15 Online Jobs for Bachelor’s Degree Holders That Pay Well | 2023

Data shows that more than 77% of 2017 bachelor’s degree recipients found jobs without much difficulty before the season concluded. The exact figures apply to those with master’s degrees, showing that a bachelor’s degree may pave the path to success in locating the ideal employment. This article explores the best online jobs for bachelor’s degree holders that pay well.

Working from your home office, in your comfort zone, can be very appealing. Online careers are on the rise every day, with increasing numbers of workers requesting some form of work-from-home arrangement. 

Consequently, online jobs, or employment that does not require in-person work, have become more available alongside technology improvements like video-conferencing tools and instant messaging apps.

Although many online jobs do not require a degree, having a degree is very important if you want to climb to the highest-paying professions online. Compared to high school graduates, those who have bachelor’s degrees earn greater earnings and enjoy lower unemployment rates.

Can You Get a Good Remote Job With a Bachelor’s Degree?

Yes, you can get excellent and lucrative work from jobs with a bachelor’s degree. Even more, bachelor’s degree holders stand a better chance of gaining employment faster (online and otherwise) and earning higher than individuals who possess lesser degrees or none and have just the skills required for specific jobs.

One of the most popular four-year degrees you may obtain is a bachelor’s degree. Bachelor’s degrees come in various forms, and you may get one in practically any field.

One of the most popular degrees, a bachelor’s degree, is frequently required by companies for entry-level positions, whether online or onsite.

Gaining a bachelor’s degree can increase your employment possibilities, increase your lifetime earnings, and broaden your technical skills in aspects that may improve your career development. This is regardless of whether you seek a remote or onsite job opportunity.

More than just a piece of paper or a line on your resume, a bachelor’s degree has several benefits. It’s a substantial investment in your personal growth and education that might have several advantages.

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Should You Get a Bachelor’s Degree?

You should indeed get a bachelor’s degree. A bachelor’s degree will significantly advance your career, even though it may appear like a significant commitment. Even a lot of entry-level positions demand a bachelor’s degree.

Even if you don’t need a bachelor’s degree for your desired profession, getting one is still a brilliant idea because it will probably increase your beginning salary.

A bachelor’s degree is obtained in four years. Throughout those four years, you acquire a thorough education in history, arithmetic, and science. In the major you select, you also learn technical skills and information. The ideal location to begin your career as a remote or onsite worker is with an undergraduate degree.

How Long Does it Take to Earn a Bachelor’s Degree?

The average length of a bachelor’s degree program is four years. But several things influence this. For instance, you can get college credit and avoid some courses if you pass Advanced Placement (AP) coursework in high school.

You can participate in accelerated programs that last three years, based on your specialization and the university. These degrees are more intense than regular degrees, however. You can enroll in classes part-time if you desire a more flexible schedule.

Online Jobs For Bachelor’s Degree Holders in 2023

Many people find online degree programs interesting because of the freedom they offer. You can likely work a job and go to school to follow a specific professional path.

While some online courses are self-paced, others could be more structured. However, job hunting has always been challenging; therefore, we’ve simplified it. This article will cover 15 online jobs for bachelor’s degree holders that pay well in 2023.

  1. Translator
  2. Human Resources Specialist
  3. Actuary
  4. Ux Writer (Content Designer)
  5. Graphic Designer
  6. Web Designer
  7. Financial Expert
  8. Social Media Coordinator
  9. Civil Engineering
  10. Software Developer
  11. Market Research Analysts
  12. Mechanical Engineer
  13. Information Security Analyst
  14. Network Engineer
  15. Public Relations and Fundraising Manager

1. Translator 

Given the growing nature of organizations and globalization, translators must operate in various fields and transfer knowledge and concepts across other languages. This position is one of the best online jobs for bachelor’s degree holders.

As a result, they frequently need majors in Arabic, Chinese, Spanish, and German. It is among the top common careers, with a job outlook of 24% and a typical yearly income of almost $52,330.

2. Human Resources Specialist 

Experts in the HR department frequently need to comprehend facets of human behaviors and efficient interaction. Human resource professionals typically find talent, orient and place recruits in their positions, or manage pay scales.

Since they work with people, these positions usually need concentrations in communicative studies, sociology, psychology, and human resources management. Finally, it has a job outlook of approximately 10% and a typical yearly pay of roughly $63,490.

3. Actuary 

Actuaries often work for insurance firms using their statistics, maths, and finance expertise to analyze potential and advise companies on reducing it.

They must be very proficient in arithmetic and have a thorough grasp of business, which is why, Actuarial science, mathematics, and statistics majors are what they usually require.

The median yearly wage for this position is around $111,030, according to the nature of the work, making it one of the best online jobs for bachelor’s degree holders.

4. Ux Writer (Content Designer) 

Companies need a web presence and an app to connect with customers and stay competitive. 

They typically need to be strong researchers and writers with some design knowledge. Typical majors include English, communication studies, UX Research, and Wireframe skills. The average annual salary is $61,392.

5. Graphic Designer 

Basically, graphic designers create graphics for advertising, branding, and goods for printed and digital media, such as logos, pictures, or interfaces.

Graphic design, coding, marketing, fine arts, art history, and creative studies are typical degrees of a graphic designer. Imagination and technical design abilities are needed to increase the median yearly wage to $53,380.

6. Web Designer

When producing captivating websites, web designers balance creativity and technological expertise. They can work in various businesses and often need to understand fundamental design ideas in addition to a programming language like Python.

