10 Best Moving Companies in Chicago | 2023 List

When making a move, choosing the right moving company is essential. With the best moving companies in Chicago, you can trust that you’ll get the quality service needed for a hassle-free move. 

Like other companies, there are several key factors to consider when looking for a moving company in Chicago.

Foremost, you want to ensure that any potential company is appropriately licensed and insured. 

Before committing to any service provider, you must check customer reviews and ratings. 

Additionally, look into their rates and services, such as storage options, to know what your move will entail.

Finally, ask friends or family members if they have experience with certain companies. It can be invaluable when narrowing down your choices of moving companies in Chicago and ensuring that you receive high-quality service at an affordable price.

10 Best Moving Companies in Chicago

Here are the top-rated movers in Chicago:

  • Reebie Storage & Moving Co.
  • Legit Movers
  • Jay Movers
  • Applied Moving Systems
  • Alliance Moving & Storage
  • Ampol Moving
  • Coffey Brothers Movers
  • King David Moving & Storage
  • Move-Tastic
  • The Chicago Green Box

#1. Reebie Storage & Moving Co.

2325 N Clark St, #300, Chicago, IL 60614

First on our list of best moving companies in Chicago is Reebie Storage & Moving Co.

Over 130 years ago, Reebie Storage & Moving Co. first began business. It is a moving company that works with residential and business clients in the Chicago area. 

It provides moving services for local, long-distance, international, small moves, apartment transfers, and business relocation.

In addition, the business offers self-storage, warehouse storage, record storage, and full-service storage services. 

It was given the American Moving and Storage Association’s Certified Pro-Mover accreditation. It supports various neighborhood initiatives, such as Move for Hunger, to give back to the neighborhood.


#2. Legit Movers

541 73rd St, Downers Grove, IL 60516

Legit Movers is one of the best moving companies in Chicago, Illinois. The team at Legit Mover has been helping customers move their belongings to new homes and offices since 2009, allowing individuals and businesses alike to make a smooth transition into their new space.

With a team of experienced movers, Legit Mover offers quality service at competitive rates. 

In addition to providing traditional moving services, the company ensures that all items are secured and protected throughout the process. 

The team also provides storage solutions, such as climate-controlled facilities for those who need additional space while they settle into their new home or office. 

For an efficient and cost-effective move, choose Legit Mover – one of the top-rated moving companies in Chicago! From start to finish, you can count on this highly professional team for a stress-free experience.


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#3. Jay Movers

2804 W. Belmont, Ste. 108, Chicago, IL 60618

Next on our list of top-rated moving companies in Chicago, Il, is Jay Movers. Homeowners and businesses in Chicago and the surrounding areas hire Jay Movers to handle their local and long-distance moving tasks. 

The company maintains a fleet of vehicles to meet the demands of clients moving. 

The professionals in this moving company aid with packing household objects, offer help with loading and unloading, and employ protective methods and materials to reduce losses throughout the transporting process. 

Despite being in the business for over ten years, Jay Movers keeps growing and strives to satisfy clients.


#4. Applied Moving Systems

Address: Skokie, IL 60076

Applied Moving Systems provides temporary moving services all around the Chicago metropolitan area. 

In addition, the business offers a few free boxes, tape, and bubble wrap to customers who opt to pack their goods. 

Also, it will pack up complete workplaces with expert commercial moving services that involve careful blanketing and packaging of fragile objects and complete furniture installation and disassembly as needed. 

Additionally, Applied Moving Systems works with clients who require transfers with a seven-day notice.


#5. Alliance Moving & Storage

Address: 4305 North Lincoln Avenue, Chicago, IL 60618

The storage and moving business Alliance Moving & Storage serves Chicago and the neighboring areas. 

Residential moving, commercial moving, and packing and unpacking services are the company’s areas of expertise. 

Since 2017, the moving company has increased the size of its warehouse to 50,000 square feet to better serve its residential and commercial clients with temporary or permanent storage space needs. 

Alliance Moving & Storage aims to offer its customers expert, reasonably priced moving services.


