Is Life Insurance Sales A Good Career Path? | 2023

Is life insurance a good career path? This is a lingering question that young and enthusiastic people who desire to pursue a career path in life Insurance face. 

Life insurance sales sell policies that pay beneficiaries some enumeration when a policyholder is deceased by life insurance agents. Selling annuities that promise clients a retirement income is also the job of life insurance agents. 

A career path is a series or sequence of jobs or roles an individual holds, leading to their short-term and long-term professional targets or goals. In other words, a career path is an individual’s road to achieving their goals or aspirations. 

Is Life Insurance Sales A Good Career Path?

Life Insurance sales is a good career path because of the many advantages and benefit it offers to those who sell life Insurance. There are a lot of rewards for life insurance sales.

Life Insurance sales as a career path offer flexibility to both the captive and independent insurance agent who can multitask and pursue other jobs.

Life Insurance sales is a good career path because It presents low entry barriers, especially for those who desire to transition into a new career following a major life change. It only requires a few weeks or months to study for the licensing exam to pass the exam and start life insurance sales.

Life Insurance sales is a good career path because entry requirements are not stringent as they prefer a college degree, but are not mandatory in many life insurance firms.

Life Insurance sales is a good career path because it offers some financial stability, as commissions paid for selling life Insurance are rewarding and decent.

To answer the question, is life insurance a good career path? Life insurance sales is a good career path because the longer the life insurance agent stays on the job, the better the conditions of pay, promotion, and experience gathered, as it can easily be transferred to another job.

Being a successful life insurance sales agent and excelling in your career path means selling more than competitors. Life insurance sales agents can achieve this feat by being passionate about life insurance sales, having and investing in the proper preparation before sales meetings, and pitching to prospective clients.

Through careful planning and preparations by the life insurance sales agents, the prospective client fully understands how the policy fits into their life and how the insurance agent has structured it to fit their peculiar needs and circumstances. 

Life insurance sales are easier once the prospective client completely understands the benefits attached to the agreement by the agent, the sense of financial safety and security offered to the prospective client’s family, and the empowerment experienced by purchasing a policy. All these can be achieved with the life Insurance sales agents equipping themselves with the necessary and required skills.  

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Requirements to be a Life Insurance Personnel/ Sales Agent

In talking about “is life insurance a good career path,” it is needful to know the requirements for becoming a life insurance personnel/ sales agent.

These requirements include; 

1. Effective Communication:

One of the rudiments of successful life Insurance sales is effective Communication, which is among the reasons why the question is, Is life insurance a good career path? Has a yes.  

A life Insurance sales agent must be an effective communicator to excel in the career path. During meetings and pitching, practical communication skills are handy as the life Insurance sales agents are expected to spell out the policy and how it works to clients to help them make better and informed decisions.  

The direction and precision of pitching to clients are key when an agent begins meetings with a prospective client. The message, in whatever form (verbal or written) needs to communicate a well-tailored life Insurance policy document that the prospective client uses to make better-informed decisions and choices.  

The message delivered by the life Insurance sales agents to clients must be clear and still on par with financial information on stocks and bonds. For the life Insurance sales agents To improve communication skills, agents can take courses online, listen to podcasts or webinars, practice delivering their policy explanations scenarios in front of a mirror, record themselves and listen to how explanations of products sound, etc. 

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2. Confidence:

Life Insurance sales agents having the right amount of Confidence plays a large part in their ability to deliver the right message to prospective clients. As Professionals, life Insurance sales agents must be highly articulate and be able to deliver their messages to their target audience. 

During pitching, the sales agents must have the confidence to convince clients beyond reasonable doubt about the implications of failing to buy the life Insurance policy and the losses one can incur from not utilizing the opportunity. 

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3. High Energy Levels:

Because the life Insurance sales niche is saturated and highly competitive, a standout performer must possess unmatched effort, energy, and stamina. Life Insurance sales agents will have bad days where they will not make sales, but they must be self-motivated to survive such days and push harder. 

Life Insurance sales involve most agents finding sales opportunities independently rather than having a company pass along prospective clients.

For life Insurance sales agents to stay on top of their game, they have to devote their time and energy to prospective clients scouting, working remotely and on weekends when need be, and sniffing around to seek prospective clients.  

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4. Exemplary Customer Service:

To answer the question: is life insurance a good career path? One of the determining factors is there’s exemplary customer service. 

The success of life Insurance sales is hinged on excellent customer service. Having a good rapport with the prospective clients and treating them well will make them more comfortable and makes selling them life Insurance policy easier. 

Life Insurance sales agents working in the insurance industry go out of their way to ensure their name and job title strikes a nerve and ring a bell long after they talk to or pitch to potential clients. A life Insurance sales agent’s personality needs to be large enough to be kept active in a client’s mind without coming off as rude or offensive.

Life Insurance sales agents must develop interpersonal skills of relationship-building, coupled with competency with products and stamina, which their importance can never be overemphasized.  

To be successful at life Insurance sales, agents need to prove they are capable, dependable, trustworthy, and stable and must demonstrate to be experts in their field.

On meeting a potential client, the life Insurance sales agent should introduce the policy to the client and elaborate on its importance and urgency without putting too much pressure on the client or appearing aggressive.  

Mastering this talent is increasingly difficult; life Insurance sales agents must be sympathetic and apply wisdom when interacting with clients and not appear pushy or offensive.

5. Engage in promotional activities like referral and word of mouth:

Life Insurance sales success is, to a large extent, dependent on the number of promotional activities. Having people talk about the insurance policy and referrals go a long way in achieving successful life Insurance sales.

Referrals form a large part of building a business that stands independent. The ideal situation springs up when interactions with clients have been so fruitful that they, without the cajoling, coercion, or request of the agent, go out of their way to recommend the agent’s business to friends, associates, family, and co-workers.

