20 Best Under the Table Jobs That Pay Cash Directly

Not everyone can fend off the money they make from their normal jobs. It just isn’t enough for most especially with all the bills.

Parents are complaining and seeking ways to bring money home and also teens and young adults will support the family.

Why go through illegal ways to get this cash when there are a lot of jobs that pay under the table? I mean, you can make cool cash from this. If you are trying to figure out these jobs, I got you!

I will introduce you to many jobs where you can earn money and what exactly do under table jobs mean.


Under-the-table jobs are often described as cash jobs or unreported employments. In this type of job, the employer or the worker does not declare income and in most cases, the income is not reported to the government.

The employer or the employee might perform this illegal act to avoid tax evasion or even obtain unemployment benefits despite being employed.


Jobs that pay under the table involve you having cash with no record of it. When your sole purpose of receiving or paying cash under the table is to avoid tax evasion, then such an under-the-table job is considered illegal.

An employer caught or found guilty of paying cash under the table will be expected to pay back all the money they have been evading with interest. They will be penalized, fined and subjected to criminal charges. 

Under the table jobs are considered not illegal if the income gained is reported at tax time and tax evasion is avoided. It becomes a federal offense when you work and intentionally hide the income.


Landscaping or Yardwork:

Professional landscapers will always do beautiful work or help with big projects but they are also very expensive and people rely on those that work under-the-table jobs.

Anyone who wishes to earn from it can do simple works like weeding, helping with the garden, mowing lawns and watering plants. 

Snow Removal or Shoveling:

Snow removal or shoveling is one job that pay under the table and might sound like easy work but a lot of folks hate doing this!

Consider some folks who can’t do this because they are older, weak, or disabled. They need help removing snow from their sidewalks and drive walks. You can render your services to them and get paid. What you need is a snow blower or a shovel; if you have a truck with an attached plough to the front then you can take care of more situations around your neighbourhood. 

Farmers Market:

Farmers market exists in almost every town you find yourself in. Usually, the market gets open on most weekends or at a certain time of the year. 

You can decide to sell your items like crops or produce you grew, homemade goods or crafts at these markets. Vendors will lend you a hand for selling stuff off at these markets, why not try it and benefit from one of these jobs that pay cash.

There’s a lot of money in farming. Check out how much: How Much Do Farmers Make In 2023 | Best Income Review

Class Instructor:

This is one job that pay cash but requires special skills that people will find interesting and willing to learn even if it involves paying for it. 

This can be in form of basic yoga classes, karate, art, crafts, dance, etc. These are a great way to share your skills with others, have fun from them and earn.

Crafting :

When you talk about jobs that pay under the table and involve handmade goods then you’re probably talking about craft. 

Can you make marketable items? If yes, then this skill is for you. You can make marketable items and sell them. This is, without doubt, one of the best jobs that pay cash under the table. People will easily and more rapidly purchase your goods because handmade goods are commonly sold directly.

Also, you can put your crafted items online for sale or sell them in person at various local events.

House Cleaning:

The amount of money you will need to kick start this business is small because you already have if not all but some of the equipment needed for this business. 

You might already have the idea needed to start this cleaning business; you have to put them in place. 

This is a job that can pay out cash daily and would also pay under-the-table cash. With proper planning and time management, you can draft a schedule that pays you wholesomely and is suitable for you and your clients.

Software Development:

When you hear of this what hits your mind? I don’t know about you but as for me; I think of computer programming. 

Computer programming is among the best jobs that pay cash. You can decide to stay at home or a particular place and perform this skill while you get paid. 

You’ll certainly enjoy this job if you’re a night owl. Also, you get to set your work hours. You don’t need formal education for this skill; you can learn it online, with a friend or at any programming centre.


This type of work is similar to doing odd works but they are computer-based jobs that pay under the table.

It involves performing tasks that the computer can’t automate. The small odd tasks are called Human Intelligence Tasks (HITs). Sites requiring persons to perform this kind of work often show their rates and the jobs they will offer. 

