15 Best Paying Jobs in Hawaii in 2023 | Full Requirements

Moving to Hawaii and are uncertain of what career to transition into? This article discusses the 15 best paying jobs in Hawaii, the average salary expectations for each position, and the requirements you need to get into one.

Hawaiian aficionados come from around the globe to experience the pleasant breezes, waterfalls, turquoise lakes, blue lagoons, boundless beaches, year-round tanning, and other features of paradise living.

If that is in your plans, then check out the best jobs in Hawaii to consider.

Is Hawaii a Good Place to Work?

Yes, Hawaii is a wonderful area to work in since it’s easy to get a stable position with a respectable average salary.

If you can get one of Hawaii’s highest paying jobs, you’ll also be in a better position professionally.

Best Paying Jobs in Hawaii

  1. Surgeon
  2. Ophthalmologist
  3. Orthodontist
  4. Family Medicine Physician
  5. Psychiatrist
  6. Nurse Anesthetist
  7. Obstetrician/Gynecologist (OB-GYN)
  8. Loan Servicing Specialist
  9. Director of Consumer Marketing
  10. Vice President of Application Development
  11. Vice President of Marketing
  12. Dentist
  13. Vice President of Engineering
  14. Air traffic controller
  15. General practitioner

1. Surgeon

surgeon is a medical professional who primarily specializes in diagnosing and treating diseases that necessitate physical changes to the body through surgery. This position is one of the best paying jobs in Hawaii.

Surgeons are experts in all aspects of surgery, from preoperative planning through postoperative care. They are among the highest paid professions in the world and advanced medical practitioners.

In Hawaii, general surgeons make an average of $352,524 per year, with more specialized medical professionals like neurosurgeons earning more.


Being a surgeon requires much time, given the complexity of their profession.

A pre-med degree, medical school, and residency are the necessary education and training.

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2. Ophthalmologist

A medical professional focusing on eye care is known as an ophthalmologist. They can detect and treat more complex eye diseases since they have more training than opticians and optometrists.

Their most profitable source of income is from doing diagnostic procedures, surgeries, and medical eye operations, especially if they own a private eye healthcare company.

The average yearly compensation for ophthalmologists in Hawaii is $225,861, making it one of the best paying jobs in Hawaii.


To become one, you must finish 12 to 13 years of study and training, including a four-year college degree and an eight-year medical school program.

3. Orthodontist

A dentist specializing primarily in diagnosing, preventing, and treating misaligned teeth and jaws is known as an orthodontist.

Orthodontists typically work with patients of all ages to realign misaligned jaws, straighten crooked teeth, and correct improper bites.

They differ from dentists in that dentists focus on oral health, whereas their expertise is restoring teeth and jaw alignment.

With an average yearly salary of $343,049, orthodontics is one of the best paying jobs in Hawaii.


After graduating from a recognized dentistry school, you might need to attend an orthodontic residency to become an orthodontist. After approximately ten years, you can obtain certification and a license to practice.

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4. Family Medicine Physician

A family medicine practitioner, also referred to as a family doctor, oversees the health of patients of all ages.

They assess symptoms, provide medical diagnoses, manage long-term disorders, and provide preventative care.

Family doctors might work out of their homes or community medical centers. They provide various services, such as regular examinations, health risk analyses, vaccinations, and counseling.

Family medicine is one of the top paid medical specialties in Hawaii, where an annual pay of $211,469 is the norm. This position also doubles as one of the best paying jobs in Hawaii.


A four-year residency program, the USMLE or COMLE board examinations, a four-year residency, and certification from the ABFM or AOBFP are all requirements for obtaining a family medicine license in Hawaii.

5. Psychiatrist

A medical professional with a focus on mental health is a psychiatrist. To identify sickness causes and provide treatments, they evaluate the psychological and physical elements of psychological issues.

They provide treatment for a variety of mental diseases before they develop. Many of Hawaii’s psychiatrists are placed in and around Honolulu county, an urban area.

The average annual salary for psychiatrists is close to $305,119, making it one of the best paying jobs in Hawaii, which is much more than the $270,147 average yearly salary for all occupations.


A bachelor’s degree and a four-year medical school program with a concentration in psychiatry are the official educational prerequisites for becoming a psychiatrist.

