Material Handler Job Description Template for 2023

To maximize profit in businesses, manufacturers purchase raw materials in bulk. Also, wholesalers who buy in bulk store up their products in warehouses.

The material handler job description explains in detail the role of a material handler in both production sites and warehouses.

Most of these materials require careful handling, sourcing, and storage. This makes it vital for companies to hire qualified individuals to handle the process.

In this article, material handler job descriptions are reviewed. Individuals aspiring to tow this career path as well as job seekers would learn all they need to about this profession.

You can find highlights of questions pertaining to this job role and the order in which they are answered in the table of content below.

Why a Material Handler Job Description?

Job descriptions give clarity to what an employer expects from an employee. Basically, a material handler job description is a document that states in clarity the roles, duties and responsibilities of a material handler.

This is done with simple terms and material handling jargon to enlighten both job seekers and individuals who are seeking to start this career.

A glance through a job description for material handler reveals the following:

  • Required skills
  • qualification
  • duties
  • physical demand
  • material handler salary

Who is a Material Handler?

The term material handler refers to individuals who handle, moves and store various hazardous and non-hazardous materials within a warehouse.

Generally, they ensure orderly production and distribution of products. They pull orders from inventory, delivering production materials and supplies.

Most times, they are also called warehouse associates. And, they make work easier for customer service agents of any company.

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What Skills are Needed for a Material Handler Job?

The job of a material handler demands a lot of physical strength. It also needs lots of carefulness and attention to detail.

The skills required may vary depending on the production factory or storage warehouse. However, most material handler job description templates will have the following skills.

  • Organizational skills.
  • Ability to read and analyze Information.
  • Adept at handling multiple complex tasks simultaneously.
  • Proficiency with prioritizing and meeting multiple deadlines.
  • Excellent time management.
  • Process improvement mindset.
  • Knowledge of inventory control.
  • Active listening skills

Other academic qualifications and certifications for material handlers may include:

  • High school diploma or its equivalent
  • certification to ride a forklift
  • years of experience.

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Is being a material handler hard?

Being a material handler may not necessarily be hard but strenuous. As earlier stated, it demands a lot of physical strength. Material handlers stand for long periods and carry heavy materials.

Most employers will include “ability to lift 30 pounds” in the job description. So, if you intend to build a career in this line, you must do a lot of physical training.

Eating healthy will go a long way to help you excel in this career.

What job category is a material handler?

Material handlers job descriptions show they are integral warehouse workers. It is a kind of job in warehouses and production facilities.

Most job descriptions for warehouse workers itemize their duties by finding products on shelves, packaging them for deliveries, and placing them on delivery trucks.

What are the Duties of Material Handlers?

FedEx opines that a typical day for its material handler involves requesting orders to pick and retrieve products from the warehouse.

Afterward, they bring full orders to the wrapping table or packing station. In production factories, their duties may differ slightly.

However, the daily duties of a material handler will include the following:

  • Maintaining inventory
  • Identifying, labeling and keeping materials and supplies in stock.
  • Recording location of inventory and reporting shortages
  • Locating materials and supplies
  • Pulling and verifying materials and supplies listed on production orders
  • Moving loading and unloading materials by hands
  • Using a variety of handling equipment
  • Making sure deliveries properly match purchase orders

What should I put on my resume for material handler?

If you are looking at interning for the position of a material handler, reading a series of job descriptions for a material handler will help you.

While writing your resume for a material handler, include the relevant skills they need. It is pertinent you include you can handle materials effectively. Also, state the experiences you have if any.

Furthermore, include you exhibit excellent stamina, possess time management skills and have good inventory control skills.

How Much Should a Material Handler Make?

The amount you make as a material handler depends on several factors. Location, point of entry, qualifications, and years of experience may influence your pay.

Material handlers at advanced levels will surely earn higher than entry-level material handlers.

Generally, the average salary for a material handler is $16.07 per hour in the US. Annually, material handlers may earn up to $5, 250 on average.

Material Handler Job Description Templates

The templates below are from trusted hiring firms. A glance through them will give you deep insight into the profession.

It reveals the general qualifications, required skills, duties and responsibilities of a material handler.

Material Handler Job Description Templates 1

Material Handler Job Description Templates 2

Material Handler Job Description Templates 3


Understanding the tenets of a job is the first step to excelling in it. Interestingly, you can find all you need to know about a profession through its job description.

Material handler job descriptions will give you a deep insight into the skills, qualifications, and responsibilities of a warehouse associate.

Read through this informative piece and download some templates.



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