform your recipients and their family’s lives. I confess I wish someone had given my ex-girlfriend or myself a cooking class or two while we were still living together.

19. A Personalized Gift:

When someone already has everything, a personal touch can mean the difference between just another gift and something truly meaningful. When you order something engraved, embroidered, or otherwise designed specifically for your recipient, you show you’ve put real thought and effort into finding the perfect gift.

Personalized gifts don’t need to be flashy or expensive. Here are a few ideas of what to get someone who has everything

  • Photo socks
  • A keychain with important dates (such as anniversaries or birthdays) listed on it
  • A leather journal with an embossed name or message
  • Personalized jewelry
  • An engraved flask
  • Engraved wine glasses
  • A personalized wooden cutting board

Just make sure you put thought into the gift and that it’s something the person could genuinely use.

20. A Fancy Bluetooth Player:

For the audiophile or hipster on your gift list, it’s hard to go wrong with a vintage vinyl player.

Modern record players make a fun gift for people who enjoy gadgets. For an affordable option, check out this vintage Bluetooth turntable with vinyl to MP3 recording from Polsky. Or go a little higher-end with this fully automatic, die-cast aluminum turntable from Audio-Technica.

Add to the gift by including a vinyl version of your recipient’s favorite album.


To wrap it up, bear in mind that gift can only mean something to your recipient if it’s actually useful, don’t be drab while selecting gifts for your friends or family. We’d like to think the article was Immensely helpful to you, and that now you can confidently pick a gift for people who have everything.


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