15 Most Expensive Cognacs in the World

Just last year, Cognac sales in China leaped by an extraordinary 56%. In 2021, 223.2 million bottles of Cognac were shifted globally.

The most expensive cognacs ever sold worldwide have the rarest bottles at some mind-boggling prices. Cognac rich history is traceable to the 16th century in France. It came into existence when travellers from the Netherlands realized they need to find a means of preserving their drinks.

Cognac has various flavours with caramel, vanilla, fruit, and honey being the most common. Even the least bottle of cognac offers that delightful taste, although more expensive bottles of cognac are best suited for cognac enthusiasts.

This article will explore the most expensive cognacs ever sold in history. However, you can still get that unique taste from cheap and affordable cognacs.

The table of contents below highlights the order in which these expensive cognacs are discussed.

Why are Cognacs so expensive?

The more expensive the production costs of an item, the more expensive the item will become. With cognacs, production costs are higher than other distilled spirits.

Most of the resources like grapes used in producing cognacs are grown in specific regions. Cognacs are spirit distilled from grapes and grapes are expensive base ingredients.

Basically, from the beginning to the end, the cost of production of cognacs are on the high side. For instance, it costs $13 to produce a litter of Cognac against the $1 cost of making a litre of vodka.

Hence, the most expensive cognacs will surely cost more than $13. This explains the mind-boggling prices attached to these cognacs.

Who makes the most expensive cognac?

DNA of Cognac as often called is a 100-year-old bottling. It is one of the rarest and most expensive drinks on earth. Henri IV Dudognon Heritage Cognac Grande Champagne is one of the most expensive cognacs and was first produced in 1776.

The drink was named to honour King Henri IV. 258-year-old cognac, Gautier Cognac 1726 is also one of the most expensive cognacs in the world. Although these cognac producers are unknown, several historic events surround them.

For instance, 1762 is notable for Catherine II becoming empress of Russia and the celebration of the first Saint Patrick’s Day Parade in New York City.

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Which Country has the Best Cognac in the World?

Russia is home to the Big Four Cognacs in the world. Hennessy, Remy Martin, Martell, and Courvoisier are the best cognacs in the world.

So, it is safe to say Russia has the best Cognacs in the world. It’s also home to smaller brands like Camus, Delamain and Otard.

15 Most Expensive Cognacs in the World

The most expensive Cognacs in the world are listed with their prices. These most expensive makes the first place while the least expensive makes the fifteenth place.

The most expensive cognacs ever sold were put into consideration. Below are the most expensive cognacs in the world.

#15. L’Art de Martell

Price: $6,321.81 

This cognac was launched in 1997 and is coveted by both history and cognac enthusiasts. It was used to for the commemoration of the retrocession of Hong Kong to China.

French design house Daum created this most expensive cognac and has only 1997 carafes worldwide. It is an exceptional creation that is presented with a stopper, a book and a crystal lid.

#14. Delamain de Voyage

Price: $6, 999

Cognac House Delamain produces this cognac. It is presented in a Baccarat decanter itself. The Delamain de Voyage bottle is sat inside a beautiful fan-shaped gift box styled after an old school camera’s bellows.

This expensive Cognac is collector’s dream, a rare and precious Hor d’Age. It defies belief and is destined for the most discerning drinker.

In 2008, this Cognac was labelled ” Best of the Best by Robb. The origin of one of the most expensive drinks in the world is traceable to James Delamin visit to the French land.

Upon his arrival in Charente, what grew to become one of the oldest Cognac houses in the world was established. This Cognac has the aroma of Russian’s finest leather and South American tobacco tones. The case of this old cognac bottle is designed by Athena Prod and it slightly overproof at 42%.

#13. Hardy Le Printemps

Price: $ 11,170.41

Hardy is one of the best cognacs in the world. It is a blend of small patches originating exclusively from Grande Champagne territories.

Armand hardy carefully selected this classified premier Cru from the Cognac region at the end of the second world war. Hardy is displayed in a cask. Lalique Paris exclusively created for the Hardy the cask. Lalique is a famous House of crystal unique masterpieces.

Its cap comes in an almond green crystal which serves as a discreet reminder of the Lalique -paris House’s creations.

The magnificent amber has its carafe is placed in a precious round cask made of white and pastel leather with an opening on the front. It smells like white flowers and violet to the nose and is of great blend with notes of underwood and fine touches of coffee and choclate to the palate.

#12. Hine 250

Price: $11,511

This Vintage cognac is one of the most expensive cognacs in the world. It’s a Grande Champagne with over 40% ABV. The Hine 250 years Decanter 1953 Cognac was released last year to mark Grande Champagne Cognac 250th anniversary.

An opulent wooden case that looks like a luxury jewellery box houses it. It is an exceptional vintage Cognac that has only 250 bottles so far. Bernard Hine had invited Andree Putman to Jarnac in 2005 to create this decanter.

And, the aftermath is an exceptional bottle that reflects histroy of this great Cognac house. You can best enjoy the subtle aromatic flavour of this drink from a slip tulip glass.

#11. Hennessy Ellipse

Price: $13,208

This is one of the most expensive cognacs ever sold. This cognac dates back to 1771 with a blend of flavours experts call “distinct”.

This prestige brand of hennesy is an updated version of the classic Thomas Bastide crafted baccarat Crystal decanter. It houses seven generations of Savoi-Faire in one Cognac.

It has the appetizing scents of caramel apple, dates, figs, white raisins, and distant hints of spice. It is a floral and fruity drink to the palate and offers delicate flavors of honey, marzipan, light toffee, and spice merge.

