Toluna Reviews 2022: How to Make Money | Is it Legit or Scam?

A research-generated result is a major consideration when taking top decisions in big brands. Many of these companies outsource the collection of data, opinion polls, and a general review of their products and services to survey companies.

This is the core of the Toluna quick survey website – it pays money for surveys done on its platform. And, making money on Toluna quick surveys is not so easy, yet possible.

The big question has always been – is Toluna legit or a scam? The wealth circle team understands your concern.

Hence, this Toluna review addresses all concerns. Taking surveys all day and being unable to redeem your points can be frustrating. You should read through to avoid this experience.

Hence, this article explains in detail the core of Toluna Quick Survey’s existence, how Toluna influencers can make money from the site; if the site is legit or scam; and Toluna influencer’s experience using the website.

The table of contents above highlights the order in which these issues are duly explained. It also captures other invaluable thoughts in this article.

What Is

Toluna is a free online community founded in Paris in 2000. Currently, the company brings together top brands and customers from over 57 countries.

At the core of their service is providing a platform for customers and users of these top brands to express their views, opinion, and experiences using their products and services.

In today’s world of online surveying, is a global community with over nine million Toluna influencers. In fact, the website brags about being the world’s largest social voting community and streamlined research platform. helps companies and brands to automate research processes, reduce insight time and get accurate feedback straight from their users.

This in turn aids these companies to take decisions following data from research.

Also, Toluna Quick Survey provides a platform for ordinary users, clients, customers of these companies to share their opinion, experiences about the products they use.

Well, even if you don’t use their products, this online survey company allows you to share simply what you think of everyday products and items.

How Does Toluna Work?

For the purpose of this research and to clear your doubts about Toluna, this article focuses on the second activity at the core of its (existence).

To make money on Toluna may not appear easy yet it is quite possible. Basically, Toluna influencers get paid through gifts, and thumbs for taking online surveys.

These vital points below state clearly how this online survey company works – for newbies to earn extra bucks daily.

Step 1: Take Online Surveys offers its users an option to take only two types of surveys. The profile survey takes a minute or two to complete and are worth 100 points. Long surveys on the other hand take ten to twenty minutes and are worth more points.

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The profile survey allows Toluna to get the right facts and figures about you. So, they can send the most relevant surveys your way.

This type of survey helps Toluna sieve survey topics they send to you to avoid boring you or sending surveys you may not find interesting.

Toluna offers two types of surveys: profile surveys, which take a minute or two to complete and are worth 100 points, and longer surveys, which last 10 to 20 minutes and are worth more.

The option of longer surveys on Toluna allows you to choose from a variety of categories. Basically, when you choose a category on Toluna ( lifestyle, food, cars, etc, you are redirected to a page with available surveys that relate to the agreement with the category you’ve chosen.

If you have a well-detailed user profile, you can only receive survey invites that match your profile. Also, a detailed profile can aid you to complete your long surveys in 15 to 30 minutes. On, users can create their own personal polls with up to 10 voting options right from the “create” menu.

Every survey duly completed on Toluna earns the user a point in his/her virtual wallet which can be converted to equivalent specific prizes, money, and gifts.

Step 2: Convert your Points into Rewards

Unlike most sites that pay a specific dollar for each survey, Toluna uses a point system. You earn a specific number of points for any survey you complete.

Users can convert their points into a wide range of rewards which usually include cash, gift cards, e-vouchers, etc.

Usually, spending at least five hours on Toluna can earn you over 12, 035 points via profile surveys, longer surveys, and a 500-point registration bonus for new users.

On, you can redeem points through the following ways


Points earned on Toluna can be redeemed as rewards such as gift cards or cash. This cash can be withdrawn through PayPal or a physical check. Basically, you need at least 30, 000 points to claim the cheapest gift card on

Checks, Amazon gift cards, and PayPal payments received on Toluna are worth $1 for 3,000 points. By implication, 12, 035 points on will earn users approximately $4.01 which indicates that pay per hour is about 74 cents.


In the USA, sweepstakes are marketing promotions used to reward existing consumers and to draw attention to a product. On, five hundred points can get you an entry in a $4, 500 monthly drawing. With 1, 000 points on, users may earn an opportunity to win an LED TV.


Points on Toluna can also be redeemed as gifts that are transferable. With Toluna points you can buy yourself or a friend a virtual present.

Gifties on Toluna usually include a leafblower, a DIY cheese-making kit and, a variety of gift cards. Depending on the type of gift you’re purchasing on Toluna, you may have to forfeit 50 -500 points.

