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General Manager Job Description Template for 2023

A general manager, sometimes known as a GM, oversees a company or a business unit inside a bigger corporation. If you want to know the other job description for such a role, see the templates provided in this article.

In large global firms, where businesses are organized by product lines, client groups, or geographies, this function is very frequent.

The general manager is usually the unit’s top executive, overseeing strategy, structure, budgets, personnel, financial outcomes, and scorecard metrics.

Who is a General Manager?

A general manager is in charge of several departments in an organization. This individual also directs a lot of the organization’s workforce.

To achieve efficiency in leading and productivity, the GM sets policies and processes, oversees corporate budgets, and interacts with lower-level management.

However, the nature of the general manager’s roles varies based on their industry and the organizations in which he finds themselves.

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What does a General Manager do?

A general manager manages and directs teams and staff members through coordination with local managers, their staff, and senior-level executives.

Also, a general manager uses several abilities to achieve company goals and guarantee that the company policies are followed.

A general manager frequently mentors and trains employees to help them grow and improve in their professions.

What Skills Should a General Manager Possess?

To be successful in the career path that you have chosen as a general manager, there are certain skills you should possess. They include;

  • Knowledge of the business world
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Keen attention to detail
  • Ability to devise creative solutions
  • Expense tracking and budgeting
  • Exceptional leadership abilities
  • Knowledge of technical application

Knowledge of the Business World

This fundamental skill helps you evaluate and mitigate risks, take advantage of new business opportunities, make sound business decisions, and take actions that increase profitability.

Excellent Communication Skill

As a general manager, you also serve as a liaison officer of an organization’s employees and top executives.

Therefore, you must develop an effective communication strategy to ensure that all employees under you are well aware of their responsibilities and that the management at the upper echelon is aware of the corporate operations.

Keen Attention to Detail

Being meticulous is a plus to securing a spot for yourself as a general manager.

This skill helps you devise better plans for your work. And, irrespective of where you work, having keen attention to detail is very important.

Ability to Devise Creative Solutions

Because general managers must inspire and guide their teams through various company responsibilities, they must also be able to devise solutions to problems that arise during business operations.

For example, a general manager at a marketing firm might devise a way to save project costs.

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Expense Tracking and Budgeting

General managers oversee budgets and spending. They must be familiar with budgeting, expense monitoring and reporting, and maintaining transaction and spending records.

Depending on the business you operate in, you may have a rudimentary understanding of accounting principles.

Exceptional Leadership Abilities

As a general manager, you must be able to motivate your team and coach them.

So, this exceptional leadership ability makes you a vital team member in every organization.

Knowledge of Technical Application

Generally, employers look for a general manager who is well-grounded in many software and computer-based technologies for efficient workflow.

General managers, particularly in technological domains, should be able to use software tools to streamline and organize corporate processes, product and project management, and other operations.

How much does a General Manager Earn?

According to, the average salary for a general manager in the US is $55,488 annually.

Besides that, you will be open to receiving a $10,000 cash bonus, $17 750 commission, and $7,500 profit sharing.

What is the Job Outlook for a General Manager?

According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment in management occupations will expand by 8% through 2026.

This is faster than the overall employment growth of 7% for all occupations in the country.

What are the Requirements for Becoming a General Manager?

The requirements to fill in the position of general manager are listed below.

  • Knowledge of business processes and activities
  • Proven experience as a General Manager or similar executive post
  • Experience in planning and budgeting (finance, HR, procurement, operations)
  • Ability to think critically
  • Exceptional communication abilities
  • Outstanding management and leadership abilities
  • Ability to solve problems
  • A BSc/BA in Business or a related discipline is required; an MSc/MA is preferred

General Manager Job Description Template





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