What is the Best Interview Hairstyle for Women? | 2022 Tips

You may have prepared your résumé, portfolio, and finest business attire to prepare for an interview. However, the way you style your hair might have an instant influence on how the interviewer perceives you. Maintaining a neat hairdo might make you look more professional and possibly increase your confidence before the interview. Keeping your hair in a neat and professional way will help you present yourself in the best possible light.

You don’t need an expert stylist; what matters most is that you feel confident in your appearance and the image you convey to the company.

It’s completely okay to be yourself, even if you put little effort into your looks. Even if your interview is only a fast video conference from home, make sure you don’t appear too unkempt or untidy.

Keep reading as we review why your hairstyles matter for your interview and which hairstyles are best for increasing your confidence level and smashing through the interview process like a boss.

Reasons your hairstyle is important for your interviews

In an interview, the fact is that your hairstyle matters. Others’ impressions of you are molded not just by your prior achievements and responses to interview questions, but also by how you appear; whether or not you’re dressed formally, and how your hair is groomed.

An unprofessional haircut can be detrimental to your chances of synching the job after an interview

Despite these facts, your interview hairstyle is also important because:

#1. It helps boost your confidence level

Choosing the correct interview hairdo may enhance your confidence. If you feel good about yourself, you can secretly emit confident energy that the interviewing panel can detect.

If you’ve prepared your hairdo in a way that makes you feel at ease whether it’s a basic ponytail or something more sophisticated, you’ll automatically have greater confidence when you respond to the interview questions.

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#2. It shows how professional you are

If you arrived with untidy hair or unclean, unprofessional attire, the interviewer may be hesitant to have an in-depth interview with you since you may have given the impression that you didn’t care about the work.

Even in the most laid-back workplaces, they’ll want to see that you’ve tried. Candidates are usually expected to be dressed cleanly and professionally, with good hygiene and a suitable interview hairstyle.

Choosing the correct dress and interview hairstyle might help the hiring panel see you positively.

#3. It creates a first impression

Not just your hairstyle but your choice of clothing and accessories create a first impression about you on the company. The term “First impressions matter” comes to mind. The impression you make on the company via your outfit and dressing would determine if you’ll be hired. Your interview hairstyle and choice of clothing will enable the company to determine if you’re worthy of being attributed to their brand.

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Factors to Consider while Selecting your Interview Hairstyle

When trying to select the best interview hairstyle, there are certain factors that must be considered In order to ensure that you leave a positive impression on your interviewer. Some factors that must be considered include:

#1. Will the hairstyle be a distraction during the interview?

More complicated interview hairstyles might come with a disadvantage. You might be worried a ponytail not properly tied might come loose or wisps of hair can keep distracting your face.

These examples can make you uncomfortable and hinder your performance in the interview. Hence, it’s advisable to select an interview hairstyle that is simple yet classy.

#2. Will the hairstyle look professional on you?

When selecting the interview hairstyle for your interview, you should ensure that the hairstyle is a perfect fit for you. Hairstyles with bright colors might not really give out the professional ambiance that the hiring company is after.

To look professional, your hair color should be toned down to a perfect classy hue, not the vibrant music concert type of color.

#3. Does the hairstyle look neat?

Before your interview date, you should have at least tried the interview hairstyle in order to be sure of how it looks.

The hairstyle should look neat, not as if you have millions of contraptions going on in your hair. The interview hairstyle should be neat.

Best Interview Hairstyle for Women

If you’re having problems trying to select the best interview hairstyle, this section highlights the best hairstyles to opt for your interviews.

#1. Low Bun

The low bun hairstyle is one of the most popular interview hairstyles. A low bun is a quick and simple style that is deemed professional by most employers.

If you use this approach, you should have no problems throughout the interview. Just add some gel or edge control around your hairline to keep it looking professional.

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#2. Pixie Cut

Nothing beats a good old Pixie cut. The short hairstyle that is a worldwide classic for women of all ages and professions is the pixie cut. It’s straightforward and easy to use, and it’s appropriate for many interviews and the workplace.

