Writers Work Reviews: Make Up to $30-$45/hr Writing With No Experience

You want a platform where you can do extra money writing, and someone is offering you Writers Work. But, you are yet to know if Writers Work is legit or a scam.

Writers Work is one of those legit platforms that pay you for freelancing when you complete the jobs given to you by a client.

All you have to do is sign up for this global freelance platform, create a profile, and then choose and bid for a job.

It’s simple, right? Well, not exactly.

To help you understand how, we have reviewed Writers Work.

As a freelance writer, trying to find high-paying projects on Writers Work can be a daunting task. Not only do you have to outperform the talented competition, but you also have to compete with freelancers who are willing to charge very low fees.

While digital freelance job sites like Writers Work have played an important role in helping companies and individuals find high-paying jobs, that freelancers have to bid for a job makes it difficult for them all.

Can you get the most out of this platform?


From our writer Work review, you will learn if Writers Work is legit or a scam and how to use the platform to make up to $30-$45/hr writing with no experience.

What Is Writers Work?

Writers Work is an online platform that offer a set of services for aspiring freelance writers.

Writers Work allows writers to find jobs, complete, and get paid by clients online, while working from home if they wish.

Additionally, subscribers have access to a variety of tools, including an online portfolio, a document editor and grammar checker, and a basic project management system.

Training materials are also built into Writer Work to help you learn the basics of developing a writing career, working from home, and earning money.

In addition to understanding what Writers Work is, it is equally important to understand what it is NOT.

Writers Work DOES NOT employ writers directly or distribute writing jobs. The platform serves as a meeting point for clients and freelancers to whom you must apply individually.

Hence, signing up for Writers Work does not guarantee you immediate income. You still have to do the groundwork to win all the writing jobs.

To compete as a freelance writer at Writers Work, you must be good enough at writing.

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Is Writers Work Legit?

With the “gig economy,” people abandon the security of a full-time job to take advantage of different opportunities as self-employment.

Many talented professionals are invading the digital marketplaces as Writers Work offers services.

Even world-class trained attorneys, marketing managers, and consultants choose to work independently with Writers Work.

Previously, over 40% of the US workforce joined the platform.

Writers Work is a legit platform for freelance writers. However, Writers Work recently encountered a controversial reputation.

This haven’t changed the fact that they are still known as one of the Best Freelance Writers Platform.

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Is Writers Work a Scam?

Writers Work is not a Scam.

However, because of the controversy mired around their style of advertising, it brought a lot of online reports that raised a red flag.

Let’s dive in and see why Writers Work is not a scam, how it works and if it can help you earn some money.

How Do You Qualify for Writers Work?

No qualification process exists in Writers Work. Once you pay the subscription fee, you’re in.

However, here are some basics to earn immediately from Writers Work:

  • Writers Work is an independent online platform: it handles everything through its interface, including most of the communication with customers and the content you send to them.
  • Writers Work offers writing jobs, including general website content, blogs, copywriting, and social media posts. Unlike some platforms, it does not offer website design, transcription, editing, or the like.
  • You must be at least 18 years old to register and have an online account where payments can be deposited.

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Writers Work Fee: How Much Does Writers Work Charge?

This digital platform has the same fee structure for both the client posting the job and the freelancer getting the gig.

From our Writers Work review, Writers Work charges a full $94 and has been on a $47 discount since they started.

The lifetime membership costs just $47 and includes all the features detailed in this review, except for the “upsells” mentioned below. You have to pay this before you can access their full services.

Writers Work is not aPayn expensive service to sign up for.

In the screenshot above, you’ll notice that Writers. Work refers to the “advance” price at 50% off. The service has been offered at this price since its inception and has been criticized for still being a “limited time” offer.

You can also pay $15 monthly for a monthly subscription, as shown below.


Once you sign up to Writers.work, you get additional extras.

The first offer is an additional $99, including individual writing training and a “Freelance Writers Toolkit.” The 30 minute training session is probably the most useful of the package, but we note that it is delivered via live chat.

The “Toolkit”, which includes several template documents and a 30-page e-book on the “Independent Reading Book”, is also available for $29. Finally, two additional video lessons are offered for $99.

You do not have to upgrade and purchase any of these products. This Writers Work review focuses on the basic service at $47.

Tips to Get your Pricing Right

As a client…

  • If you want to attract good talent, be realistic about the price. You can’t get a good job at a rate of $2 to $5 an hour.
  • If you price a job too low, you’ll attract shoddy freelancers and spambots, who will bombard potential jobs with low offers.
  • Describe the project, including the skills required and the number of hours required to compete with it. Categorize it precisely. This will prevent you from wasting a lot of valuable time on many irrelevant proposals.

As a freelancer…

  • Don’t price yourself (or offer free work) to attract jobs, even if you’re starting out.
  • Calculate your hourly rate (or price per job) accurately using a rate calculator so that you not only cover your costs but also reflect the talent you bring in.
  • Don’t just compete on price; show potential clients the time and resources you spend on each aspect of a job and the value it provides. This will help build trust and respect, which will go a long way towards getting great deals.
  • Be sure to request a job where the client’s budget is less than its price. Sometimes clients don’t know what a job budget should be but are happy to pay for good talent.

How Much Can You Make with Writers Work? 

How much money can a freelance writer make from Writers Work? Is it a platform that you can use to earn a living?

Writers Work claims writers can earn between $20 and $65 per hour working on the platform. From our Writer Work 2023 review, we saw that it is feasible.

However, there is no guarantee that you will be eligible for the higher paying $100 jobs and you cannot predict the availability of the job when you sign up.

From what we’ve seen of the listings and the process in general, one can make around $20 an hour, assuming a steady stream of client projects, which may or may not happen.