6. Nurse Anesthetist

A nurse anesthetist must give anesthesia to patients undergoing surgical procedures or other painful medical treatments.

Together with the other surgeons on the surgical team, they also keep an eye on the patient to make sure they stay stable.

With an average yearly salary of $189,294, the nurse anesthesia profession is one of the best paying jobs in Hawaii.


A Bachelor of Science in Nursing, passing the NCLEX-RN test, completing a nurse anesthesia program, certification, and practicing license are all requirements for becoming an anesthetist.

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7. Obstetrician/Gynecologist (OB-GYN)

Obstetricians are medical professionals who focus on pregnancies, conception, and female reproductive systems.

On the other hand, gynecologists primarily focus on the condition of the female reproductive system. One of the highest-paying medical careers is the OB-GYN, commonly formed when doctors combine the two related professional titles. It also doubles as one of the best paying jobs in Hawaii.

In Hawaii, an OB-GYN makes an average yearly income of roughly $248,254, somewhat less than the US average of $262,432.

The wage is roughly five times the typical American household income.


Before enrolling in medical school and choosing obstetrics and gynecology as your area of specialization, you must obtain a bachelor’s degree.

8. Loan Servicing Specialist

Finance experts, known as loan servicing specialists, assist borrowers seeking personal loans.

From the time the loan proceeds are distributed until the loan is fully repaid, they oversee the administrative parts of loan applications and maintain constant contact with the clients.

The responsibility for delivering and collecting monthly payments falls on loan servicing professionals.

They monitor transaction logs, make sure taxes and insurance premiums are paid, and maintain track of transaction data.

Any missing money is tracked down and paid to the banking institution.

Loan servicing professionals work for banks and often handle mortgages or student loans, anticipating lender requirements and maintaining records. They earn an average salary of $329,032, making it one of the best paying jobs in Hawaii.


The typical educational requirement for a career in loan servicing is a bachelor’s degree. You can increase your income as a loan servicing professional by becoming a Certified Management Accountant (CMA).

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9. Director of Consumer Marketing

Consumer marketing directors are in charge of their company’s marketing and communication plans and overall brand and image.

They create campaign and activity schedules, define marketing goals, create yearly strategy plans, and research the competition.

Additionally, they offer direction to the marketing division, including marketing managers’ jobs.

Directors of consumer marketing are most frequently employed by for-profit companies, while they may also work for nonprofit organizations and government agencies.

Planning and implementing a communications strategy for the company and new and existing products or services are among their regular duties and obligations.

They are also responsible for analyzing changes in the market, consumer trends, and rivals’ tactics and altering the campaign approach. They earn an average salary of $239,829 per year.


A bachelor’s degree and 4-6 years of previous work experience are often requirements for becoming a director of consumer marketing.

Marketing manager and marketing director positions are the two most popular positions before becoming a director of consumer marketing. As a director of consumer marketing, earning a Professional Certified Marketer (PCM) credential will increase your income.

10. Vice President of Application Development

A vice president of application development is basically executive management in charge of activities linked to application development.

You’ll be in charge of all phases of application development, including design and execution. Additionally, you’ll oversee development teams as they create various apps and evaluate budgets and proposals.

Additionally, you’ll create best practices and incorporate them into the workflow of developing applications.

You’ll establish criteria for high-quality application development. Working in business settings for a long time will help you advance to this level. They earn an average salary of $251,752 per year.


Professional developers can advance their careers with a college degree, knowledge, contacts, and work experience.

11. Vice President of Marketing

As vice president of marketing, you’ll create, oversee, and coordinate marketing initiatives and strategies while earning a sizable yearly salary.

You’ll plan pricing to assist your business in optimizing earnings, managing product development, and keeping an eye on market trends to help you develop new services and goods. Additionally, you’ll assess marketing initiatives.

They earn an average salary of Marketing $226,809 per year, making the position one of the best paying jobs in Hawaii.

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You’ll require a foundational college degree with business and marketing classes. After that, to be completely qualified for a senior vice president of marketing post, you should earn a Master of Business Administration degree and accumulate 10 years of marketing experience.

12. Dentist

Dentists are health care providers who identify and manage mouth, gums, and teeth diseases.

