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Robotics is an interesting tech novation that has recently amassed enthusiasts due to its promises. It’s these promises that have won over a lot of tech enthusiasts in robotics. But for an average tech guy, still new to the robotics ecosystem is usually not sure how to start, therefore, we’d be looking at the best YouTube channels to learn about robotics.

So you might ask, what can robots do for us as human beings? what do we stand to gain from the improvement in robotics? And how far along are we? are the questions that plague robotics enthusiasts, and for a good reason.

Robots have found so many uses across industries, and that is the major driver of people with YouTube channels for robotics, who are keen on displaying what is on offer and what future projections should look like.

The advantages of watching videos on YouTube for robots vary based on a person’s interest in robotics and technology. Thus there is no one-size-fits-all response to this subject. Some individuals might find the material in these videos useful and enlightening, while others might not.

However, most individuals appear to agree on the potential advantages of seeing videos on youtube channels for robotics. Scientists studying robotics, for example, conclude that seeing videos on YouTube for robots might help students grasp how robots function and how they can be employed. Furthermore, students who watch these videos frequently report that they learn far more from them than they would from traditional literature. (Xanax)

This article explores the best YouTube channels for robotics. The benefits of each of the YouTube channels, as well as links to them, will be given in this article.

10 best youtube channels for robotics

Here are the top 10 best YouTube channels for robotics and how they can benefit the viewer in more ways than just entertainment. Beyond just the entertainment of watching one of these videos, there’s more to gain.

These YouTube channels for robotics employ a mix of educational content with either comedy or a bit of sass to convey their message. It is what makes the content relatable and easy to understand.

If you are keen on starting your own channel, here’s how to become a YouTuber quite easily, with the requirements.

#1 – Naomi ‘SexyCyborg’ Wu (1.58M subscribers, 281M views)

Many people refer to Wu as a “maker.” Makers are technological tinkerers in the widest sense: individuals preoccupied with hardware, tools, and collective knowledge and who take pleasure in their DIY attitude. Wu fits this description quite well.

Wu’s channel features her assessments of the latest electronic products in Shenzhen and her odd 3D-printing ideas, such as robots, an LED-lit miniskirt, and a little computer hidden in a make-up pallet.

When she’s out and about, she prefers to take a more open approach by using 360-degree movies. That’s what makes her channel one of the best YouTube channels for robotics.

But it’s all because of the popularity of the English-language YouTube videos for robotics the 29-year-old makes for her over 1.2 million YouTube followers. Naomi Wu makes gadget reviews, DIY projects, or 360-degree immersive footage of her life in Shenzhen, China’s southern Guangdong province bordering Hong Kong.

She creates things—a vodka-pouring Barbot, a beauty kit that also functions as a Linux-based hacking device, 3D-printed wearables—and thousands of people watch her do it weekly.

Wu’s YouTube channel, “Naomi ‘SexyCyborg’ Wu” had more than 28 million views in less than two years. The channel is currently at 281 million views and counting. Her films are upbeat and informative, with step-by-step lessons, product evaluations, and glimpses of life in Shenzhen.

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#2 – AwesomeTech (241K subscribers, 27M views)

The AwesomeTech channel is one of the best YouTube channels for technology and robotics. The channel explores how to build or modify electrical and robotic parts.

Even though there are many different explanations for why humans like and even adore robots, one fundamental truth will never change: robots are very beneficial.

Robots provide a wide range of advantages, particularly in the context of the industrial sector, including increased accuracy, velocity, and effectiveness. They are also more cost-effective than human labor, which further contributes to their favorability as a choice.

The Awesome Tech Youtube channel was created on the 8th of November, 2017, with 241K subscribers and 35 million views.

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#3 – PRO ROBOTS (229K subscribers, 27.8M views)

One of the biggest YouTube channels for robotics on the whole internet is the PRO Robots Channel. Its entire focus is on robots and demonstrating their usefulness.

This channel discusses cutting-edge future technologies from the fields of robotics, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), artificial intelligence (AI), and virtual reality (VR), in addition to news, reviews, top accomplishments, and disclosures.

Where can individuals get training for future jobs, and how can they do it? When are we going to start living in virtual reality? When will we become cyborgs?

On the PRO Robots channel, you’ll find the answers to all of your questions. If you register, you will be the first to find out about anything new. You have the power to influence the future is what they believe in.

The channel currently has millions of views with 229k subscribers and growth for channels like this is imminent.

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#4 – TerkRecoms – Tech TV (98.7K subscribers, 34M views)

This channel focuses on science, technology, music, and movies that talk about advancing technology, of which robots are part. The platform studies robots of different forms, how they operate, and how they benefit people.

Exoskeletons, such as the Guardian XO, are the world’s first industrial robotic exoskeleton powered by a battery. It combines human intelligence with the precision of machines to provide the operator with additional strength, increasing productivity while simultaneously lowering the risk of injury.

Additionally, it includes videos of the Furion Prosthesis, including an exoskeleton that is 4.6 meters tall and has a maximum speed of 32 kilometers per hour. Its purpose is to augment the human wearer’s capabilities in terms of human strength, agility, and endurance.

A passive tool holding exoskeleton with an over-the-shoulder power winch capable of supporting enormous weights is called an ExoHeaver. It does this by transferring the weight of the load down through the stiff frame onto the earth below.

