13 Ways to Make Money in Real Estate with no Money

Making money in real estate requires patience and determination. It can be risky and tricky, but it’s usually worth it in the end. In the following lines of this article, I’m going to show you how to make money from real estate and with no money even.

Real estate is a huge gold mine you’d really need to tap into. I want to help you do that with no stress. So do really take your time to read through to the end of this article for all it promises to offer.

Meanwhile, here’s the table of content for an overview of what to expect in this article.

Ways to make money in real estate with no money

Here are some of the proven ways you can mine cool cash from real estate. Carefully read through!

Through Real-estate funds

Real estate funds are mutual funds where you pool in money with other investors in an actively managed fund of different companies that manage properties actively. It does provide short-term income. It increases in value through appreciation that is an increase in the value of assets. While investing, you must look for a broad, well-diversified, and low-fee fund at a brokerage to use.

Real-estate investment trusts(REIT)

Real-estate investment trusts (REIT) are similar to Real-estate funds. The difference is that REITs are managed by a company (or trust). Here your investment goes into purchasing and managing different properties for profit. REITs come in different sizes and shapes.

They basically focus on retail buildings like malls and shopping centers. They also focus on hospitality like motels and hotels so you can have varieties to invest in.

Online real-estate investing platforms

These are platforms and web mobile apps that allow one to start investing in real estate digitally. Here the apps connect you with real-estate managers that want to either invest or purchase and in exchange for your capital you can get a cut of the profits or dividends when they earn.

There is a high risk here but if you have your financial house in order(automated your savings, investing regularly, etc), there’s little or no problem with investing 5%-10%.

Renting out property

This is a simple method where you buy a piece of property, rent it out for income, and watch your bank account breathe heavily while you relax in your sitting room taking chilled yogurt with snacks.

Here you become not just a landlord but also a renovator, electrician, gardener, and many more things. Since most mortgages are fixed while you borrow, you can make more money each year to pay off it as you raise your rent.

Short-term room rentals

You can also rent out a room in your apartment or purchase a home or apartment and rent it out for short-term rentals. Here it’s not necessary to purchase the property; you can use your spare rooms. With websites like Airbnb and good location and attractive listings, you are in for real money.

House Flipping

In house flipping, you purchase properties and sell them at a higher price. You will renovate and repair the property, contract a network of contractors you trust, and then you are in real business.

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Right Knowledge and System

Here, you need to be sure and check out resources, strategies, multiple income streams, guides, rules, etc that government real-estate business. You must make sure you have the right information and always ask questions before you invest.


Buying properties and allowing the cost price to increase over a period of time is one of the ways to make money from real estate. So the advice here is, buy properties, allow the value to increase or appreciate over a period of time, and then sell them at a profit.


Another way to make money from real estate is by purchasing an asset and then leasing it out to someone who can pay for them. To get started, just find a property of interest and pay for it, give it out on lease for a particular time, make money on it and then sell it out later.

Income Generator

You can purchase a property, put it on rent and use it as a consistent source of income such as event centers, hotels or motels, gym centers, etc.


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