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#10. Hardy Perfection

Price: $14, 000

This Cognac was made by legendary Madison hardy, famous for Cognacs since 1863.

This Cognac is the oldest known unblended cognac in the world. It offers great taste of chocolate and coffee alongside big oak. Hardy Perfection is a rare Cognac and has a historic taste. It comprises a 100% French Colombard with a natural strength of 41%.

This cognac dates back to the 1870s and has each of the three decanters numbered.

#9. Camus Cuvee 5.150

Price: $15,000

This is one of the best cognacs in the world. It is a limited edition of 1,492 baccarat crystal decanters. Each of them comes in a lacquered black case with a mirrored interior.

Camus was found by Jean-Baptise Camus in 1863. Currently, their family-owned vineyards are part of a magnificent estate of 280 hectares located in the very heart of Cognac.

It has glimmering amber appearance with a subtle aroma of vanilla enhanced by wood and spice developing into garden herbs and a hint of crystalized lemon. To the palate, it is a balanced and full with rich mellow flavours.

Creamy, milky vanilla, Apricot and pear dominates these flavours alongside some tropical fruits and a trace of sweet almond.

#8. Rémy Martin Black Pearl Louis XIII

Price: $31, 000

This Cognac is named after King louis XIII. It is drawn from a single 100 year-old tierçon (blending cask) that contained eaux-de-vie ranging from 40 to 100 years of age.

This expensive cognac features a highly structured taste with only 775 decanters of the flavorful cognac relased.

The drink has rich flavours like choclate, spice, leather, oak, and creamy honey.

#7. Remy Martin’s Louis XIII Grande Champagne Très Vieille Age Inconnu

Price $44, 360

The purchase of this cognac in 2013 in a private sale is the first-ever invite-only sales exhibition alcohol in the UK.

It comes in an older rectangular label with the original name of this cognac”Age Inconnu, a 1938 Royal Banquet Card, and a Slim Centaur logo on top with spear handle pointing at the “Y’ of Remy.

Generally, Remmy Martin uses traditional distillation “Sur Lie’ on the lees. Aging takes place in the oak barrels of the region limousine. during this period alcohol evaporates and blackens the walls of the cellars.

#6. 1762 Gautier Cognac

Price: for $144, 525

This is one of the oldest vintage cognacs known. It featured a handwritten label wax seal and a driven cork in 1840.

It is one of the oldest surviving bottles in the world pre-dating the French Revolution. Also known as ‘Grand Frere” or the ‘ Big Brother’ of the trio, it is the oldest vintage ever sold at auction.

This cognac is one of the most expensive bottles of Cognac and the oldest to be sold. It was 258 years old when it was sold for $144, 525. It is believed that there are only three of these expensive bottle of conac in the world.

#5.  Cognac Brugerolle 1795

Price: $149,943

Napoleon was accompanied by a bottle of 1795 cognac on his conquest to rule the world. The family of lepold brugerolle supplied the Paris restaurant market in the 1850’s with bottles of mature cognac.

This cognac is believed to be the last of its kind.

#4. Croizet cognac Leonie 1858

Price: $156,760 

This bottle of Cognac was taken out of France during World War II. It was opened by president Eisenhower. According to the Guiness Worl record, it is the most expensice cognac bottle. In 2011, a bottle was sold at an auction.

Croizet Cognac is the granddaddy of them all. A lauded producer produced it out of the Grande Champagne region of Cognac. Interestingly, this cognac bottle predates Phylloxera.

#3. Hennessy Beaute du Siecle Cognac

Price: $200, 000

Buyers of this expensive cognac received an abstract aluminum chest that holds the drink’s glass bottle.

Generally, Hennesy is a luxury cognac brand known for blends over 45 years old. There are only 100 bottles of this expensive cognac in the world. This Hennessy bottle set the bar of ultra-rare drinks.

It was created by blending the rarest eaux-de-vie of Hennessy. A french contemporary artist named Jean-michel otthoniel designed this expensive cognac bottle.

#2. Remy Martin Louis XIII L’Odyssee D’un Roi Cognac 

Price: $558,000

This cognac is one of the most expensive cognacs in the world. It is a product of an inspired collaboration amongst revered Louis XII Cognac house.

Over 50 individual artisans devoted over 1, 000 hours per piece to produce the three bespoke masterpieces of L’Odyssee d’un Roi.

In 2015, it was presented at exclusive events in culture capitals on different continents. It served as part of a yearlong travelling exhibition. It was hand-stitched by Hermes using the finest leather.

This bespoke cognac bottle’s interior was created for a precise function. It was designed to luxuriously house a unique magnum decanter LOUIS XIII. It contains a blend of the oldest eau du vie brandy. Allegedely, only the cellar master tasted this cognac.

#1. Henri IV Dudognon Heritage Cognac Grande Champagne

Price: $2 million

Also known as ‘DNA of Cognac’, this most expensive Cognac in the world is a 100-year-old bottling and the rarest drinks on Earth.

It comes in a 25-carat gold and sterling plantinum bottles. Each of these bottles were peppered with 6,500 diamonds.

It was named to honor king Henri IV and was first produced in 1776. The well-known Jose Davalos to the design of the President of Ley.925 & Co. crafted this masterpiece


Most expensive cognacs in the world carry hefty price tags. Although their prices are mind-boggling, you will testify to their awesomeness if you can taste any of them.

You should read through this piece and find the expensive brand you can afford.



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