How To Get Paid To Type Easily

Having knowledge of the ways in which one can get paid by typing from the comfort of their home can help increase an individual’s earnings.

Irrespective of a person’s skills and qualifications, getting a typing job that suits the person can significantly improve his or her career prospects and work-life balance.

Engaging in a job that needs typing can be an optimistic career move, but it requires studying and practice.

In this writeup, we will look into some of the fields where one can get paid through typing.

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What Is A Typing Job?

Typing job is a work where the employee’s major responsibility is keying various types of data by employing the use of the computer, the keyboard of a smartphone, tablet, or other devices that have access to the internet, or by employing speech to text convert software on any device that has an internet connection.

Typing jobs are a new phenomenon that has emerged and improved, thanks to the fast expansion of the internet together with the widespread availability of internet-user-friendly devices.

For those searching for a way to work from the comfort of their home, getting a job where you can get paid to type easily on the internet is definitely a great option.

In fact, with just a few pieces of equipment – most of which are at our disposal, one can begin to type with the aim of making money whenever they have free time. 

An individual who picks up such a job only has to make sure he or she completes the assignments by the set date. Whether he prefers to do the typing during the day when every other member of the household is out of the house or at late nights when everybody is asleep is completely up to the individual.

being paid to handle an online typing job is fairly straightforward, in the sense that it involves one taking jobs where he or she can make money by typing words, normally based on an audio recording.

It is important to Keep in mind that doing an online typing job will in some cases, also involve doing some research to ensure that an individual is recording things like technical terms accurately.

It is also cost-effective in terms of the tools one needs to get going, however, there are a few items that one should have to make sure he or she can start earning money straight away.

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What You Need To Type And Get Paid?

There exist a few necessary tools that are needed to carry out a typing job and they include;

1. A computer 

A normal laptop is good to be used here, however, one may desire to put into consideration, accompanying a larger monitor to it so he or she doesn’t strain their eyes. 

2. A set of headphones

A lot of these jobs entail one getting paid to type audio, so being able to listen and hear well is key. Most persons always prefer noise-canceling headphones that work via Bluetooth, to avoid the presence of cables in the way, and these headphones are worth having and amazing when in use.

3. Foot pedal

The way a foot pedal works is that it allows an individual to control the audio with his or her feet, by letting them play, rewind and fast forward just by tapping different parts of the pedal.

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4. An internet connection

You need an internet connection because you will have a lot of information to source online and a number of checks to carry out online like the plagiarism rate of your write-up, its grammar errors, if there are any, etc.

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Top Fields In Which You Can Get Paid By Typing Easily

Here are some fields that specifically have job openings for online employees of collaborators and that need typing.

  • Data entry
  • Transcription
  • Medical and legal transcription
  • Virtual assistance
  • Micro task jobs
  • Captioning
  • Captcha typing

1. Data entry

Engaging in a data entry task is normally the most primary form of earning money through typing, which may also imply it tends to be the least paid. Moreover, the fact that there are no strict experience or educational requirements accords it an appropriate sphere to start making money online by typing.

The necessary skills required are basic computer and typing skills. The work itself involves adding data from an external file into the company’s system or into a spreadsheet. In some conditions, one also needs to check the data and advanced data entry roles also entail conducting research.

The major requirement is to have a personal laptop or computer with a keyboard and fast internet connection. Also, it may require primary knowledge of common office software applications.

Data entry is specifically a very repetitive domain, so it can become increasingly challenging to find the needed motivation after a period of time. Moreover, it is an appropriate point to begin on one way to other online typing jobs.

 2. Transcription

A person who is termed a transcriptionist is saddled with the responsibility of listening to audio recordings and typing the dialogue they hear. People doing a transcription job need to be careful enough to identify multiple voices on a recording, articulate their words through the background noise and have the ability to transcribe spoken words rendered in different accents.

Transcriptionists are majorly very good typists, seeing that fast typing can save one much time in this profession. There is also a need for them to be very accurate and error-free in their job, with some typist jobs, including those in the medical or legal professions, most times requiring certification.

Apart from the use of an internet-connected device with a keyboard, a transcriptionist also may have to need a pair of headphones. Many transcriptionists are paid per transcribed hour of audio, therefore improving ones typing speed can increase their earnings.

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Unlike general transcription jobs, people handling advanced technical and specialized areas normally require certification that affirms their knowledge in the respective fields.

Experts who do transcribe a physician or legal professional’s dictation need to have broadened knowledge of the terms employed, the reason being that even small errors in these areas can have serious consequences.

4. Virtual assistance

Engaging in a virtual assistant job specifically involves performing multiple tasks for a single client while putting their need into consideration.

