How To Earn Coins On Pokémon Go | Steps That Work

Earning coins on Pokemon Go is very easy if you know what you are doing. Everything you need to do on the Pokemon goes would require you to have coins. A coin you earn on Pokemon Go is called a Pokecoin, and while there is only one way to earn free Pokecoin, there are several other ways you can earn it.

This article will explain how to earn coins on Pokemon Go easily. These steps work, and they could help you earn easier and smarter.

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What is Pokémon Go

Pokemon Go is a free smartphone app that combines gaming with the real world. The game uses location tracking and mapping technology to create an ‘augmented reality’ where players catch and train Pokémon characters in real locations.

Pokémon Go is a game that uses your phone’s GPS and clock to detect where and when you are in the game and make Pokémon “appear” around you (on your phone screen) so you can go and catch them.

As you move around, different and more types of Pokémon will appear depending on where you are and what time it is. The idea is to encourage you to travel around the real world to catch Pokémon in the game.

Unfortunately, Pokémon aren’t real; but technology has evolved to be able to simulate a world in which Pokémon are real. That’s essentially what Pokémon Go attempts to do: By using your phone’s ability to track the time and your location, the game imitates what it would be like if Pokémon really were roaming around you at all times, ready to be caught and collected.

And given that many original Pokémon fans are now adults, this idea has the extra benefit of hitting a sweet spot of nostalgia, helping boost its popularity.

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How Does Pokemon Go work?

Pokémon characters appear on the game map as users walk around the real world. When users come within a close enough range, the Pokémon will appear on the device screen, and users throw Poké Balls at them to capture them. The aim is to collect as many different characters as possible.

The map is an anime-style version of google maps that replaces real street names and landmarks with Pokémon specific buildings. Another feature of the game is Poke Stops which are real-life locations where users can usually collect free Poké Balls (used to catch Pokémon).

Players can also find Pokémon eggs that hatch into Pokémon and can be added to a user’s collection.

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Why Do I Need To Earn Coins On Pokemon Go?

There are several reasons why you need to earn coins on Pokémon Go. The Pokémon Go shop is filled with a lot of items you can buy with the coins you earn on Pokémon Go. With the pokecoins you earn, you can buy-

  • Lucky eggsPoke balls– If you are running out of balls to catch all those Pokémon then you might want to purchase a bundle.
  • Incense– If you want to lure Pokémon to your location, you can purchase some incense. They last for 30minutes.
  • Bag Upgrades– This upgrade increases the number of items you can carry by 50. They are great if you are spinning those Poke stops often and hitting the cap.
  • Pokémon Storage Upgrade– This upgrade gives you more space for cute little mons.
  • Egg incubator– Egg incubators allow you to hatch eggs that you find. The super version increases the speed of the incubation process. Both versions break after three uses.
  • Lure Modules– These modules can be placed at a nearby pokestop and attract Pokémon to the area for 30minutes. It benefits even those that may be playing the game nearby.
  • Premium raid passes
  • Max potions– These potions completely restore the health of 10 Pokémon. It mostly comes in handy when you are into battling.
  • Max revives– This is mainly for reviving your Pokémon and fully restoring their maximum HP.
  • Different cosmetics for your avatar

All of these and many more are the reasons why you need to earn coins on Pokémon Go.

How To Earn Coins On Pokemon Go?

One of the first steps of earning coins on Pokémon Go is by buying them. They can be purchased from the shop. The price range is-

  • $0.99- 100coins
  • $4.99- 550coins
  • $9.99- 1200coins
  • $19.99- 2300coins
  • $39.99- 5200 coins
  • $99.99- 14500 coins

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Another way pokecoins can be earned is through Google play rewards. All you have to do is open the app, complete the survey, close it once more. You would always get notifications in the app to remind you to complete surveys.

For every survey you complete, you can use it to make purchases on Google Play Store, after which you can build up your credit to buy pokecoins.

Another most popular way to earn coins on Pokémon Go is by occupying gyms. Up to six Pokémon can be put in a gym if it’s for your team. If players cannot find a gym occupied by their team, players would have to challenge one and take it over themselves.

Team Valor owns red gyms, Team Instinct runs yellow gyms, and Team Mystic occupies blue gyms. You can change the color and team of a gym by battling in it and knocking out the Pokémon. It takes multiple rounds of battling to do this.

On Pokémon Go, you will get six PokéCoins per hour while your Pokémon is in a gym, but you’ll only get the coins when your Pokémon gets knocked out. You can also only get 50 PokéCoins per day, adding a cap to how many freebies you can grab.

Even if you have multiple Pokémon in gyms, you can still only get 50 PokéCoins per day. This simply put, means-

  • Once you have found a gym, you can destroy it or fortify it to place your Pokémon there.
  • You will be given the chance to walk into the shop and cash in every 24hours
  • Based on the number of Pokémon you have n a gym, you will receive a predetermined number of poke coins.
  • The button for this may be found in the shops top right corner
  • Players who do not have access to a gym will not be able to press this button
  • You gain 10 coins and 500 stardust for each Pokémon
  • Because the cash in option is limited to ten coins and 5000 stardust every day, the most coins and stardust you can earn in a day is 100 coins and 5000 stardust.

Other Ways To Earn Coins on Pokémon Go

One of the things most people don’t tell you is that one of the best ways to earn coins on Pokémon Go is through farming. Traditionally, trainers could only earn PokeCoins by defending gyms.

Even with the new Remote Gym feature, it’s not always possible to conquer and defend gyms. Not to mention that this becomes increasingly more problematic for new and more casual players. Other ways to earn coins on Pokémon Go are-

  • Make an excellent throw
  • Evolve a Pokémon
  • Make a great throw
  • Use a berry to help catch a Pokémon
  • Take a snapshot of your buddy
  • Catch a Pokémon
  • Power up a Pokémon
  • Make a nice throw
  • Transfer a Pokémon
  • Win a raid

The longer your Pokémon is in a Gym, the more PokéCoins you will earn. However, you can only earn a maximum of 50 PokéCoins per day, even if all Pokémon are removed from all the Gyms you are defending at once.

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

How much are PokéCoins?

A. If you need more coins, you can always buy some for real money. The prices vary a bit by region, but in the U.S, the prices are as follows: 100 PokéCoins: $0.99550 PokéCoins: $4.991,200 PokéCoins: $9.992,500 PokéCoins: $19.995,200 PokéCoins: $39.9914,500 PokéCoins: $99.99. The more PokéCoins you buy, the better deal you get.

Do I need storage upgrades?

A. If you plan on playing Pokémon Go long-term, you’ll need storage upgrades and bag upgrades. You can buy all of these in the Pokémon Go shop.

Are there multiplayer functions?

There is no multiplayer function, but the game developers are still exploring multiplayer options.

What are the concerns about the app?

A. One of the biggest concerns is the app encourages kids to explore different locations in the real world. This poses apparent risks for young people, including encountering strangers, venturing to unknown locations, and potentially injuring themselves during play.


Earning coins on Pokémon Go can be incredibly helpful for players, even for those not looking to purchase items. They can be used for additional purchase expansions to players’ items bags and Pokémon storage.

Pokémon Go, while dipping into users’ wallets, has also been sending people outside to explore the neighborhood, and in some cases even stumble upon interesting or historical real-world places. This is the best guide on how to earn coins on Pokémon Go.



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