Word of mouth is one of the most important, especially coming from an influential voice of an influencer, and this form of promotional marketing is usually free.

The interactions between the life Insurance sales agent and the client should be good enough that the client wants to boast about the services of the life Insurance sales agents to others and refer them. 

Benefits And Merits of Choosing Life Insurance Sales

In talking about “is life insurance a good career path” you are to note that choosing Life Insurance sales as a career path has a lot of benefits and merits, which include  

1. Easy Access:

Choosing life Insurance sales as a career path is easy.

Life Insurance sales do not require a college degree. With licenses and exams required in some states , choosing the career path in life Insurance sales is easy with the right mindset and desire. 

2. Job Outlook and Prospects:

Statistically, life insurance sales career path offers jobs in abundance. With just a click on the internet, online job search sites, such as monster and craigslist, are full of such job openings and opportunities. 

3. Higher Remuneration and Money:

Life insurance sales as a career path is reported to offer the largest commissions and remuneration in the insurance sales industry.

Normally , an auto insurance policy offers about 10-15% of the first-year commission of the premium while health insurance is reported to offer up to 7% of the premium. Life insurance pays 100% or more of the premium policy.

This simply means that if a life Insurance sales agent sells a policy with a $100 per month premium, they are liable to make a total of $1,200 in commission on that policy during the first year. 

So, to answer the question: Is life insurance a good career path, seeing that one of the benefits available is higher remuneration and money, isn’t your answer a “yes” 

4. Passive Income:

Choosing a life Insurance sales as a career path is enriching and rewarding because as a successful life insurance sales agent, one can make quite a lot of money down over the years and down the road.  

Apart from the instant commission earned from selling a life Insurance policy, life Insurance sales agents get paid renewal commissions on that policy for as long as it is active and in force.  

For example, a whole life policy purchased by a 40-year-old who lives to be 100 years and keeps the policy their entire life pays the life Insurance sales agents commissions for 60 years.  

The commission percentage on an insurance policy goes low after the first year. Still, the life insurance sales agents can keep earning 5% to 10% as long as the policyholder pays their monthly premium. This monthly income is passive income the life Insurance sales agents receive each month without having to raise a muscle or get out of bed. 

Just like every career path with its peculiar merits and benefits, demerits exist. The demerits of life Insurance sales as a career path include; 

5. Employment Status

Most life Insurance companies do not offer full employment status to agents. This means that life Insurance sales agents cannot be classified as company employees. The advantage to not being classified as an employee is the company or firm cannot force the agent to work preset hours, but rather the sales agents set itinerary or schedule.  

Because of this factor, making it in life Insurance sales, especially in the twilight years, is tasking and requires tons and lots of work and time to succeed in the career path.  

Few companies that offer employment status to life Insurance sales agents only provide a small base salary and benefits that come with stringent set sales targets, and failure to meet these targets is faced with outright dismissal. 

Cons of Choosing Life Insurance Sales

Difficulty in Customer Or Client Acquisition:

One of the most tasking and challenging aspects of the life Insurance sales job is Finding qualified life insurance prospects. This niche is fraught with challenges and difficulty. Even with leveraging the power of the internet, good leads are difficult to come by.

This has given rise to Lead vendors saturated online, who sell leads of potential clients to life Insurance sales agents. 

Patronizing these lead vendors who provide leads to life Insurance sales agents makes sales agents take a lower commission in return, as the commission is lower after the deductions paid to the lead vendors.

Because of these constraints, many life insurance agents resort to doing business the conventional way, which involves cold-calling and door-knocking.

These methods have proven to still deliver results even in the 21st century but becoming successful at life Insurance sales as a career path requires a lot of tenacity, grit, endurance, perseverance, strong will, and very thick skin. 

The Sales Process:

Life Insurance sales is a very difficult niche because the life Insurance policy is tough to sell. Getting people talking about the fact that they are going to die someday is a touchy and tricky subject and has to be handled in the most careful and professional ways to avoid conflict.

After clearing and surmounting this Herculean hurdle, getting the prospective client to see why they must buy the life Insurance policy is another challenge. Even after pitching and explaining the policy to the most-qualified prospect, failure to do extensive follow-up will lead to losing the insurance sales policy.  

These loose ends can be taken care of by signing paperwork that binds the prospects to buy the policy because the life Insurance policy does not provide instant gratification and allowing the prospects to leave the appointment without signing paperwork, as some commitment almost always translates to the life Insurance sales agents losing the prospect forever.  

The client may be indecisive but cajoling them without coming across as bugging them and following up when they say they will give it a thought will increase the chances of the life Insurance sales agents selling the policy to the prospects. 

The pros of life insurance sales outweigh its cons hence life insurance is a good career path.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Must I get a degree to pursue a life insurance career?

Having a college degree to pursue a career path in life Insurance sales is not compulsory. 

Is a life insurance career worth it?

Yes, life Insurance sales have higher monetary rewards than health and auto insurance sales. The full amount of the insurance is paid to beneficiaries when the life Insurance companies receive written proof of death. A certified copy of the death certificate is required. 

Can a life insurance policy be canceled?

Yes, the life Insurance sales policy can be canceled.  

Can I pursue another career with life insurance?

Yes, life Insurance sales can be pursued as a complementary career in addition to another job due to the luxury of time and flexibility it provides. 


Is life Insurance a good career path?; s a question that has been racing the minds of those who desire and seek to carve a niche for themselves in the life Insurance sales industry.

Equipped with the right skills of effective communication, persuasion, excellent customer service, and high confidence, a life Insurance sales agent will be able to surmount the challenges and reap the rewards of life Insurance sales such as passive income, higher remuneration and money, higher job outlook and prospects, and easy access. 



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