14 Best Virtual Gifts for Coworkers

So you have great coworkers and decided you want to send virtual gifts? Here is a list of the best virtual gifts for coworkers.

Virtual presents are a fantastic alternative to giving physical gifts. It’s a great way to wish someone a happy birthday, express gratitude to a client or send Christmas gifts to your employees or clients. You also won’t have to worry about mailing to various addresses.

Whatever your purpose for giving virtual gifts is, the most important thing is to choose the right gift for your recipient.

Work-from-home gifts will be distributed to coworkers who work from home. Gifts relevant to remote work, such as gadgets or desk ornaments, or otherwise location-agnostic, such as gift cards and online subscriptions, are common.

The goal of these presents is to improve business culture and boost morale.

Look at this collection of thoughtful and inventive virtual presents that will impress your colleagues or customers.

Why Should You Get Virtual Gifts For Coworkers?

If you’re asking why you should send virtual presents to your remote workers even if you don’t see them daily in the office, you still need to motivate, excite, and reward your employees even when they work remotely.

Giving gifts to your remote teams boosts their engagement and sense of belonging to the team, regardless of their location.

Because remote workers cannot participate in workplace retention activities, they often feel alienated and detached from the rest of the team.

As a result, you must make an effort to demonstrate to them that they’re a valuable team member.

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1. Virtual Team-Building Activities

A virtual team-building event where colleagues can engage is one of the most valuable gifts for remote workers. Remote employees frequently express feelings of isolation and disconnection.

Employees who would otherwise have little interaction with one another can benefit from online team-building events.

These gatherings are usually entertaining, social, and relaxing, and they typically teach valuable skills like critical thinking, communication, and group decision-making.

2. Entertainment Service Subscriptions

Sometimes you only want to rest and unwind after a long day at work. Send your coworkers a virtual subscription or gift card to their favorite streaming service so they can watch their favorite TV series and movies whenever they want.

Most streaming services, such as Netflix, Hulu, and Disney Plus, include easy-to-purchase subscriptions. 

These are ideal for folks who enjoy catching up on the latest hit show or rewatching a favorite film from their youth. A Spotify subscription is an excellent alternative if your recipient is more into music.

2. In-Game Content for Video Games

Video games may be a delightful pastime. It can help you develop abilities in planning, attentiveness, curiosity, and tenacity, in addition to being a stress-free way to unwind after work.

If you have one or two gamers on your squad, invest in in-game material or virtual cash for their preferred game to demonstrate an interest in their pastime.

If you know your recipient well and are confident in their favorite game, this is a terrific suggestion. You’ll be able to send them a gift that they truly desire.

Find a way to send them premium in-game currency along with a meaningful letter, or purchase the most recent expansion pack or game pass for their current favorite game so they can continue the adventure.

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3. Enrollment in an online class

One of the fascinating aspects of the online world is how simple it is to learn something new.

Give your workers a gift certificate for a live or recorded online course to develop their abilities in a subject they care about.

Sign up for a Skillshare membership or pick a master class you know your recipient would love. The beauty of this gift is that you can make it exactly what your recipient wants, whether an online cookery class or a master class in watercolor painting.

4. Enrollment in online fitness classes

Getting to the gym while working remotely is not always simple, especially if there aren’t any close. Workout equipment is expensive, but you may make it easier by giving someone a subscription to an online fitness class.

These gift subscriptions to fitness classes or virtual gyms are ideal for novices because they are simple.

You don’t need a lot of complicated, expensive gadgets at home, and you can fit them in whenever it’s convenient for you. It’s a simple yet clever method to keep your employees fit and focused no matter where they are.

5. Digital concert or performance tickets

Even if your present is virtual, the experience does not have to be. If a large concert is coming up or your coworker’s favorite band is performing, get tickets online and have them emailed to them as a gift.

It’s a smart approach to honoring your coworkers’ interests and doesn’t have to be expensive. Arrange for her to have a VIP experience at the venue or have a tour march shipped to her home address to make the gift even more meaningful.

When the band performs a live-streamed show, this can also be used as a fun virtual team celebration.

6. A travel company’s gift voucher

Taking time out to unwind isn’t always a priority for many people. Prioritizing solo or family travel in a busy firm where you’re always on the go.

Encourage your employees to take a well-deserved vacation with their families, and make it easy for them by providing a travel company gift certificate.

This is one of those employee gifts that are more of an investment, but it’s a lovely suggestion for a milestone anniversary or a year well done.

Add a list of tips and ideas to help them arrange a pleasant getaway to make this virtual present even more personal.