With subscribers at 98.7k and views at 33 million, it is about one of the biggest YouTube channels on robotics out there.

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#5 – MERT Arduino & Tech (156K subscribers, 18.3M views)

This channel, one of the biggest out there, features DIY videos of how to make your own robots, how to reconfigure yours, and some other details.

Tutorials show how to create a robotic hand and how to operate it wirelessly using one of its tutorials. One of the videos demonstrates exactly how to operate five servo motors by using five separate flex sensors.

In one of the films, the video maker demonstrated how to operate a robotic hand by using the nRF24L01 radio frequency. The video demonstrates making a “robotic hand” with little expense. This shows that if you upgrade your flex sensors and servo motors, your results should significantly improve.

Another video demonstrates how to quickly link a smartphone to certain varieties of robots via Bluetooth, and then use the smartphone’s gamepad function to maneuver the robot in whatever direction you like.

Naturally, unique Mecanum wheels were the best option for allowing the robot to travel in all directions. A straightforward robot car chassis kit equipped with four DC motors is where all of the hardware is installed.

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#6 – Afrotechmods (767K subscribers, 89M views)

This channel showcases the electronics that power robots. It starts from capacitors to sensors. With 767K subscribers, the channel is popular with electronics freaks who want to know more. It’s one of the biggest YouTube channels for robotics on the internet.

Do electrical components provide electricity to robots, and if so, how? This is an issue that has been preoccupying the thoughts of people for several years. We know now that the development of robotics does, in fact, involve the use of current technology in some capacity.

Computers and other electronic devices not only play a significant part in assisting with the control of robotic movement, but they also make it possible for us to develop more complex robots with an expanded range of capabilities.

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#7 – Arduino Projects & Robotics Tutorials – RootSaid (43.8K subscribers, 2.8M views)

Are you curious about learning more about robotics but unsure how to start? If that’s the case, read on. Get started with this fantastic selection of Robotics Tutorials, ranging from beginner level up to advanced level, that is here for you to use.

Their purpose is to make learning Arduino and Robotics as easy as possible, to assist young innovators and individuals with a self-directed learning approach.

You are welcome to experiment with any of the many Arduino-based robotics and do-it-yourself project tutorials that we make available to you at no cost. This consists of circuit diagrams, PCB Layout/Files, and Video Tutorials.

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#8 – Robotix with Sina (34.7K subscribers, 1.6M views)

The decision to get a degree in robotics software engineering should be seriously considered for various reasons. Robotix with Sina tries to explain all about this with his channel, which is all about robots.

To begin, a degree in robotic software engineering offers a complete and in-depth grasp of the fundamental mechanics of software design, development, and testing. With this expertise, you can create and manage complex software systems.

Second, earning a degree in robotic software engineering equips graduates with the skill set necessary to plan, create, and test complicated software programs.

Last but not least, degrees in robotic software engineering are in great demand, and as a result, those who possess such degrees often have a wide variety of career options open to them.

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#9 – Let’sTalkWithRobots (5.72K subscribers, 280K views)

Robots are taught via a process of trial and error. They gain knowledge of the world around them by studying it and experimenting with various behaviors until they discover the one that is successful for them.

Robots may also learn how to interact with their surroundings by interacting with other robots or humans. This can help them better understand the world around them. Using this method, they can acquire the knowledge necessary to construct or repair things.

For instance, we may learn about mechanical design, electrical circuitry, and programming with the help of robots. They also have the potential to instruct us on the importance of working together.

Robots are an essential piece of technology that has the potential to educate us about ourselves and the world around us. They allow us to learn about physics, electronics, and programming via their usage. They also have the potential to instruct us on the importance of working together.

This channel explores robotics engineering and how robotics has benefited people. It also explores the possibility of creating robots for assistance and for fun.

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#10 – Smart Robot Reviews (11.4K subscribers, 6M views)

The channel was created to evaluate intelligent robot vacuum cleaners. The mission is to educate you on the capabilities of various robots, such as their level of performance and their cleaning capacity so that you can make an informed choice about which machine is ideal for your needs.

While some Lidar-based robots may be rougher on your furniture than others, others may be able to clean your home more quickly. Although the suction on certain robots is better than others, the same robots are not as effective at cleaning carpets. Our testing aims to demonstrate the robot’s capabilities under simulated and actual world settings.

The best way to understand the difference is to look at several robots side by side, which is exactly what they do.

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What is the future of robotics?

Contrary to popular opinion, we will not become robots. Robots will improve at doing some of the things we do now, and they will be made to help us improve.
The future of robotics improves machines of all types, from the simplest toy robots to the most complex robots used in military operations.

What is robotics?

The field of robotics includes a wide variety of real-world applications, including but not limited to production, inspection, control, and navigation. It is an important piece of technology that is used in a wide variety of industries, including industrial automation, medical, construction, search and rescue, quality control, and many other areas.
Even if the subject matter of these top YouTube channels for robotics is exclusively robotics, the purpose behind them is to further the development of the human race.


Popular robot videos on any of the YouTube channels for robotics vary greatly in terms of length and topic coverage. Science, engineering, and programming are some of the most popular robot video genres.

These sorts of videos are frequently quite instructive and can assist learners in achieving their goals more quickly. Furthermore, they are frequently interesting, which might help individuals persist with them.



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