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Felix Lengyel goes by the internet pseudonym XQC. He is a Twitch streamer, Youtuber, Internet personality, and former professional Overwatch player who is French – Canadian. Felix Lengyel is well-known for his role as the main tank for Team Canada in the Overwatch World Cup in 2017, 2018, and 2019. And in this article, we will take a look at XQC Net Worth.

There has been a slew of inquiries about Felix Lengyel. Among these concerns, his financial situation has piqued the interest of the mess community. No one knows for sure but Felix Lengyel, but let’s continue our investigation.

xQc, also known as Felix Lengyel, has a net worth of $9 million. xQc’s actualized net worth isn’t publicly available. This article calculates his net worth using his total Overwatch esports pay, YouTube revenue, Twitch streaming income, and other sources.

Additionally, Felix makes a lot of money from sponsorship arrangements. xQc’s Twitch and YouTube earnings totaled roughly $5-6 million in total. Please take a look at the points below to learn more about his source of income.

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Earnings as a YouTuber:

xQc does have a large following on YouTube, with only 1.46 million subscribers. According to Social Blade, his monthly salaries range from $7.5k to $120.3k. This might result in annual revenues of up to $1.4 million.

This figure isn’t set in stone, and it’s sure to rise as he devotes more time to uploading stuff to YouTube.

Earnings as a professional Overwatch player

When Team Canada finished second in the World Cup in 2017, xQc had the best time of his Overwatch career. He was named MVP, and his team took home roughly $200,000 in prize money. Regarding his other earnings during this period, there isn’t much information accessible.

xQc has worked for several eSports organizations and earns a sizable salary as a Twitch streamer for Luminosity Gaming. He has several sponsorship partnerships, the most notable of which is with G Fuel, which sells various xQc-themed products on the internet.

  • Earnings through Twitch broadcasting

xQc’s surgeon popularity on Twitch has resulted in his streams averaging more than 70,000 viewers regularly. Without fan donations, re-subscription, gifting subscriptions, brand collaborations, and endorsement arrangements, his estimated profits will be around $250-$300k per month.

Since retiring from professional Overwatch, xQc has inked various sponsorship arrangements. This includes contracts with Verizon, G Fuel, and MetaThreads. However, nothing is known about the total amount he earns from each.

xQc accidentally revealed a deal he had signed with Verizon to promote specific items during a live webcast in February 2020. He was set to make roughly $11,000 from the sale, excluding the money he would receive if his viewers bought products using a specific code.

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Other sponsorship arrangements

Despite xQc’s bizarre public persona, little is known about the other sponsorship agreements he has inked. He sponsors G Fuel and MetaThreads, a gaming gear brand, and Verizon product promotion. It’s highly likely that he also makes a lot of money from these deals.

Early Life

On November 12, 1995, xQc was born Felix Lengyel. He was taken to French-Canadian parents in Laval, Quebec. Before enrolling in a CEGEP in Quebec, he attended secondary school in his hometown.

Felix spent three and a half years in a CEGEP, which is equal to a community college in the United States, studying humanities and administration. He dropped out just a few months before graduation to pursue his passion for gaming.

Felix has spoken honestly about his early gaming career troubles with his parents. He added that they were frequently concerned about his failure to follow the customary path. He didn’t have a real career,’ and he hadn’t earned any diploma from college.

Despite conflicts between Felix and his parents in the early days, he tried to reassure them that he was on the right track. Fortunately, by the time he was 21, his bold gamble had paid off.

Felix decided to establish his Twitch channel after graduating from high school. He started with a French-language webcast of League of Legends. However, he discovered a new game following the introduction of Overwatch in 2016, which subsequently helped him become a professional Esports player.


Felix began his career as a man tаnk рlауеr on the Overwatch tеаm Q, but, Dеnаl Esроrt later picked it up, and they disbanded it. Together with the other team members, they formed a team and played under Yikes, which was later changed to 6.

They qualified to play in the earn Zero Overwatch contender but were eliminated in the group stage. The overwatch league franchise Dallas Fuel reported that XQC would be part of their ninth player in 2017.

He played for the team in various matches until a controversy arose about a remake on his twitch stream directed against “Muma. Muma is a rival player of the Huston outlaws, which led to the suspension of XQC for four matches. And also, a fine was paid for violating the Overwatch League Code of Conduct.

Later, at the start of stage two, he returned and led his tеаm to victory over the Los Angeles Glаdаtоr. On the other hand, рlаyed Only for a short time before obtaining another suspension and a fine for using derogatory language in a Twitch emote chat message directed at an Overwatch League caster.

He began to focus on a role other than his professional play and became a full-time streamer for several months before making up his mind and returning to professional sport. And this time, he joined the GOATS, a contender’s NA Trials team. In 2019, he also joined the Gladiators legion, a Los Angeles academy competing in Overwatch Contesters as a substitute main tank.

He was a member of Team Canada in the 2017 World Cup, where they qualified after defeating the Netherlands, paving their way to the finals, where the defending champions, South Korea, beat them. In the 2018 Overwatch World Cup, he was the main tank on the starting roster for Team Canada.

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Awards And Achievement

Felix won the T-mobile MVP award at the Overwatch World Cup Tournament in 2017. He has qualified for numerous games as a substitute or main tank by scoring against various teams. His efforts are not unnoticed.

xQc Expenditures

The total monthly expenditure of xQc is not publicly available. His streams and YouTube videos give the impression that he lives a posh existence. However, we don’t have access to the specifics of his spending.

Real Estates

xQc was born and raised in Canada and currently resides in Texas. He spent his childhood in the Canadian province of Quebec. Regarding his vehicle, xQc drives an Audi A4 B9 model.

Controversies around xQc

Suspension of player accounts– xQc’s history was suspended on Twitch for breaking Blizzard’s terms of service. The second occurred as a result of abuse of the reporting mechanism. He was arrested for 72 hours in this case.

Suspension from the Overwatch League–During his stint, he was suspended from Twitch. One for making homophobic slurs about Austin’s mum, who is gay. Then he was arrested for insulting Overwatch League casters on Twitch with the emoticon “Tri hard. “

Twitch ban–xQc has been banned for three days for streaming a satirically explicit video that includes p0rnography.

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In Conclusion

At the moment, xQc is one of the most popular Twitch streamers. According to Twitch Tracker, he is the third most popular streamer on the platform, and his statistics reflect this. xQc has millions of fans, and given how much he enjoys streaming, there’s no doubt he’ll keep going strong.



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