10 Best Moving Companies in Orlando | 2023 List

Moving can be demanding, which can lessen the excitement of settling into a new location. It can be challenging to move heavy items and priceless items, and they run the risk of getting lost or destroyed.

Fortunately, home movers can help with the cost-effective and meticulous relocation of personal belongings to new locations.

This article will showcase the 10 best moving companies in Orlando, Florida, that can simplify the relocation process.

You can use the information in this article to help you select which moving company will best meet your needs.

How Much Do Movers Cost in Orlando, FL?

How much does moving to Orlando cost? Many tend to ask. Well, expect to pay movers in the Orlando region between $74 and $89 per hour.

The average cost of hiring a moving company in Orlando is $365. The number of rooms will determine the total cost, the distance traveled, and the furniture.

Keep in mind these Orlando moving cost averages when determining your moving expenses:

  • Apartment in a studio: $340
  • Apartment with two bedrooms: $475
  • Apartment with three bedrooms: $810

How do I Know if a Moving Company is Reputable?

Even while most moving firms are trustworthy enterprises, there will always be a few rotten apples in the bunch. These “rogue movers” are known to cause trouble for people during this challenging period by preying on families.

It is your job to ensure the moving company is legitimate if you are going to spend the money on expert movers. Fortunately, there are many ways to investigate a moving company’s reputation before hiring them.

Here are 6 quick ways to determine whether you can trust a moving company with your possessions.

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Are They Licensed and Insured Correctly?

Make sure a moving company has the insurance and licensing before hiring them. If it’s a local move, request proof of licensing and insurance and educate yourself on the rules and laws in your state.

You can look up information there since interstate movers must register in the U.S. DOT system. The Better Business Bureau also provides certification information.

Are They Online?

Consider it a warning sign if you can’t discover any mention of a “moving company” online. It is unlikely that a reliable moving business would be difficult to find online. This can be the first red flag that the business is a fraud.

Many moving companies in Orlando have an online presence and websites. Please don’t do business with any of them lacking in this area.

Study the Reviews

Where there is smoke, there is fire, as we are all acquainted with saying, and this is undoubtedly true in the moving business. Checking reviews is the quickest way to determine whether a company is reliable.

You can find many of these online at places like Yelp and Nextdoor, but you can also ask your friends, family, and coworkers for recommendations. You may also contact the Better Business Bureau to find out whether there have been any complaints.

Are They Identified Correctly?

A legitimate moving company should appear in a vehicle bearing its emblem, and the movers should wear uniforms bearing recognizable nametags and badges.

You should generally be cautious if the truck your moving company uses is unnamed and the employees show up without identification.

Are They Trained and Qualified?

Using common sense is one of the finest ways to evaluate a moving business. Watch out for genuine professionalism. Do they have an actual office and business email address? Have they received reliable reviews?

Are they wearing uniforms and operating professional moving trucks? Are they courteous, respectful, and knowledgeable? Have they gone above and above to address your concerns and offer you good service?

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10 Best Moving Companies in Orlando

  1. A Royal Moving and Storage, Inc.
  2. Ace Relocation Systems
  3. All Points Moving Systems
  4. Sebastian Moving and More
  5. Legend Movers 4 You
  6. Family Movers
  7. Affordable Movers
  8. Cheap Movers Orlando
  9. Dynamic Moving Solutions
  10. All My Sons Moving & Storage

With expert reviews and user recommendations, we have outlined the ten best moving companies in Orlando that are among the best moving companies in Orlando.

1. A Royal Moving and Storage, Inc.

Since 1976, A Royal Moving and Storage, Inc. (ARMS) has provided moving services to Orlando and the surrounding areas. It is a family-run firm that offers relocation services for homes and businesses.

With its strategically located headquarters close to international ports and airports, which is perfectly positioned to handle local deliveries, it also provides storage solutions. To maintain the security of the stored objects, there is constant employee presence and 24-hour observation.

To ensure a smooth relocation process, ARMS assigns personal move coordinators to each client.

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2. Ace Relocation Systems

Ace Relocation Systems is a nationwide interstate moving and storage business with offices in Orlando.

Full-service professional packing, storage, car transportation, and debris cleanup are available as residential moving choices.

Pre-planning, after-hours transportation, equipment disassembly and packing, inventory and document management services, and expert warehousing are among its commercial offerings.

This business provides local, interstate, and international moving and shipping services and is a recognized service provider for government and military people.

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3. All Points Moving Systems

All Points Moving Systems is a Casselberry-based moving company that provides services throughout Central Florida.

This company offers local residents and businesses moving services, including packing, loading, transporting, and unloading furniture.

It specializes in the secure transportation of gadgets, safes, pianos, pool tables, works of art, and antiquities.

Professional packing, IKEA assembly, work for loading a rental truck or storage facility, as well as labor for inside furniture and equipment rearrangement are additional services offered.

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The Best Local Moving Company in Orlando, FL

Trust your gut while looking for a local moving business. Something is probably amiss or off if it feels that way.

Check references from former clients when you can, and when you do, inquire about the duration of the relocation and whether their possessions were damaged in transit.

Below are the top-rated local moving companies in Orlando

4. Sebastian Moving and More

Sebastian Moving is one of Orlando, Florida’s most respected local moving businesses.

