How To File For Unemployment In Oklahoma And Receive Benefits 2023

For you to be able to know how to file for unemployment in Oklahoma, you must have terminated your job.

A lot of people do not know how to go about Oklahoma unemployment, and this has led to a series of questions on how to achieve it.

You must only contact the Oklahoma employment security commission to carry out this ordeal.

Dropping your details will give them the opportunity to get more information from the employer. Let’s have an overview of what we will discuss in this article.

Unemployment Oklahoma Eligibility Requirements

The Oklahoma Employment Security Commission (OESC) determines Oklahoma unemployment on a case basis. There are three requirements for one to meet before they are eligible to collect the Oklahoma Unemployment benefits.

Below are the requirements

  • You must be unemployed, which entirely is no fault of yours
  • You must have earned quite an amount of wages before being unemployed.
  • Also, you must be ready and available to work and also be seeking for a job

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Unemployment Oklahoma minimum earning requirement

To determine eligibility for Oklahoma unemployment, your recent work history and earnings during a one-year base period look upon.

You need to be aware that the base period is the first four of the five-quarter calendar before you filed your benefits claim.

If you filed your claim in July 2023, for example, your base period would be from February 2020 through January 2023.

For you to gain the Oklahoma Benefits, you need to meet the requirements below

  • You should earn $1,500 during the base period
  • During the base period, you should earn 1.5 time your earnings in the highest paid a quarter of the year

How to file a claim for unemployment benefits in Oklahoma

The unit that signs up for the unemployment claims is the Oklahoma employment service commission.

For the unemployment benefits, you can file your claim. You can find your information filed on the Oklahoma employment service commission website.

Monetary determination will be sent to you after OESC receives your file. It will give a detail of last earnings and highlight your weekly or total benefit.

Can you collect unemployment after being fired?

If you lack the competence of the desired skills in a job position and are fired, you won’t be prevented from receiving benefits.

But if it is due to your misconduct (neglecting your duties, dishonesty, that you were fired, then you can’t be qualified to receive benefits.

Can you collect unemployment due to quitting?

You won’t be eligible to collect benefits if you quit your job for no reason.

But if there is a good reason to make you quit your jobs like abuse or sexual harassment, you can receive benefits.

You are also eligible for the benefit if you left your job due to health conditions, etc. You must be willing to work at the time you apply for the benefit.

Are you searching for a job?

You must be willing to work or search for a job if you must keep collecting Oklahoma unemployment.

When a job is offered to you, for you to be able to know if the position is suitable depends on the experience at your previous workplace, how much to be paid, skills required, training to pursue, etc

You must seek this job with a clear conscience and also provide details of employers you have reached out to, as will be demanded by the Oklahoma employment service commission.

Duration and amount of Oklahoma benefits

Your weekly benefit rate in Oklahoma unemployment will be 1/23 wages of the highest-paid quarter in the base period if you are eligible for benefits.

Each week, you will receive $539 maximum. And you can receive this for 26 weeks. (High unemployment could lead to more benefits)

Few steps on how to file for unemployment in Oklahoma

Let’s dive in on few ways on how you can file for unemployment in Oklahoma

#1. Make sure you are eligible:

Temporary income is made available through the Unemployment Insurance provides aid to eligible workers who lost their job.

Like initially mentioned, you meet the benefit criteria if

You are ready to work, your unemployment wasn’t your fault, and you must be able to earn

$1,500 during the base period.

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#2. Prepare your information ahead of time:

To know how you can file unemployment in Oklahoma, you should have the necessary documents

  • Social security number
  • Name, address, email address
  • Employment start date and end
  • If a non-citizen, an alien registration number and expiry date are expected.
  • State-issued ID card number or driver’s license in Oklahoma
  • Wages earned and how you were paid (hourly, weekly, or monthly)
  • If employed by the government, provide form SF 50
  • For the military service, DD form 214 is needed.

#3. Complete the initial application:

Be sure to open an account and complete the process

Then log in to your account to create a traditional unemployment compensation application. Closing the window will make you start all over again in the application.

But application takes an hour or more due to individual requirements.

After your application, a letter will be sent to you based on your claim determination.

#4. After you file your claim:

Ensure you verify your identity on or in person at the work office. 2 things are expected for you in this Oklahoma unemployment work office, which is:

  • Create an account for job searching
  • Also, perform two work search efforts each week you claim benefits. You can search for jobs on LinkedIn and keep a record of it.


Oklahoma unemployment could help you gather more information as well as land another job if you are available.

You collect benefits when you keep searching for jobs.

And for you to be able to get benefits or qualify for them, your eligibility to file for unemployment in Oklahoma should not be on record that you are faulty.

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