Common majors include computer science, programming, and web design and development. With an average yearly compensation of $77,200, web design is among the highest-paying professions, making it one of the best online jobs for bachelor’s degree holders.

7. Financial Expert

Financial analysts are employed to examine data expertly and to assist businesses with their investment choices. They help clients gain insights regarding expenses, profitability, and other topics.

They frequently look at a company’s financial data in the context of business news and market trends. Also, they provide detailed documents and assist with budgeting.

As a result, degrees in standard fields like business, finance, statistics, and economics are necessary. And lastly, it makes an estimated $83,660 in yearly median pay.

8. Social Media Coordinator

Social media assists businesses in bringing in new clients, increasing brand engagement, and showcasing new goods and services.

Beyond the basic needs of the position, such as monitoring interaction and tracking data, they generally need to be creative. A social media manager is likelier to have a degree in marketing, communications, English, or journalism.

9. Civil Engineering

The phrase “civil engineer” can include a wide range of disciplines; thus, many recent civil engineering graduates focus on a particular branch of the profession that interests them, such as stormwater management or transportation.

Common majors for civil engineers include environmental engineering, construction engineering, and civil engineering.

The average yearly wage is $88,570, and the employment forecast is 8%, making it one of the best online jobs for bachelor’s degree holders.

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10. Software Developer 

Software developers use computer programming expertise to create new applications and update old ones.

The applications users use daily on their computers and smartphone devices were designed and built by these engineers in the background. To write code,

create an effective and significant service, software engineers must be knowledgeable about a programming language and comprehend what consumers want from a particular piece of software. 

Software engineers are in high demand since almost every organization employs technology, and their median annual compensation of $110,140 places them among the highest-paying professions.

Common majors include computer science, information technology, and software engineering (IT).

11. Market Research Analysts

Market research analysts invest time in comprehending the trade, rivals, and other factors that will assist a firm’s services to flourish when it has a product or service it wants to introduce.

Since they research and offer helpful information regarding rivals, clients, and new industries, they are essential to a firm’s business model. To better know what clients want, what competitors offer, and where a brand-new service or product could suit. 

Market research analysts also create new methods for gathering data. Traditional degrees like marketing, communications, business, psychology, and sociology are necessary for this field.

An excellent career alternative is a position as a market research analyst, which pays around $65,810 per year and has a 22% job outlook.

12. Mechanical Engineer

Engineers that specialize in mechanical design do research, create prototypes, and manufacturing machinery and equipment. They frequently have to develop and test their ideas to guarantee optimal operation.

Like civil engineers, “mechanical engineers” is a broad phrase that may be used to refer to employment in various areas, including robotics, healthcare, energy, and the military.

A bachelor’s degree is required for a mechanical engineering career, and the median annual pay for this career path is around $90,160.

13. Information Security Analyst

With the vast amount of personal information being traded across network systems, information security analysts play a vital role in ensuring that a company’s data and its customers remain safe from bad actors.

Typical majors include Information technology (IT), computer science, and engineering. With a Median annual salary of $103,590 and a job outlook of about 33%, an Information security analyst is said to be the best career path to take.

14. Network Engineer

Network engineers work closely with the network to develop, construct, and oversee a business’s software network’s operations. These engineers can use their expertise in various companies because of how standard network systems are.

Also, network engineers remain informed regarding new projects or technologies in case they could be helpful to buy and deploy. They also create short- and long-term system planning, diagnose issues, and monitor all network-related costs.

Computer science, engineering, and information technology (IT) are the most common majors. The typical yearly wage is $84,810, with a 5% job outlook. 

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15. Public Relations and Fundraising Manager 

Outstanding analytical and problem-solving abilities are prerequisites for the position of Public Relations and Fundraising Manager. In this line of work, it is essential to have the following skills: creativity, flawless writing, and knowledge of current, efficient advertising platforms.

The intended audience must be won over if an institution is to project and keep up an optimistic public image.

Public relations and fundraising managers specialize in this kind of work. The average annual pay is usually around $127,690.

FAQs – Online Jobs for Bachelor’s Degree Holders

What online jobs can you get with a bachelor’s degree?

Human Resources Specialist
Ux Writer (Content Designer)
Graphic Designer
Web Designer
Financial Expert
Social Media Coordinator
Civil Engineering
Software Developer
Market Research Analysts
Mechanical Engineer
Information Security Analyst
Network Engineer
Public Relations and Fundraising Manager

What cities are hiring for Work From Home Bachelors Degree jobs?

New York City
 El Paso

Is a bachelor’s degree worth anything anymore?

Having a bachelor’s degree also makes you more likely to be considered by potential employers for career advancement opportunities. If you intend to pursue graduate studies in the future, an undergraduate degree is also a clear requirement for obtaining a master’s or Ph.D.

Does having a bachelor’s degree increase your salary?

Workers with college degrees receive a significant wage premium. Annual median wages for those with a bachelor’s degree are $36,000, 84 percent more than those with only a high school certificate make. The wage disparity between people with more education and people with limited education is getting wider.


Online employment possibilities are accessible in a wide range of sectors for people with different degrees of training, expertise, and experience.

Jobs in computing, proposal writing, teaching, and graphic design are some of the most well-liked online career categories.

Some people use their internet jobs as a side business to work several jobs, which helps them save money for their next trip more quickly.

Although many online employment options do not require a bachelor’s degree, having one is crucial in enhancing your résumé and developing a portfolio to move to the top-paid online positions, particularly in web development or graphic design.


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