#6. Ampol Moving

Mount Prospect, IL 60056

Ampol Moving is one of the best moving companies in Chicago. With experience in residential and commercial moves, this professional team dedicates itself to providing a safe and stress-free environment for all your significant transition needs. 

The company offers a full suite of services from packing and loading to unloading and set-up, emphasizing customer satisfaction. 

Ampol prides itself on its commitment to safety by utilizing modern equipment, specialized techniques, and experienced personnel to ensure your move is as smooth as possible. 

Its competitive rates make it an affordable option for any home or business owner looking for reliable relocation services. 

In addition, customers can trust that experienced professionals trained in proper handling techniques always handle their belongings with the utmost care.


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#7. Coffey Brothers Movers

Address: Chicago, IL 60641

The Coffey Brothers Movers have provided top-notch moving services to Chicago residents for over a decade. 

As one of the best moving companies in Chicago, they strive to ensure that each client’s items are moved safely and efficiently. 

They’re highly experienced and friendly movers who use only the best packing materials and equipment to ensure their clients’ peace of mind. 

Coffey Brothers Movers understand that moving is an emotional process for many people; therefore, they treat each move with personal care and attention. 

Their services include organizing, packing, loading/unloading, storage solutions, and more! 

Plus, they provide a free quote for every move, so customers know what costs to expect ahead of time.


#8. King David Moving & Storage

Address: 5704 Reba Street, Morton Grove, IL 60053

King David Moving & Storage is one of the best moving companies in Chicago. 

With years of industry experience, King David has earned a reputation for providing reliable and trustworthy services, which makes it an ideal choice for any move. 

King David’s top priority is ensuring each customer’s move is stress-free.

Their team of experienced movers works hard to provide professional and courteous service that can handle many moves – local or long-distance. 

Also, they offer various packages tailored to meet every customer’s needs. 

By choosing King David Moving & Storage, you will receive quality service at competitive rates with no hidden fees or surprises. 

So if you are looking for the best moving company in Chicago, look no further than King David Moving & Storage!


#9. Move-Tastic

Address: 3100 N. Tripp Ave., Chicago, IL 60641

Founded in 2007, the moving company Move-Tastic has its headquarters in Chicago. Customers are moving locally to new homes, or offices could use its labor and transportation services. 

Additional services the company offers include renting storage containers, arranging parking permits, assembling furniture, and removing unwanted items. 

Former IT manager Peter Horvath is the owner and founder of Move-Tastic. He uses his love of technology to create the company website, which provides a web-based intake form to give clients a streamlined moving process.


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#10. Ready Mover

Ready Mover is one of the best moving companies for moving in and around Chicago. 

They carefully trained their experienced staff to ensure that any move is handled with speed, efficiency, and care. 

Ready Mover provides a wide range of services for residential and commercial moves. 

From packing supplies to experienced movers who will take extra precautions with fragile items, they have it all covered. 

They also provide long-distance moves throughout the Midwest region and local moves within the Chicago area. 

They specialize in residential and commercial moves and offer full-service storage options for your belongings. They will be safe during longer trips or when you need additional space for seasonal items.


#11. The Chicago Green Box

Address: Chicago, IL 60618

When finding the best moving companies in Chicago, one name always appears at the top of the list: The Chicago Green Box. This award-winning moving service has been helping both residential and commercial customers move quickly and safely since 2008. 

Small moves are no problem for The Chicago Green Box; their experienced movers can move furniture, appliances, boxes, and more with great care and attention to detail. 

They also offer packing services for those who need more time or energy to do it themselves.

Every item is handled with delicate care – from large pieces of furniture to small items like glassware – ensuring that everything arrives safely at its destination. 

The Chicago Green Box offers competitive rates and flexible scheduling options, making them one of the most sought-after moving companies in Chicago.


How much do movers in Chicago, Illinois, charge?

The average cost of moving in Chicago ranges from $404 for a team of 2 movers and a truck to $2,423 for a crew of 4 movers and a truck to move a four-bedroom house.

What to Consider When Choose a Moving Company in Chicago

When choosing a moving company in Chicago, several factors must be considered. 