With a lot of work, you could get more done. But the fierce competition for the highest paying items (tied to experience and time spent on the platform) makes it difficult to hit higher numbers.

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In general, incomes are low to medium and largely left to chance, with limited means of building a long-term relationship with a client.

Writers Work Review: Our Experiences

Writing platforms like this (Writers Work) exist, and the quality varies greatly.

Some are worth it. Some basic scams that you should avoid. While some are honest, they work hard for a relatively small reward.

So where does Writers Work stand regarding quality, ease of use, and the value of money?

When it comes to Writers Work, it’s important to focus on your experience, not what on social media reports.

So, we signed up and rummaged through the system to learn more about the platform and rate the experience.

There are some red flags regarding the Writers Work approach, but also a couple of things we liked about the platform.

Let’s show you everything we’ve learnt about Writers Work.

Signing Up

The Writers Work sign-up process is straightforward, requiring only the basics, including your credit card details.

Once you’ve paid for your subscription, you’ll get immediate access and are guided through the initial setup of your profile to get started.

The Dashboard

WritersWork Dashboard gives you access to all the different functions; it is nicely styled and well organized.

A tour feature starts automatically and helps you understand what each part of the panel does. There are also short introductory videos.

The Job Search Experience

To do money writing, you have to find jobs you can and apply successfully.

As such, the jobs listed in Writers Work are possibly the most important.

The good news is that there are a few, and you can search for specific keywords or use several search filters.

The filter is useful for novice writers by allowing them to search for “beginner-friendly” jobs.

The least good news is that there is nothing exclusive about these jobs.

Applying for Work

When applying for a job, it is essential to note that the procedure depends entirely on the job.

When you find a writing job that interests you, clicking on it will exit the dashboard and see the original job posting.

From there, you need to follow the specific instructions on the job listing. This could mean sending an email message or submitting a request through a different website.

Please note that: Writers Work does not provide the jobs, it is simply a matter of selecting a list of what is available.

If you’d rather look for remote work, and work from home directly with an employer, look at ClickWorker Review here.

Or, if freelance work particularly appeals to make money online, be sure to look at these 15 Best Part-Time Internet Jobs.

What Else Does Writers Work Offer?

Spelling and Grammar Checks

The Writers Work editor includes some useful grammar features. It automatically analyzes your work for readability and gives you a reading level grade and a readability score.

Many clients ask you to stick to a certain reading level, which is helpful. It will also help you get rid of bad habits, such as clichés that make sentences too “wordy.”

Even if you don’t use the editor routinely, nothing stops you from copying text from other applications to improve readability and grammar.

These are useful functions, but it’s worth noting that you can also find them elsewhere in standalone tools like Grammarly and Hemingway.

The Text Editor

If you want, you can use Writers Work to create your written content. There is an online document editor that is quite nice to use. We loved this the first time we saw it.

The functionality of this text editor is not extensive, it only covers basic formatting and image insertion, but it is nice to use.

Once you’ve created documents in the editor, you can export them as PDF or Word files, or publish them directly to WordPress or Medium.

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Portfolios in Writers Work

Another thing Writers Work offers you is a portfolio of your work that you can share with potential clients.

This has evolved since our first review of Writers Work, and now you can do more with style, choose fonts and color schemes.

You can list the services you provide and show past work. You can also link your social media profiles and create an “About” page, with text, video, and multimedia content.

It’s simple but effective and gives you a very easy alternative to creating a personal website to display your writing online.

With that said, there are free portfolio sites like Contently that allow you to do similar things.

Training Materials (Writers.Work University)

In Writers Work, you can access a small collection of training materials called Writers Work University.

Essentially, it is a small online course consisting of three modules and 19 video lessons of a few minutes each.

Writers Work Review: Conclusion

Writers Work offers a lot of money to freelancers who want to make extra cash from their regular job.

The platform has great educational tools and content, especially for beginners and new freelance writers who want to earn money or work from home.

However, the price to join the platform and the job offers did not please our critics, who are nevertheless a more advanced freelance writer. The BBB complaints also raised a red flag for the reviewer and editor.

With new markets like Writers Work expanding and improving their services to allow an easy and efficient connection between clients and freelancers, there has been no better time to find the best interpreters for your projects online.

Writers Work is still a good go for freelancers in 2023.

Writers Work Review FAQs

I’m not a professional writer yet, can I still join?

Absolutely. They welcome writers of ALL skill levels. Our tools and resources, like the University Library, help guide you on your way to a career as a freelance writer. Not to mention, our document editor has built-in grammar and style checking to ensure you always send top-quality work to your clients!

If I choose the “Pay Once” pricing, will I ever have to pay again?

You will never have to pay another cent for your Writers Work membership. This is by far the best deal, and the most popular. Just like the monthly plan, you never pay for updates of any kind to our software. And we are ALWAYS releasing cool new features and updates.

What’s the difference between Writers Work and other platforms?

Most writers must manage many apps, software, and profiles to find jobs, manage projects, store documents, and advance their writing career. Writers Work is the only platform that handles all your needs in one dashboard.

Where do your writing gigs come from?

Writers Work has partnered with some of the leading writing job companies on the web. They’re constantly expanding our database to offer our members the best opportunities.
Also, you will be able to filter only the jobs you want most, and get instantly notified when new jobs come online. Using Writers Work is a huge competitive advantage!

What happens if I’m not happy with the Writers Work app?

While we think they’ve built one of the best tools for freelance writers on the web, we understand that freelance writing may not be for everyone. That’s why they offer a 30-day money-back guarantee. And if you’re ever feeling “stuck”, their rockstar support is available to help immediately!



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