They provide diagnostic imaging, fill cavities, fix or remove teeth, whiten teeth, make molds for dentures and other devices, and encourage patients to maintain proper oral hygiene.

Additionally to prescribing medicine and giving out painkillers during treatments, dentists. They earn an average salary of $221,518 per year, making it one of the best paying jobs in Hawaii.


  • Obtain a bachelor’s degree in four years, preferably in a science-related discipline.
  • Test for dental admissions (Dental Admission Tests)
  • Apply for admission to dental school and enroll.
  • Complete clinical training and classroom instruction
  • Successfully pass licensing tests
  • Training and licensure in a particular area of dentistry are optional.

13. Vice President of Engineering

You’ll earn a respectable average income as a vice president of engineering and be one of the corporate executives. The salary for this position is $234,542 per year.

You’ll supervise and manage the engineering development teams, ensure they adhere to all design specifications, and ensure projects are delivered on schedule. Also, you’ll have to uphold the standards set by the business.

You will suggest new development procedures as the second-in-command in the engineering department of your organization in order to boost productivity.

You’ll create budgets, participate in hiring processes, and provide the president with suggestions.


An entry-level educational requirement is a bachelor’s or master’s degree in a related field, often engineering or business.

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14. Air traffic controller

Airport workers, known as air traffic controllers, plan safe aircraft movement. They are in charge of keeping an eye on aircraft both on the ground and in the air, instructing pilots on takeoff and landing, and informing them of changes in the weather and flight paths.

Their objective is to increase the effectiveness and security of air transport.

They employ computer systems, radar, and images to track air traffic.

The average salary for an air traffic controller in Hawaii ranges from $44,803-$182,698 per year. 


A candidate must possess 3 years of increasingly responsible work experience, a bachelor’s degree, 3 years of postsecondary education and work experience, or have completed an Air Traffic Collegiate Training Initiative (AT-CTI) program that has been approved by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

15. General practitioner

General practitioners are medical professionals who handle a range of illnesses, injuries, and health problems. A patient with a non-emergency health condition frequently sees this sort of practitioner first.

In addition to ordering diagnostic testing and imaging, general practitioners often write prescriptions and provide preventative care. They will send a patient to a specialist if they need more specialized care.

The illnesses, physiological abnormalities, and injuries that patients experience are identified and treated by general practitioners and family doctors.

Also, they operate as the patient’s first point of contact and continuously maintain their health. They often work in hospitals, clinics, group practices, and private practices. The people in this position earn an average salary of $125,836 per year.


Before becoming certified general practitioners, medical students must first get either a Doctor of Medicine (MD) or a Doctor of Osteopathy (DO) degree. They must then complete at least three years of medical residency.


Consider Hawaii if you want to live in a tropical paradise with a high cost and living level. There are several very competitive and desired organizations to work for if you have a background in health, finance, or marketing.

Remember that living on an island is different from living on a vast mainland, which may or may not suit you. Hawaii boasts some highly qualified and experienced individuals in specialized sectors; it is not merely a location for surfing, mai tais, and hula dance.

Best Paying Jobs in Hawaii FAQs

What job in Hawaii makes the most money?

Dermatologists – $366,600 per year
Surgeons – $352,524 per year
Orthodontist – $343,049 per year
Loan Servicing Specialist – $329,032 per year

Is it expensive to live in Hawaii?

Rankings from the World Population Review place Hawaii as the state with the highest cost of living in the nation. According to real estate company Locations in Hawaii, the median price of a property in Hawaii as of December 2021 was $1.06 million. But it also boasts the fourth-lowest rate of poverty.

Why is it so hard to get a job in Hawaii?

How hard is it to get a job in Hawaii?

You guessed it: Hawaii has the most onerous licensing requirements for low- to middle-income employment compared to the rest of the country. The most defenseless residents suffer when occupational licensing is enforced in a state with the highest cost of living and the country’s greatest prevalence of homelessness per capita.

What is a good career to have in Hawaii?

Family Medicine Physician
Nurse Anesthetist
Obstetrician/Gynecologist (OB-GYN)
Loan Servicing Specialist
Director of Consumer Marketing
Vice President of Application Development
Vice President of Marketing
Vice President of Engineering
Air traffic controller
General practitioner


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