First, it is important to ask potential moving companies for references and reviews from past customers. 

This will help you determine whether the movers have experience handling large projects and if they can provide reliable customer service. 

Secondly, it is essential to research the rates of different Chicago-based moving companies to find one that offers competitive prices without compromising on the quality of service. 

Finally, ensure that your chosen mover provides insurance coverage for any damages or losses because they serve the relocation process. 

It’s also essential to review the credentials of any prospective Chicago-based moving companies before selecting them for your move.

When is the Best Time to Move

Generally, the middle of the week, the middle of the month, and the winter are the least expensive times to move.

Moving costs fluctuate significantly throughout the year. Similar to Uber, prices increase as demand increases. The following broad guidelines will help you get a deal:

Moving is typically less expensive during the week than on the weekends. Some businesses, for example, charge a different hourly rate on Wednesday than Saturday. 

This is because people fear taking time off work to travel. Therefore, there is a higher demand on weekends.

Moving in the middle of the month is less expensive than moving on the last or first day of the month. 

This is because there is more demand on the first of the month. After all, this is when most leases are renewed.

Wintertime moving is typically less expensive. January, February, or December are the most affordable months. Given that it falls between the end of the school year and the start of the next, April to September is frequently more expensive.

How much do movers cost per hour in Chicago?

Here’s how much movers cost in Chicago

Home SizeAvg. Total CostCost/Hour# Of Movers# Hours
Studio$360$1402 movers3 hours
1 Bedroom$500$1402 movers4 hours
2 Bedroom$808$1963 movers5 hours
3 Bedroom$1,864$2744 movers8 hours
4 Bedroom$2,138$2744 movers9 hours
5+ Bedroom$3,292$3845 movers10 hours

What number of movers do I need?

A moving firm would often send out 2 or 3 movers. The quantity will vary depending on the transfer’s size and the company’s politics.

Two movers will be needed to move out of a one- or two-bedroom apartment without essential appliances. Hiring three movers will be a better choice if you move a house.

If the moving firm charges by the hour, having three movers will cause a higher overall hourly rate. As a result, your relocation might go faster, and the movers are less likely to scratch specific furniture because they are worn out accidentally.

How much time should I allocate to my move?

Moving within the city, you can allocate 3–4 days. Typically, cleaning a home can take 9–10 hours. Remember that a variety of factors can affect how long a transfer will take:

  • How many people are moving, usually 2 or 3?
  • Consider the quantity of furniture and boxes. Moving boxes around takes less time than moving appliances, sofas, and specialty objects. It may take up to an hour to remove furniture from the balcony, for example, if it does not fit up the stairs.
  • Which floor is your home on? It will take more time to descend from the tenth floor.
  • How long will it take the movers to go from their office to your existing home, then to your new home, before returning to their office? Most movers charge per door.


How much do Chicago movers charge per hour?

For moving services in Chicago, some sample crew prices per hour are: $120-$140 for a two-person staff per hour. $160–180 per hour for a three-person team. The crew of four: $220–240 per hour.

What is the fair cost of a local move?

Most moving companies charge $25 to $50 per mover per hour for local relocations.  

What is the cheapest method of moving?

The top moving container companies are typically the most affordable option for moving. When compared to full-service movers, it can save you thousands of dollars. Surprisingly, if you’re moving coast to coast, moving containers is even less expensive than truck rentals.

What are the top moving companies in Chicago, Illinois?

Here are the top-rated movers in Chicago:
Reebie Storage & Moving Co.
Legit Movers
Jay Movers
Applied Moving Systems
Alliance Moving & Storage
Ampol Moving
Coffey Brothers Movers
King David Moving & Storage
The Chicago Green Box


Moving companies in Chicago offer various services and are an invaluable resource for relocating to the Windy City.

Whether it’s packing, loading, or transporting items, there’s sure to be an experienced company that can help. 

Through their expertise and attention to detail, you can trust that your belongings will be safe and secure during the moving process. Additionally, many movers offer competitive pricing models to ensure the service is affordable and accessible.



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