10 Best Youtube Channels For Computer Science Students

The availability of free, high-quality, and educational films on platforms like YouTube is an obvious complement to current learning environments. Educators, students, and parents all agree that web videos may be useful to teach and learn.

One of the nicest things about YouTube videos is that they are simple to incorporate into several educational systems, particularly online education.

Computer Science students usually have a lot to cover and might need to study outside normal classes. The utilization of YouTube channels for computer science students can be beneficial for teachers and enjoyable for students.

Though the precise channels may be difficult to find, this article will help you narrow your search range.

Best YouTube Channels For Computer Science Students.

There are various YouTube channels for computer science students. Apart from enjoyment, you can learn a lot about Computer Science through this massive video-sharing platform.

To do so, you’ll need to subscribe to the YouTube channels for computer science students.

#1. The NewBoston 

The NewBoston is a comprehensive YouTube channel appropriate for any computer science student. It offers tens of thousands of movies covering practically every aspect of computer science and technology.

This channel will educate you on becoming a programmer if you desire to be one. It includes tutorials for different programming languages, whether you want to be a web developer or an app developer.

About the host: 

Bucky Roberts is a well-known YouTuber who runs the ‘TheNewBoston’ channel.

Roberts was born in the United States on the 6th of December, 1988. He is a programmer who has gained popularity as a result of his instructive lesson films.

On February 4, 2008, Bucky Roberts established his YouTube channel. As a college student, he began making videos on YouTube.

He offers free tutorials on computer programming, java programming, Python, game development, coding, web design, and other topics. Roberts also offers tutorials on how to create coding and video games.

Bucky Roberts, the YouTuber, does an excellent job delivering his tutorials. They are both fascinating and simple to comprehend.

Any computer science enthusiast will understand what he teaches, regardless of their prior knowledge. It is one of the best YouTube channels for computer science students just starting with programming.

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#2. Derek Banas 

If you’re looking for the best YouTube channel for computer science students, go no further than Derek Banas. The channel contains some excellent stuff that will enrich your life as a tech geek.

This channel emphasizes the need for quick learning. It aids pupils in properly grasping an idea in a short period. It’s also a YouTube channel that covers a wide range of computer science topics.

Web development, game development, mobile app development, AI, and database programming are just a few of the topics covered.

About the host:

Derek first became interested in computers in 1984. He obtained a TRS-80 from a neighbor who was tossing it out.

He went on to Penn State to study electrical engineering. It would interest you to know, that he worked as a systems administrator when he was there.

A representative from Apple at the time offered Derek a job. Derek worked on Quicktime and VR-related technology at Apple.

He worked in the banking industry after leaving Apple until the financial crisis of 2007. Derek launched his own business after seeing how many people were jobless. There were three key focuses for that company.

He offered $30 all-day workshops in which he taught IT skills people could use to get work. Banas also assisted small company owners in the development of internet storefronts.

Derek didn’t want any money upfront, preferring to make money only if those web stores produced money.

The world’s online education was the third focus. In 2008, Derek launched a YouTube channel and has since produced over 1,000 videos with over 92 million views. Every programming language has at least three of its videos.

Derek is a lifelong learner who loves to share his knowledge with others. He has 26 years of professional experience in the field of technology. For more than ten years, he has been producing instructive videos. 

His mission is to use low-cost education to enable others throughout the world to realize their ambitions.

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#3. Computerphile  

Brady Haran, a well-known YouTuber, owns several YouTube channels, including Computerphile. He’s also known for his math, physics, and astronomy-related channels.

Haran devotes himself to providing important computer science content to his audience on this channel.

Blockchain technology, game development, code testing, and mobile app development are just a few subjects on this channel. Computerphile also features fun films on technology and computer science.

About the host:

Brady John Haran OAM is an Australian-British independent filmmaker and video journalist who makes educational videos for his YouTube channels.

The most well-known of which are Periodic Videos and Numberphile. Together with fellow educational YouTuber CGP Grey, Haran co-hosts the Hello Internet podcast. 

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#4. Paolo from Tokyo 

Paolo is a content provider for this channel and a computer engineer. He focuses on the various software forms that are useful worldwide.

He’s well-known for his straightforward web-building instruction and straightforward hand-on coding for frontend and backend web development. 

One of the YouTube channels for computer science students to learn web programming is through this channel.

About the host:

Paolo’s channel in TOKYO receives 9.21 million monthly views and 307.03 thousand daily views.

For every 1,000 video views, monetized YouTube channels earn money by displaying video advertising. YouTubers can make anywhere from $3 to $7 per thousand views on their videos.

Based on this information, we estimate that the Paolo fromTOKYO YouTube channel earns $36.84 thousand in monthly ad revenue and $552.65 thousand per year.

However, $552.65 thousand a year may be an underestimate. Paolo from TOKYO could earn as much as $994.76 thousand per year if he works hard enough.

#5. Tom Scott 

Tom Scott is a well-known computer engineer and YouTuber. In his channel, he sells a variety of goods and software. He also works on a variety of hardware-related issues. 

His channel is one of the best YouTube channels for computer science students interested in learning how to code. In the computer science age, he posts upgrades when they drop.

