How To Sell Gift Cards For Cash | Easy Step By Step Guide

Gift Cards are a lovely and thoughtful way of appreciating a friend, colleague, boss, employee, family, or loved one. However, as they keep coming, they might pile up not to your liking and it might be time to find something to do with them.

For the gift cards that you might no longer use or need, don’t let them go to waste. Here is what to do, sell gift cards for cash. How? Let us find out:

How To Sell Gift Cards For Cash In 2023

1. CardCash is your go-to place. You get to sell your unwanted gift cards for cash via PayPal, check or ACH. The good thing about Card Cash is it accepts gift cards from all kinds of restaurants, stores, and groceries, to name but a few. 

Find out how much cash your gift card is worth and get to know whether you need to mail it physically. You also have the option of swapping your gift card for one at another store and exceeding the value of your current gift card.

More details for you from the website.

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2. GiftCash

On GiftCash, you can sell your physical and digital gift cards for cash from over 150 brands. First, find out whether your card is accepted from the list on the GiftCash site. Then all you will need to do is key in your gift card’s merchant and balance, accept GiftCash’s offer, and get to walk away with the cash you can spend.

However, does not allow gift-card swapping, unlike other gift-card exchange sites. Also, your gift card must have a value of not less than $25. Get to find out what works for you from the website

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3. eBay

An eCommerce platform you have most likely heard of, come across or even used. That’s right! eBay allows you to buy and sell gift cards for cash. Plus, you get to set your own price, but for every transaction, eBay charges you. 

So you list your item (new or used) and pay a final value once it sells. You can schedule when to get paid, either daily or weekly payouts and eBay will deposit the cash directly into your bank account. Here are more details.

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4. ClipKard

ClipKard allows you to sell physical gift cards for cash from more than 100 retailers, including fast-food restaurants and department stores. You need to find out if your card is currently being accepted and how much in cash it is worth. 

If it sounds like a great deal to you, you have the option of either upgrading to priority shipping for instant cash or having it shipped to ClipKard using the prepaid USPS shipping label. Find out more from the website.

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5. CardSell

The CardSell app allows you a fast, easy and secure way to sell gift cards for cash. You only need to key in your gift card number and pin. CardSell will verify your card with hundreds of retailers, then once it goes through successfully, you get paid. 

CardSell pays you within 48 hours directly into your PayPal account. More details for you from the website.

6. Raise

Raise is another e-commerce platform, also available as a mobile payment app that allows you to sell your gift cards for cash. First, create a Raise account and a listing for your gift card.

You get to maintain control over your listing. The good news is the more the demand for your gift card, the more you can ask for it. Gift cards for big retailers like Best Buy, Walmart, and Target tend to sell on the marketplace at roughly 95% of their value. 

Once your gift card sells, Raise charges you a seller fee, which varies between the physical and digital cards. Find out the worth of your gift card today by visiting the site.

7. Target 

The Target trade-in program allows you to trade your unwanted gift cards for a different brand of gift cards. Apart from your unwanted gift cards, you can exchange unwanted video games, phones, and tablets, among other electronics, for Target gift cards in return. 

Firstly, find a participating target trade-in location. See if your gift card is accepted, then move to the Electronics Department at Target. Hand in your unwanted gift card to the Target Tech employee and evaluate the exchange offer. 

If the offer works for you, you will receive a target gift card. See more details about Target’s trade-in offer and determine if it is worth the value.

8. Card Kangaroo

Card Kangaroo allows you a relatively smooth process when selling your gift cards for cash First, enter your card details on the Card Kangaroo website. You will then receive an offer for the amount the platform will pay to take your gift card.

If you accept the offer given, you will receive a free shipping label to send your card to their mailing address. Once the company receives your gift card in their mail, they will send you payment via PayPal or check. See more details on how to sell your gift card online via

9. Gameflip

You are required first to make a Gameflip profile before you can make a listing when selling your gift card for cash on the e-commerce site. What makes the site stand out is the fact that it is a blend of eBay and Upwork for gamers.

Plus, on Gameflip, you have absolute control over the price of your gift card. Once someone buys your gift card, Gameflip transfers the cash into your Gameflip wallet, which you can then withdraw from Payoneer, Bitcoin, Wise, and Skrill, but not on PayPal. Each wallet withdrawal, however, comes at a cost. 

See more details from the website.

10. Google Maps

The thing about Google Maps is it helps you locate a gift card exchange store near you. All you need is to search “sell gift cards” or the item you wish to, and Google will let you know what options you have near you.

Google Maps works great, especially if you are on the move and need to sell your unwanted gift cards for cash at the nearest gift card store. Visit the Google Maps website today to find a gift card exchange shop near you.

As always, you get your bonus for sticking around. This time, it was worth the wait.

11. Gift Card Granny

Gift Card Granny is the market leader in selling gift cards for cash. The user-friendly platform has managed to attract over 13.9 million visitors like you annually. All you need to do is enter the brand and balance of your gift card on their site.

You will receive payment as soon as your card arrives at the Granny headquarters. What stands out for GiftCard Granny is that they help you find sources to sell your gift cards at the most cash and tell you which gift cards are most profitable.

Plus, they are not limited to virtual gift cards but also give you the option to sell your gift cards for cash in-person at one of their select gift card exchange locations. Find your perfect fit before selling your gift card by visiting the site today.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I get cash for gift cards immediately?

Once you sell your gift cards online, getting a quote immediately and knowing how much your gift card is worth is possible.  Because of the delays caused by selling online where you have to mail your gift card, a faster option is the GiftCardBin which allows you to use its nearby store to sell your car for fast cash. However, the physical option gives you less cash than the online one.

How can I exchange gift cards for cash?

There are two options: List your gift card on platforms like Raise or GameFlip or sell the unused card directly to a gift-card site such as GiftCash or KlipCard. Therefore, you can have the option of marketplaces where individuals can bid on your card and eventually buy it or have sites directly buy it from you.

Where can I sell eGift cards for cash?

Platforms like Cardpool allow you to sell your gift cards online, that is, eGift cards. Key to note is that not all competitors in the gift-card market offer this option. Also, Gift Card Granny is the other place to look out for. The platform’s preferred method of sales is online. Currently, Cardpool and Gift Card Granny should work best for your eGift cards.


Remember, selling gift cards for cash is not the only option to get rid of your unwanted gift cards. You can still exchange it for another gift through Target gift card or donate your gift card altogether. That is, if you think someone else could use your card without money in return. You are spoilt for options; the choice is yours to make. All the best!



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