They offer many moving services, including piano transfers, loading and unloading, packing, and storage. Sebastian Moving and More provide free relocation estimates and are open seven days a week.

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5. Legend Movers 4 You

The Legend Movers 4 You provides a comprehensive selection of moving services, including expert packing, cleaning, and delivery.

Moving day should be as stress-free as possible according to the business, which is renowned for its swift yet meticulous movements and 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.

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6. Family Movers

Family Movers is a full-service moving company with more than 15 years of experience serving central Florida.

To ensure prompt and orderly delivery of your products, they provide a wide range of services, including furniture assembly and disassembly, piano moving, and many others.

Founded in 1975, The Family Movers have helped thousands of families, couples, and professionals move globally.

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Cheap Moving companies in Orlando, FL

On a small budget? Here is a list of cheap moving companies in Orlando that offer high-caliber moving services at reasonable prices.

7. Affordable Movers

With over 25 years of experience as a professional mover, Affordable Movers offers expert moving services at affordable prices, with various service options to match your moving needs and budget.

At Affordable Movers, their main priorities are providing exceptional customer service and client happiness. As a result, they give customers the utmost respect and treat them like family when dealing with them and their possessions.

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8. Cheap Movers Orlando

Cheap Movers Orlando by enabling customers to browse and compare moving quotes quickly, Orlando helps their neighbors in the Orlando area locate qualified moving services for less.

How does it function? You provide details about your move, and they pre-screen several local movers to get you quotations. They only work with authentic, licensed companies to ensure your moving day goes as well as possible.

The quotes you’ll get from them are free, and you’re under no obligation to choose a mover. They assist you in locating a qualified, trustworthy business to increase your chances of receiving high-caliber moving services.

No relocation is too big or too small for their team of movers, who handle both residential and commercial relocation.

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Long Distance Moving Companies in Orlando, FL

Your stuff will be relocated across the nation by national movers. They are a fantastic solution if you need to move and have a considerable distance to travel.

National movers typically charge more than local movers but also provide extra services like storage and assembling. Below are the best long-distance moving companies in Orlando.

9. Dynamic Moving Solutions

You may get everything you need to move in one place from Dynamic Moving Solutions. Dynamic Moving Solutions can handle all aspects of your move, including packing, protecting, moving, and cleaning, saving you time and bother so you can resume your regular activities. 

Complete household moving services, from little apartments to massive estates. Residential transfers include appropriate packing and storing to maximize load times and available space, plastic wrapping to ensure safe arrival, and unloading and placement at the new location. On-demand white glove service is offered.

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10. All My Sons Moving & Storage

When preparing to move, you demand nothing less than the best from the firm handling your possessions. All My Sons Moving and Storage steps in to help with that.

All My Sons is a nationwide moving company that will relocate you to any state and offers storage choices in numerous states.

This full-service business can manage your move from beginning to end. This moving company might be the right fit for you if it follows a traditional business model that involves a phone consultation and in-person quote before booking.

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What is a Reasonable Price for a Local Move?

For a local relocation, movers typically bill $25 to $50 per mover per hour. Therefore, the labor cost for a two-person team working four hours will range from $200 to $400.

However, bear in mind that additional charges, such as those for materials, transportation, and gas, will also be incurred.

Is it Better to Use a Moving broker or a Moving company?

Brokers are not as skilled as moving corporations in this area. They lack vehicles or other moving supplies. Additionally, they are unable to provide discounts. As a result, their services will cost you more than if you had engaged a legitimate moving company.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I make my move cheaper?

Here are ten suggestions for moving on a small budget:
If you can, avoid moving during the busiest season.
Be flexible with the date of your move.
Stay away from paying for boxes.
Use your packaging supplies.
Keep an eye on your utilities.
Make heaps for “keep, donate, and toss away” items.
Sell the items you don’t need.
As much as you can, pack in advance.

What is the cheapest month to move?

Moving from late September to April will save the most money. This window of time avoids both the summertime, which is the busiest moving season and the fall, up until early September, when moving services are in great demand. Due to the conclusion of their semesters and contracts, this is the time when renters and college students move out.

What is the best way to move a small amount of furniture?

A cargo van, trailer attachment, or small truck rental can typically handle modest moves. A small truck rental can usually handle a one- to two-bedroom move. Trailer rentals and cargo vans are suitable for moving studio and college dorm rooms, which generally don’t require significant furniture items.

What is the average cost of a local move for a 3-bedroom house?

A three-bedroom house typically costs between $2,250 and $4,500 to relocate locally and between $4,000 and $10,500 to move great distances.

How much does a 1 bedroom local move cost?

Local or interstate one-bedroom moves typically cost between $700 and $1500.
Local moves are priced per hour, so the longer it takes, the more money it will cost.


Disney World may be located in Orlando, Florida, but the city is well-known for much more. This area of central Florida welcomes over 60 million tourists annually and is renowned for its pleasant weather, crowded malls, championship golf courses, lively nightlife, and interesting natural features.

The busy nature of the city makes moving companies in Orlando thrive. There are many moving companies in Orlando to choose from, but with our update, you can easily choose from the many moving companies in Orlando that meets your budget.


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