Building and Construction:

Construction works offer lots of opportunities. You can earn weekly payment from this job, especially if you are part of a construction crew. 

You can become a subcontractor and get to hire your assistants, but only if you are advanced in certain installation processes and types. 

This job allows you to have a crew, unlike some jobs that pay cash under the table but you can’t have a crew.


Truly, one of the most common types of jobs that pay under the table is babysitting. Most families pay in cash for their babies or kids to be watched for a few hours when they are gone. 

This type of job is suitable for those good with babies or kids. If you find it enjoyable, you can earn very well from it. 

House Sitting:

This is one of the easiest under the cash job you can see today. It involves no children just general house check-ups. It’s more like babysitting a house!

The families involved may go on long vacations or travel for work and need you to do a daily check on their house until they return. Your work here is to check their mails, water their plants, and get the mail.


People find painting stressful and time-consuming but it can actually be fun when you love it. It’s one job that pays under the table while you make lots of cool cash from doing these under-the-table jobs for people. 

You can paint rooms, fences, items that need to look colourful and many more. When you paint a good deal they will always want more of your work.


Writing and editing might seem like easy-to-do jobs but trust me, it requires more effort. There are various platforms you can register with to write and get paid.

Platforms like Upwork, Fiverr and WritersGig can pay you for your write-ups. You can get signed to write for blogs, articles and magazines. Writing and editing can be done from your home with a laptop or computer.

If you need to monetize your writing skills, consider: How to Get Paid to Write in 2023


This is among the best jobs that pay cash very well. Almost everybody can snap because of the advancement that has been made to our mobile phones. Cameras are in less use but still, people use them to create beautiful works. 

As a photograph, you can work for companies that use eye-catching images for advertisement. Also, you can sell your photos online and make money comfortably doing what you love.


At seasons where the grasses grow taller, people care for their garden more. Seasons like that are the best periods to carry out this under-the-table job. 

You can perform tasks like weeding, watering the plants, lowering the grasses and planting more crops or flowers. To get more garden jobs, you can check on sites targeting your location and also ask around your areas to get recommendations.

Dog Walker:

If you like animals and find it easy to get along with dogs, this could be your dream job. Although, this is not a job for lazy people as it can be stressful when the dog runs around or drags you. 

Dog walking is fun and a good way to earn some money and exercise. Dog walking is something else so be sure you’re ready to run, drag, and sweat.

Graphic Design:

Now, this is one of the coolest jobs you should know about. This skill can also be acquired if you want to learn more about it and make money.

Being a graphic designer means you must be computer literate because that’s what you use for your designs. This skill can pay you big time because you can design logos, t-shirt designs, greeting cards, banners, wedding cards, event cards, etc. 


Wow! A good baker can bake goodies that lift your taste buds back to life. Who won’t want to have sweet goodies taste most times? 

If you are a baker, you can sell your creations to different vendors, directly by yourself, or to certain people at different events or occasions. 

There’s always room for confectioneries at any party. You can hit a deal where you get to deliver these confectioneries and get paid very well. 


Can you speak other languages? If yes, then this job may fetch you some money.

People are always looking for interpreters to help them better understand their clients who speak a different language than the one they speak. 

If you have attained a certificate for that language; it becomes more official and gives you more money. 

If you do a great job at the first instance, companies may enlist you for more job offers. This job pays well and even higher depending on your location and the company hiring you.


Won’t it be so great to earn money when all you have to do is share your knowledge? That’s exactly what a tutor does and earns a lot of money. 

If you are great or good at subjects like history, mathematics, literature, science, or any other school subject, you can be a tutor and earn from it.


Jobs that pay under the table are what most people use to survive or improve their income, either way, you are trying to make a living off it. 

These jobs can be found illegal if the employer or employee tries to evade tax. If you don’t want to be held responsible for such a crime, report the cash payment. Pick among the listed jobs that pay cash and work to get that money you need.



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