Interview Makeup: Dress For An Interview Tips

Think soft and natural when applying makeup for a job interview. Beyond the basic idea that your interview makeup shouldn’t be shouty and distracting, there are certain dos and don’ts that should guide you while wearing makeup for an interview session.

While your outfit for the interview definitely matters, the interviewer will spend most of his/her time looking at your face. So, in addition to dressing properly, you must ensure that you’re making the correct impression by wearing makeup that reflects your professionalism, polish, and confidence.

In this article, we’ll list the basic interview makeup tips to guide you through the process.

How Should I Dress For An Interview?

When dressing for an interview, utilize your best judgment and avoid overthinking it. Choose clothing that makes you feel comfortable and confident – nothing you would have to yank, pull at, or wrinkle easily on your way to the interview.

Before deciding on interview attire, research the firm to see how formal their workplace is. Contact the HR department if you’ve looked through the company’s website and social media pages but still can’t find the dress code. Explain that you have an impending interview and need to know what to wear.

It’s also a good idea to consider the role and industry. For example, if you’re interviewing for a corporate position in banking or law, wear formal business attire. For men, this means a matching suit and tie. For women, it means a tailored dress, pantsuit, or skirt suit. However, business casual is always ideal for less formal positions and workplaces.

Tips For Your Interview Makeup

Knowing the right makeup to wear for an interview is the first step to performing well in the session, as it goes a long way to boost your confidence and send a message to your interviewers. If you make up shabbily, you will be seen in that light and vice versa. Here are a few interview makeup tips to guide you through toning, applying, and spraying.

#1 Match your makeup to your skin tone

Woman with nude makeup
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This is the foremost interview makeup tip. Ensure your skin tone with foundation. Make sure you wear a colour that disappears into your skin—most women pick a darker foundation to look tanner, but that never looks good close up or in daylight.

You can use any formula (liquid, powder, or tinted moisturizer) appropriate for your skin type and the required coverage. However, if you don’t usually use foundation, don’t start on the interview day. Instead, consider a tinted moisturizer, which will provide light coverage while feeling no different from what you’re used to.

Your goal is to have your makeup blend in, not stand out.

#2 Be primed against blush

Mineral makeup cosmetics kit
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Even if you don’t usually wear blush, consider swiping some on for the interview—it quickly gives a healthy shine to your complexion and makes you appear bright and alert. Look for a hue that complements your flushed cheeks, generally a pinky-coral shade.

You can apply the cream on cream or powder on powder: If you use a liquid or cream foundation, use a cream blush, or combine a powder foundation with a powder blush.

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#3 Don’t wear false eyelashes

Woman with false eyelashes
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Try and imagine your false eyelashes coming off during the interview session. I’m sure you don’t want to experience such.

Lash glue can come loose during an interview, leaving you with an itchy, unpleasant, and unsightly loose eyelash. Instead, use mascara that does not clump. To add a subtle refinement to your look without mascara, consider colouring your eyelashes and using an eyelash curler.

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#4 Avoid clumpy mascara

Close-Up Woman Eye Make-Up
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Don’t overuse the mascara and end up with clumpy lashes. The best technique to avoid smudges on interview day is to remove any extra product from the wand with a tissue or the top of the mascara tube before applying. Begin wiggling the wand at the base of your lashes and work your way up. Also, wait until your top lashes are totally dry before applying mascara to your bottom lashes.

#5 Consider natural lip gloss

Woman applying lip gloss
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Your interview makeup should be kept light and professional. If you wear lipstick or lip gloss, keep the hue within an acceptable range of your natural lip colour. You don’t want your gloss to seem sticky, smeared, or dry up and leave a horrible white residue. A light, hydrating lip gloss or lip balm is a good bet.

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#6 Be classy about your red lipstick

Smiling businesswoman seated at office workstation
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Lipstick and bare lips can both be part of a professional interview look. You may complete your natural appearance with chapstick or a little nude lip gloss or apply lipstick that makes you feel confident. If you want something brighter, a light red lip might be perfect for an interview. In an interview, avoid wearing overly black lipstick.

If you love red lipstick, be sure to use it in class.

#7 Mineral powder is the antidote to a nervous sheen

Brush With Powder
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With a good powder on your face during the interview session, you’ll never lose your beauty in the face of tough questions. See the best way to answer What do you do?” Question In An Interview.

An interview can be a nerve-wracking experience, but it’s important to keep calm and perform under pressure.

A lightweight mineral powder will be helpful if you are prone to sweating or becoming red when agitated. Simply sprinkle it over your face with a wide brush over your foundation, concealer, or bare skin if you aren’t wearing a base layer.

The powder will help dry up any sweat, so you don’t look greasy, and will also lend an even tone to your face.

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#8 Try pencil eyeliner for a lighter look

Close up of eyeliner on a woman
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Your interview makeup shouldn’t appear scruffy. If you usually wear cat eyeliner, tone it down for your interview. Instead of extending your eyeliner past the outer edge of your eye, stop exactly there.

You can use a pencil instead of a liquid liner for a softer, less harsh look.

#9 Don’t go crazy with eyeshadow

Woman with bright, bold eyeshadow
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Forget about the wacky, bright eyeshadow; it doesn’t pass for good interview makeup. If you choose to wear eyeshadow, it should be barely visible. It should enable you to create solid, confident eye contact when answering questions, and your interviewer should focus on your responses, not your loud eye makeup.

#10 Always choose natural tones for your eyeshadow

Close up of woman's natural eyeshadow
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If you want to wear eye makeup during an interview, stick to natural tones. Earth tones are a solid bet that is also simple to use. Simply apply a lighter, somewhat luminescent shade (near to your skin tone) on your lids, then add depth to the outer corners of your eyes with a medium shade.

#11 Don’t wear heavy perfume

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The tricky thing about wearing perfume is that you do not really know how strong your scent may be to other people. So always err on the side of “less” if you aren’t sure how strong your scent is.


The main objective of your interview makeup is to seem professional while still feeling confident—so the ideal combination will be different for everyone. And, if you don’t usually use a lot of makeup, experiment with only a few items.

Create a neutral and polished look that makes you feel like yourself while showing your interviewer you take pride in your appearance. If you’re used to wearing too much makeup, make sure your day-of look is natural and professional—you can save the smoky eyes, glossy lips and heavy mascara for your success party with your friends after you get the job!


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