Based on your expertise and what you know about the gift recipient, list your favorite travel places, attractions, and personal suggestions.

7. Membership in a beauty or wellness subscription service

Like on vacation, it’s all too tempting to put off those small moments of self-care. Enrolling your team members in a beauty or wellness subscription box will make it easier for them to take advantage of these opportunities to rest and unwind.

There are many wonderful subscription boxes, so there’s something for everyone. Look for a beauty or wellness box that meets their needs, complete with opulent goodies or miniatures that evoke a spa day, wellness trip, or relaxing weekend retreat.

8. Virtual Gift card

While e-gift cards were once considered an essential “last-minute” gift, they are now a fun way to express gratitude or celebrate with friends – mainly when you utilize Hoppier.

When it’s time to celebrate, personalize your card, set a balance, and send it out with a personalized email. The incredible flexibility of delivering a virtual Hoppier card gift is one of the finest things.

Your gift card balance can be used to purchase a language learning subscription, the latest Apple technology, or a new Fender guitar for your recipient.

You’re not simply sending them a thank-you present; you’re giving them the gift of their choice.

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9. NFTS and other digital collectibles

Non-fungible Tokens, or NFTs, are digital collectibles that have sprung into the cryptocurrency landscape. NFTs can be issued for any reason and grant the sole possessor possession of a limited digital item such as art, music, or a sports highlight, among other things.

Unlike other cryptocurrencies, NFTs can only be exchanged for other cryptocurrencies, not for other NFTs.

They also make excellent gifts for the team’s accounting and finance departments, who they are most likely already acquainted with them.

NFTs make excellent virtual gifts because they can’t be destroyed or duplicated, and they’re also assets that can be exchanged for other cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin or Ethereum.

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10. E-commerce Platforms using Virtual Gift Cards

One of the things that have been more difficult during the lockdown has been shopping for groceries and other household necessities. Online buying at e-commerce sites like Amazon was one answer. This eliminates the need for consumers to travel to and from grocery stores and shopping malls to purchase goods.

However, you should be selective about whose staff you give it to, as some may not find it personal enough. One solution is offering gift cards to destinations you know your employees enjoy visiting.

11. Electronic books

Similarly, book nerds require a platform, which brings us to ebooks. E-books, often known as electronic books, are books that have been made available digitally.

There are a plethora of eBook platforms available today. Because they are more practical than traditional books, demand has soared.

You can’t, for example, always carry ten books around with you. In the case of an e-book, this is not a problem. You only need to bring your phone or laptop with you.

12. Point-Based Rewarding System

It’s a review platform, sometimes a rewards and recognition program. The scoring is based on a straightforward gift system.

A coworker does an excellent job of assigning him a point. He can also use the points as a gift voucher on buying sites like Amazon, eBay, etc.

Having your valuable platform pays off handsomely. Your staff will be able to keep track of their points as well.

13. Write a blog post

Writing a complimentary blog article about the boss is an outstanding but inexpensive gift option for a virtual manager. This concept works particularly well if you have an internal corporate blog, but you could also publish to a new WordPress site or submit the post as a standalone document.

14. Virtual Assistant

While you may not be able to pay a virtual assistant’s wage long-term, you can employ services for a few hours or days. This present is especially suitable for hectic times of the year, such as shareholder meeting week or the end of the fiscal year.

Even if you work for a small, out-of-the-way company, your boss will likely wear many hats and juggle many tasks. A virtual assistant can take on some of your manager’s responsibilities and free up time.

You may hire freelance virtual assistants on Fiverr, Upwork, and FlexJobs.

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FAQs Best Virtual Gifts for Coworkers

What are the best virtual gift ideas for your coworkers?

Looking for virtual gift ideas for your coworkers? Here are the best:
Virtual Team-Building Activities
Entertainment Service Subscriptions
In-Game Content for Video Games
Enrollment in an online class
Enrollment in online fitness classes 
Digital concert or performance tickets
A travel company’s gift voucher
Membership in a beauty or wellness subscription service
Virtual Gift car
NFTS and other digital collectibles
E-commerce Platforms using Virtual Gift Cards
Electronic books
Point-Based Rewarding System
Write a blog post
Virtual Assistant


While exchanging work-from-home gifts isn’t as simple as placing a box on a coworker’s desk or having the entire team over for lunch, the effort is well worth it to improve team morale and togetherness.

Sending presents to faraway employers and coworkers can demonstrate thanks and foster a feeling of community in a remote workforce.


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