How to Answer “Walk Me Through Your Resume” During an Interview 2023

Getting ready for an interview can be quite tiring, especially if it is your first official interview. One of the most common questions you hear at the beginning of an interview is; ‘walk me through your resume.’

You must understand the true meaning behind the walk me through your resume, how to summarize your professional life, and know exactly what you should avoid during an interview.

At any point during your job interview, your interviewer might begin the conversation with an introductory question, like ‘tell me something about yourself’ or ‘can you walk us through your interview’, some of these questions are asked because the interviewer wants to know more about his/her likely future employee.

“Tell me about yourself” is like a brief career summary that explains why the best fit for the job, but a “Walk me through your resume”, is more like a well-detailed summary that gives well-structured narratives about your qualifications and your professional life.

What is an Interview?

Interviews are well-structured face-to-face or virtual meetings between two or more people, where the interviewer asks questions, and the applicant gives answers.

When the interviewer asks the interviewee to walk them through their resume, they are simply asking for a summary of their resume; the applicant doesn’t need to explain everything on their resume, just provide relevant answers.

Except if you’re asked to provide complete details, you can give point-by-point specifics about your resume.

Most interviewers prefer when an applicant provides brief but comprehensive details about your resume. You can consider giving details like your accomplishments, qualifications, career goals, skills, experience, and other information. You’ll make a vivid impression when equipped with unique communication skills.

Similar to ‘tell me something about you,’ the “walk me through your resume is not limited to your names alone; it also covers almost everything on your application. Emphasis more on the essential parts of your resume and talk more about your strength and the skills you gain from your previous job experiences that apply to the current position you are interviewing for.

You can answer a ‘walk me through your resume’ easily with this overview on How to answer “walk me through your resume” during an interview.

Why do Interviewers say, “Walk Me Through Your Resume”?

Generally, a one-page document can’t elaborate on your whole professional story. Knowing why employers ask you to walk them through your resume will help you know what to reply with.  

Interviewers ask applicants to walk them through their resumes, so they can know more about you than what your resume implies. Some applicants are not honest with their resumes. Still, when they defend themselves by summarizing themselves to the interviewer with good communication skills, they get the job simply by performing well in the interview section.

Employers will ask you to walk them through your resume to get a view of how you see your qualifications and career and also whether you’re focused, organized, and prepared for the interview.

Walking your interviewer through your resume will enable you to link everything together to form a reasonable narrative about your skills, experience, qualifications, and achievements.

Although you are offered to speak more about everything related to your professional life, and in this case, try filtering some information irrelevant to the new job position you’re aspiring for.

And when your experience isn’t relevant to the position you’re interviewing for, an opportunity like “Walk me through your resume” can get them a summary of your qualifications directly from you without relying totally on your resume.

When the “Walk me through your resume” question is directed to the applicant, the interviewer expects a summary explaining all your qualifications that apply to the new job.

This face-to-face interview with the job interviewer is not only beneficial to the employer but to you also, because, during the interview, you can also ask a question that will help you know the company/firm better, know what your job description is, and also to find out if the job is the right pick for you, and how well you will do in the position.

By preparing for interview questions, you have a good chance of getting the job you applied for, which requires your absolute attention.

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How To Answer “Walk Me Through Your Resume” During An Interview

Job interviews can be quite scary from a distance, especially when one isn’t certain of the questions that will be asked. But with “walk me through your resume” during an interview, an applicant can start by briefly introducing you and giving details on your full name, the school you graduated from, and the type of degree you gain.

Making the summary brief will create an excellent start for the next questions. If the interviewer eventually wants more details on your self-introduction, you can start again by providing well-structured details.

Although there is no need to spend much time on your introduction, as it is just a starting point, and irrelevant details and stories that don’t add up should not be included in your answers.

Immediately after your introduction, continue with your career and where you’ve worked and briefly explain why you’ll be a good fit for the new job; by providing details related to the job, your chances of getting the job are high.

Regardless of your relationship with the interviewer, avoid getting too familiar with the interviewer as this will help you keep focus, and note that your professional achievements are crucial when giving details of your resume, and also discuss a few of your soft and hard skills, that apply to the role.

 What Should I Include When Answering “Walk Me Through Your Resume” in an Interview?

When answering a “walk me through your resume” question, you should know that your interviewer wants you to give an extensive overview of your resume while allowing you to add a few details that are not included in your resume.

You need to be concise and keep your details relevant; your response shouldn’t last more than a few minutes.

Here are a few things you should include when answering a “walk me through your resume” question:

#1. Give Relevant Self Introduction.

Introductions are important in every interview. First, you must wear your confidence armor and appear smart without letting anxiety get the best of you.