The pixie cut has been adopted as one of the most popular interview hairstyles, as we can find different women wearing them in different professional companies or organizations.

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#3. Long ponytails

You’ll find that most women with long hair always ask, How do you style long hair for an interview such that you appear incredibly organized?

Make a low ponytail without a doubt! It’s a surefire simple hairstyle that you can wear to any appointment you can think of, whether it’s a job interview, a business lunch, or an office meeting.

If you want a more polished and sophisticated look, style your hair sleek. The long ponytail hairstyle can be rocked for different occasions from business to un-official.

#4. French braided Up-do

Hairstyles from the French country never disappoint and the French braided Up-do lives up to expectations. It will bring charm and personality to your style, which is essential for meeting new people and advancing your profession.

Fascinating braided patterns always catch the eye, and in a good way hence this hairstyle is one of our top choices of the best interview hairstyle.

#5. Loose hair with micro braids

Loose hair with micro braids is a top interview hairstyle choice if you have long hair and you’re willing to create a strong first impression. f you prefer to show off your hair, be sure to open your face by wearing a headband or braiding nice small braids.

This hair treatment will boost your chances of being remembered even after hundreds of normal interviews. Women adopt the hairstyle in many professional settings.

#6. Twists

Twists are popular interview hairstyles. If your curls are really tight and difficult to style on your own, concentrate your styling efforts on framing your face and leaving the back.

To make your style stand out, add a few twists in the front with triangular partings. To prevent small hairs from sticking out, apply a gummy pomade product to smooth your hair.

#7. Classic Bun

A traditional bun is a quick and easy technique to dress your medium-length hair for an interview. If you’re concerned about the length of your hair, you may add weight and depth to your bun with tools like a hair donut or a bun maker.

This hairstyle not only looks professional for people of all ages but also keeps your hair out of your face. Classic buns were adopted as good hairstyles for interviews years ago. People opt for this type of hairstyle because it’s relatively fast to recreate. Just make sure there aren’t any bobby pins poking in and creating irritation.

#8. Tight twists

Tight twists are the pure definition of elegance with simplicity. Choose this simple hairstyle for the most important job interview and assist your future boss in making a crucial choice in your favor.

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Sleek roots, middle parting, and eye-catching twists come together to create the ideal blend of elegance, serious intent, and personal appeal.

#9. Classic Chignon

With this hairstyle, you will draw positive attention from your interviewers. With medium hairstyles, the traditional chignon looks terrific. The chignon has stayed in trend for years because it is loved by women of all ages.

To get the most out of this look, flatten any flyaway hairs with flat irons before styling it into a chignon. A spritz of gleaming hairspray will amp up the glitz. You’ll look stunning with a fresh white shirt and a gloss of lipstick.

#10. Natural twisted hairstyle

You could even prefer this professional updo over traditional goddess and crown braids! The procedure is quite easy, but the end effect is absolutely amazing.

Instead of frantically sliding your hair behind your ears, side two-strand twists also known as flat twists can help you keep hair out of your face and focus more on the interview questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can my interview hairstyle affect the outcome of the interview?

Yes, you should ensure that your interview hairstyle is suitable professionally.

What is the benefit of selecting an interview hairstyle?

It boosts confidence in the interviewing process.

Should my interview hairstyle be simple?

Yes, your interview hairstyle should be simple yet classy.

What is the best interview hairstyle?

The low bun hairstyle is usually dubbed the best interview hairstyle

Can I dye my hair for my interview?

You can, but for professional settings, it’s advisable to ensure that the hair color isn’t too bright.


It’s crucial that you feel confident and comfortable at your job interview, regardless of the hairstyle you pick. It may be disconcerting to show up for a job interview with a completely new appearance that you’re not used to, and you may become sidetracked.

That’s why we suggest trying on a few different haircuts beforehand to determine which one gives you the most confidence and allows you to concentrate on the interview topics at hand.

You should also try on your interview hairdo with your selected clothing and shoes before the big day to ensure that your entire appearance complements each other and portrays you as professional and smart.



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