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The terms and conditions of Toluna state that you have a chance to win a real object represented by virtual goods.

How Many Points do I Earn Per Survey on

The number of points per survey varies. Depending on the survey you complete points earned can be from 15-50, 000 points.

Basically, the number of points earned on each Toluna review is determined greatly by the length and complexity of the surveys.

Special surveys on Toluna offer even more points. Also, users can earn more points by participating in online surveys and by referring friends.

When your friends sign up using your unique URL, you earn an extra 500 points on

How Long are Points Valid?

Points earned through taking surveys, creating opinion polls, or referring friends on are valid for just 12 months.

If you have earned up to 500 to 3, 000 points taking surveys or referring friends, through any means of point redemption, you should convert your points to cash.

Is Toluna.Com Easy to Use? Toluna Reviews

Users of are all in agreement with the user-friendliness of the website. In fact, it took a friend of mine the early hours of the morning to master the technicality of the app.

Toluna sign-in can be done by a user and it is more stress-free if you choose to log in with your Facebook account. To increase user-friendliness, a help page that explains in detail how to maneuver the site exists on the homepage.

So, upon signing up, Toluna influencers can simply visit this page to discover how they can start earning points. Toluna also leaves the option for users to navigate the website before creating an account.

Basically, all you need to understand the workings of the website is explained in clear terms. So, whether you are looking forward to taking online surveys, creating online polls, or redeeming your points, is legit and easy to use.

Can you earn from Toluna? |Toluna Reviews

Taking online surveys on Toluna is one legit way to make money online. However, it may not be an easy task to earn enough points you can redeem as cash prizes.

Basically, you need to be consistent and patient while taking surveys. You need at least 3, 000 points on Toluna to earn $1. So, you can earn money on Toluna.

If you wish to earn more, make great use of other opportunities to earn more points on Toluna like referring friends. In fact, the more points you earn, the more money you can earn on the Toluna survey website. pays about 74 cents an hour for online surveys.

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Why Does Toluna Ask for my Home Address?

Home address alongside Toluna influencers name gender, birthday, and employment status is required to match users with the appropriate market research projects.

One of the most interesting things about Toluna is the fact that you get surveys that best suits your personal interest. Home address is required alongside other information to match you to the right surveys.

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Also, your address is required to enable Toluna to send all incentives won to the right recipients’ address.

Toluna Review – Scam or Legit?

Toluna is legit and a sure way to earn extra bucks online. Toluna .com records show they have had millions of survey takers around the world for over 10 years.

Although Toluna reviews depending on a user experience may suggest otherwise, it is usually born out of impatience, and the inability to accumulate points that are redeemable.

Toluna reviews indicate that users across the globe who are 13 years and above can sign up to earn from taking surveys online for free. This allows you to explore the platform in complete safety.

Afterward, how much you earn on Toluna will depend on how much effort and points you earn. Basically, if you fill out your profile survey accurately, you would only receive invites to surveys you fit the demographic criteria.

This limits the number of surveys you can take yet makes you earn for every survey duly completed on this platform.

From my experience, below is what you would love about Toluna.

Advantages of Toluna Quick Survey

  • User-friendly platform: The site is easy to use and the layout can be easily understood. Toluna influencers can upload photos or short videos to accompany their posts.
  • A detailed HELP page: Basically every information you need to use the website- from signing up to taking online surveys and redeeming points can be found on the help page.
  • Easy to work: You can take surveys that you really qualify for. Also, there is a big community to get ideas if you appear stuck. Toluna also allows you to take surveys from your mobile phone or sign up using your Facebook account.
  • Earn points you can redeem: Points earned on Toluna can be redeemed as cash prizes, gift cards, or virtual gifts. Also, Toluna lets you keep whatever product you earn the right to test. Once it reaches your address, it’s yours forever.

Disadvantages of Toluna Quick Survey

  • Rewards take longer than it should: Points earned from surveys can take from a few days to six weeks to show up on your dashboard.
  • Points expire within 16 months: You may start losing points after 12 months if you don’t redeem them.
  • Gifties can’t be sent to someone from another country: Although you can transfer points redeemed as gifties to friends, they can’t be sent to friends in another country.


Toluna reviews and user experience is a clear indication that is a legit fun website to make money online. However, it is like other survey websites not lucrative enough to make you rich. is not a scam; however, you need to employ patience, effort, and dedication to earn cash from Toluna.

Interestingly, you can only take surveys you can relate to and can redeem your points either as cash or gift cards.

You should try today; especially, if you spend so much time on your mobile phone. Toluna allows you to convert this time spent to cash. Read through this piece to discover how to get started.

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