You can start by mentioning your name and the state or region you currently live in, and avoid dwelling on this part for long, make your introduction brief, interesting and intelligent without boring the interviewer(s).

#2. Summarize Your Educational Background

Once you’ve given a concise introduction, move towards discussing your educational background; give details on the name of the institution(s), what you majored in, and a few of your relevant projects related to the role you’re applying for.

You don’t have to give details of your childhood education or what your dreams are, and you don’t have to give details on every class you took while in school as this might give the interviewer the wrong impression about you.

#3. Discuss Work History

Experience is important in every job interview. When you are walking your interviewer through your resume, you don’t have to give every detail about your job history, keep the details brief and share only relevant information that can be linked to the new role you’re applying for.

Giving answers on your job history is an avenue for you to share your career story and display the value you’ll bring to the company, understand the skills and experiences you’ll bring to the company if you are given the job, and make sure you express your excitement whenever you are talking about being a part of the company.

Do your homework on the company ahead of the interview and understand how the company works you can contact a past or present employee of the company to explain more to you.

When you’re asked why you are leaving your previous place of work, don’t speak negatively about the company and properly explain how you started your career, your accompaniments that prove you have the ideal skills for the new position, and why you want to work with them.

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#4. Your Accomplishments

Consider providing relevant information that is not listed on your resume, especially your achievements and your skills, and this will be a way of telling your interviewer that you’ll be the perfect fit for the new role.

Only mention accomplishments that are related to the job, don’t get carried away by making them too lengthy, summarize the important accomplishments that show how qualified you are to do the job.

If you have little experience or you’re just out of school, you can elaborate more about your skills.

#5. Briefly Explain Why You Want To Work At The Company

Ahead of your interview, research the company you’re applying to, and understand why you believe to be a good fit for the company. Here, your experience that is like the new job can be compared.

Appear confident when discussing this part because your appearance and communication skills will be the ones to convince the interviewer that your value is required in the company.

#6. Your Skills

Discussing your skills is very important during interviews. Your employers are usually curious about the set of skills you have because at the end of the interview your skills will be the ones to showcase you as the best fit for the job.

If you have a work history that isn’t related to the role you’re interviewing for, you might find it hard to get the job, but when the employer request you walk them through your resume, you can discuss fully your skills and why you believe you’re the best fit for the job.

#7. Summarize Your Career Goal

Telling your career goal to the interviewer is ideal because they are equally interested in where you see yourself a few years later.

Are you willing to spend your few years with the company or do you want to move in a few months?

What Can I Avoid During The “Walk Me Through Your Resume” Interview

When an employer says “walk me through your resume,” during an interview, they’re simply requesting an explanatory summary about your resume, and with this, you get to talk about the important details that are in your resume and the ones that you probably forgot to add.

Here are a few lists of what you shouldn’t do when you’re asked for such during an interview:

#1. Spending Too Much Time

Since “Walk me through your resume” is more like a summary about yourself. You should avoid spending too much time on one part, meaning your introduction should be at least 3-4 minutes and should be applied toward every point you’re discussing.

Dwelling on one point for a long might end up boring the interviewer(s), so avoid wasting time on one point only.

#2. Sharing Irrelevant Information

Sharing Pointless details that are not important to your interviewer should be generally avoided. The interview is mostly about you, but avoid giving information about your families, friends, or reviews on religion or political views. Those are irrelevant to your interviewer.

#3. Avoid Being Repetitive

Not being prepared enough might result in being repetitive, especially when you do not plan/think well before speaking. You can end up getting your interviewer bored. Avoid mumbling and talking for so long when you’re asked a question.

#4. Sharing Negative Reviews Your Past Job

When walking your interviewer through your resume, avoid making bad remarks about your previous job. Saying bad things about your former employer will only make you look bad to your new employer.

#5. Not Asking Any Questions

Not asking your interviewer questions is not ideal, as this might signify that you’re not interested in the job. Ask relevant questions that are related to the job. 


Are interview questions similar?

Yes they are quite similar since you’ll be talking mostly about yourself.

How long is an interview to talk about yourself?

Not more than 3 minutes.

What is a turn off? Can i miss interviews?

Spending longer periods on a point.
Spending longer periods on a point.
Job interviews can be missed, but it is important to call or email the company about why you won’t be present.

What is the ideal dress code?

Formal dressing is ideal for important meetings such as college interviews.


A “walk me through your resume” is a perfect opportunity for you to share your career history and display the value you’re bringing to the company.

Your focus is to be seen as the company’s next employee, meaning you’re to impress your interviewer with your words, and being prepared will help you achieve your goal of being the next employee.



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