Some of the majorly often performed duties include data entry, performing research, creating spreadsheets from formerly acquired data, planning schedules, controlling social media profiles, translating numerous documents, engaging in customer service tasks, responding to emails, and others.

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Virtual assistance needs consistent learning and adapting, however, the wide variety of promising duties makes the field of virtual assistance appropriate for those who lose and need motivation when performing a particular repetitive task.

5. Micro task jobs

Micro tasks are a compendium of tasks that are typically simple and do not involve much time to finish but cannot be automated.

Some of the tasks may be related to transcribing minor audio files, revalidating a price list, identifying many objects in a video clip or photograph, doing writing of a short paragraph, and others. A very good place to locate micro-tasks is on microtask job websites.

Apart from a device with an interestingly high-speed internet and a keyboard, the additional equipment and software required mostly depends on the micro job that one is planning to perform.

For instance, updating a price list will likely require a software application that permits an individual to edit spreadsheet files.

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6. Captioning

Captioning is closely related to transcribing, as they two involve listening to an audio file and typing what one hears. Moreover, captioning does not consist of simply producing transcription documents but instead demands an individual to create video content captions for those with hearing impediments or for people who desire to watch videos with low volume or the sound off.

Furthermore, unlike transcription, captioning also entails putting more details to the document, like details regarding background noises or people chatting inaudibly.

Many captioning tasks involve a pre-recorded video file of different origins, such as TV programs, movies, lectures, shows, and others. There also exist real-time captioners who caption live programs, such as news bulletins and sports.

The former can be significantly more challenging in the sense that you need to deliver precise captions in a matter of seconds. Additionally, you may not have the time to rewind words that are spoken already.

7. Captcha typing

These are the letters that one needs to type accurately before creating a website account or filling an online form. Captcha typing primarily consists of imputing the words from various types of images that cannot be automatically recognized.

Most Captcha typists are normally paid a certain amount for every 1,000 solved captchas. It is usually a low-paid typing job, but it demands little skill and it is not carried out under any pressure.

Moreso, it’s pertinent to know what the paying company is doing with the solved captchas, because they may be performing illegal activities.

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Where Can You Get Paid to Type?

There exist a lot of websites out there where you can get paid to type audio. What this means is you have to be able to type what you hear on recordings.

1. Amazon Mechanical Turk

Amazon Mechanical Turk has thousands of works that are normally known as “human intelligence tasks”. A lot of these involve typing to earn money, including data entry and transcribing from audio recordings.

2. Aberdeen

This has a good number of transcription jobs, with it being specifically good for locating positions where one can get paid to type subtitles for closed-caption TV.

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3. AccuTran Global

This site is based in Canada and has a team of typists doing transcription jobs and other similar services. Their services include editing and real-time transcriptionists.

4. Babbletype

This is one of the most respected companies that is offering transcription jobs from the comfort of one’s home. And you can start with even with no experience.

5. CastingWords

The interesting benefit of CastingWords is the fact that one is qualified to work with them as long as he or she lives in a country that allows for PayPal payments.

6. Clickworker

This has a number of hundreds of typing jobs that an individual can choose from. The positions include data entry, doing research, and editing text.

7. CyberDictate

This is for people looking to major in the field of typing for the of being paid, in that they only offer legal transcription positions.

8. Daily Transcription

This offers a variety of ways for one to get paid to type online, such as subtitles and transcribing from audio files in English. The files include over 30 languages like Spanish, French, German, and more.

9. Freelancer hosts thousands of jobs in almost all the fields one can think of and this includes all manner of typing jobs.

10. GoTranscript

GoTranscript is situated in the UK but renders transcription and translation jobs for anyone based worldwide.

11. Hollywood Transcriptions

This offers transcription, translation, and captioning services basically for the entertainment industry, as the name implies.

12. Microworkers

Microworkers as the name implies are for those searching for “micro-jobs”.

13. OneSpace

This is a company where one can get paid to type audio.

14. Rev

This is one of the biggest companies in the game, with a large range of available slots for one to get paid to type online.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What is a typing job?

Typing job is a work where the employee’s major responsibility is keying various types of data by employing the use of the computer, the keyboard of a smartphone, tablet, or other devices that have access to the internet, or by employing speech to text convert software on any device that has an internet connection. 

2. What do I need to type and get paid?

There exist a few necessary tools that are needed to carry out a typing job and they include;

A computer 

A set of headphones

A foot pedal

An internet connection

3. Where can I get paid to type?

Amazon Mechanical Turk


AccuTran Global





Daily Transcription



Hollywood Transcriptions




4. What are micro tasks?

Micro tasks are a compendium of tasks that are typically simple and do not involve much time to finish but cannot be automated

5. What is Captcha typing?

These are the letters that one needs to type accurately before creating a website account or filling an online form.



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