About the host:

Thomas Scott is a web developer, instructor, and YouTuber from England. He’s known for creating educational films for his self-titled YouTube channel, which focuses on history, geography, science, technology, and languages. Scott’s public videos have 1.2 billion views and 5 million subscribers as of May 2022.

#6. MIT OpenCourseWare 

The name is not a misnomer. Massachusetts Institute of Technology is the owner of the YouTube channel. In the field of computer science, the institute is famous for developing some of the most innovative technology. 

The MIT OpenCourseWare channel is exclusively educational, with films important to computer science students.

Computer science and programming have their playlist on the channel. Some films will teach you how to be a better coder in addition to the step-by-step training.

#7. Treehouse 

Treehouse is an online technology school that offers courses in web design, web development, mobile development, and game development. 

There are classes for people who are new to coding and want to get a job in the computer business. Videos, interactive quizzes, and coding challenges are all part of the Treehouse learning program. 

Treehouse Tracks are self-guided curricula made up of courses that cover a wide range of topics. 

Teams Treehouse is a technological training platform for enterprises, organizations, schools, and community groups. Simple and LivingSocial, for example, used Treehouse to hire new employees in 2011 based on their Treehouse growth and achievements.

Treehouse is unquestionably one of the top YouTube channels for computer science students. It has made an effort to become the greatest online coding school. There are tutorials on numerous programming languages on the channel.

Lessons on this channel are well-organized and at the end of each tutorial, you will need to answer questions. Aside from programming, the channel contains a plethora of videos that will provide you with useful advice and motivation.

#8. Intellipaat 

This is one of the better YouTube channels for computer science students for software and hardware updates. 

This channel features information about hardware and new releases. Coding is also provided according to the channel’s hardware description. 

Computer engineers will benefit the most from this channel.

Intellipaat is a company that only provides online classes. Food Handler Certification, Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission (TABC) Certified, and ServSafe Certification are three qualifications offered by this school.

Depending on the qualification, the time it takes to finish this education program ranges from 1 hour to 2 months. 

The cost of attending Intellipaat varies based on the qualification, ranging from $10 to $1,000, with a $30 median cost. “I paid for it myself,” most reviewers said when questioned about how they paid for their instruction.

#9. Google Developers 

Google has some control over how different platforms operate. As a computer science student, you must keep up with any information that this company releases.

Google owns this channel, and its materials are mainly for developers. It will teach you how to create apps for a variety of platforms, including Android and even Google Chrome.

You will receive frequent updates from Google regarding certain of its products after you subscribe to the channel.

Google Developers (formerly Google Code) is Google’s portal for software development tools, platforms, APIs, and technical information. The site includes documentation on how to use Google’s developer tools and APIs, as well as discussion forums.

APIs are available for practically all of Google’s main consumer products, such as Google Maps, YouTube, and Google Apps.

Developer-focused goods and tools are also available on the site. App Engine by Google is a web app hosting service. Users can keep track of open source code with Project Hosting.

Google Web Toolkit (GWT) is a Java programming language that allows developers to create Ajax apps. (This applies to any language).

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#10. Crash Course 

One of the greatest YouTube channels for computer science students is A Crash Course.

This channel offers highly interactive and up-to-date knowledge about coding and hardware. The channel effectively describes hardware component ratings and upgrades. 

For the benefit of pupils, the coding has been simplified with appealing pictures that they can readily understand. This is the most useful channel for all students, hardware, and software developers.

Crash Course is a YouTube channel for computer science students founded by John and Hank Green.

YouTube’s $100 million original channel program financed Crash Course as one of the first hundred channels. The channel began with a sneak peek on December 2, 2011, and as of March 2022, it had over 13 million subscribers. 

Crash Course began with John and Hank giving their World History and Biology programs, respectively. Hank announced a collaboration with PBS Digital Studios in November 2014, which will allow the channel to develop new courses. 

As a result, several new hosts became part of the show, bringing the total number of concurrent series to three.

Crash Course has produced 44 major series to date, with John hosting nine and Hank hosting seven. They also co-hosted Big History, alongside Emily Graslie. Sabrina Cruz hosts a second channel called Crash Course Kids, which just finished its inaugural series, Science. 

Yasser Abumuailek hosts the first foreign-language course, which is an Arabic adaptation of the original World History series.

Recess, a new series of animated episodes on the main channel, focuses on topics from the previous Crash Course series. Study Hall, a partnership with Arizona State University that provides less structured learning in its themes, launched in 2020.

Frequently Asked Questions

What courses do computer science students offer

These are the courses computer science students offer:
Algorithm courses
Hardware courses
Programming courses

What are the best universities for a computer science student to attend in the U.S?

Here are the best universities for computer students:
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Georgia Institute of Technology
California Institute of Technology

How can I improve my computer science skills?

You can improve your computer science skills through:
Utilize books and the internet
Be a part of the computer science society
Get a formal education in computer science


On platforms like YouTube, access to free, high-quality, educational films is a logical supplement to present learning environments. According to educators, students, and parents, web videos are useful to teach and learn.

The best thing about YouTube videos is that they’re easy to integrate into a variety of educational systems, especially online education. Videos enable kids to study and comprehend difficult concepts and subjects pleasantly and engagingly. 

Teachers will benefit from the use of YouTube videos in the classroom, and students will appreciate it. 



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