15 Best International Nursing Recruitment Agencies in USA | 2023

If you’re a nurse searching for a job in another country, you might be unsure where to begin your search. There are a lot of nursing recruitment firms out there, but they’re not all the same. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the 15 best international nursing recruitment agencies in USA.

Nurses from outside the United States may consider working here temporarily or permanently as the demand for nurses in the United States steadily increases because most of the population aging, a significant part of nurses approaching retirement age, and now a global pandemic. Nursing recruitment services frequently recruit the best nurses to help ease the nursing shortage.

In the United States, there are many international nursing recruitment agencies. They recruit nurses from other countries in two ways:

  • Without the use of intermediaries, through direct trusts
  • Using a staffing company.

What we are going to concentrate on today is how to get hired as a foreign-trained nurse through recruitment agencies in the US.

What to Look For in an International Nursing Recruitment Agency

There are a few things to consider while looking for a nursing recruiting firm to assist you in finding a new job overseas. Here are some of the most crucial considerations:

Location of Agency: The location of the agency is one of the most crucial factors to consider. You should check to see if they have offices in the country or countries where you intend to work.

Length of Experience: It’s also crucial to think about the agency’s previous experience. How long have they been looking for nurses to work in other countries? What is the success rate of their business? You just have to bear this and more at the back of your mind.

Services Rendered: Another factor to think about is the agency’s services. Are they able to assist you with visa applications and paperwork? Is there a place to stay and a way to get around?

Budget: It’s also crucial to think about your budget. Some organizations charge for their services, while others do not. There are also price differences. Endeavor to find all these to know if they are within your budget.

How to Choose the Best Nursing Recruitment Agency in USA

Of course, not every agency will be a good fit for every client. Some nurses may prefer agencies that specialize solely in international postings, whereas others prefer organizations with a broader scope.

Some nurses may have a larger budget and seek an agency that provides all-inclusive services, while others may be content with just visa and paperwork support.

Doing your homework is the greatest method to find the correct agency for you. Read evaluations, compare prices, and get recommendations from people.

Once you’ve identified a few organizations that appear to be a perfect match, contact them to see if they can assist you with your specific needs.

Why You Should Choose a Recruitment Agency

There are many advantages to working with a recruitment firm. Here are a few examples:

They are familiar with the market: Nursing recruiting agencies have a lot of experience in the field of nursing. So, they know where to look for the best employment and can guide you through the frequently difficult application procedure.

They have the contacts: Nursing recruitment agencies have links all around the world, including hospitals and healthcare facilities. This means they can assist you in finding employment no matter where you choose to go.

For easy Visa and Paperwork Processing: Nursing recruiting firms are visa and paperwork experts. They understand the ins and outs of visa applications and other required paperwork.

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15 Best International Nursing Recruitment Agencies in the USA

1. Alda Professional Placement Services

Alda Professional Placement Services, based in North Texas, is a branch of Alda Technologies, a pioneer in medical staffing in the United States.

Contract staffing, permanent placement, and executive search are among their offerings. They place nurses from the following countries:

  • France
  • Australia
  • Canada
  • Austria
  • Philippines
  • South Africa.
  • India
  • Caribbean Islands
  • Ireland

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Since 2001, SMCI has placed international nurses, physical therapists, occupational therapists, and medical technologists under the I-140/EB3/EB2 Immigrant Visa and the H1-B Work Visa.

Working with a New York law practice over the years, they gathered expertise of each state for the following: All immigration processes, including embassy interviews, include credentialing testing and certification validation of license eligibility.

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3. Cross Country Nurses

This recruitment service assists you in achieving your work and personal goals, allowing you to take on new challenges in both areas. They provide full-service support.

You will have the support and exclusive offerings of one of the top travel nurse brands in the market when you work with this agency.

You can explore a variety of geographical areas and therapeutic settings with over 220,000 potential assignments each year at their thousands of partner sites across the country.

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4. CareerKnacks International Nursing Recruiters 

This firm is one of the leading international nursing recruitment agencies in the United States, specializing in placing international nurses in the United States.

They are a no-fee agency, which means they will always be on your side during the recruitment process. With over 25 years of expertise, you can trust that they know what they’re doing and will be able to answer any questions you may have throughout the procedure.

They are good at assisting nurses in advancing their careers and realizing their own American dream.

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5. Christine Paris Enterprises USA Inc 

This is a licensed International Recruitment and Immigration Assistance Services, having a sibling company in the Philippines, SAMPAGA IMMIGRATION CONSULTANCY.

They can assist you in finding highly competent nurses, physical therapists, and occupational therapists.

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6. Emerald Health Services

Emerald Health Services is a group of healthcare staffing experts who take a unique approach to the market.
They’ve established themselves as a national leading healthcare staffing agency focusing on travel, interim leadership, and direct hire staffing for RNs, healthcare executives, and allied travel at top-ranked facilities across the United States having been founded in 2002.

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7. Comprehensive Medical Staffing

Comprehensive Medical Staffing has been ensuring high-quality patient care for more than a decade. CMS-HIM, CMS-Imaging, CMS-Med, and CMS-Nursing are their associate firms that develop customized staffing solutions depending on your clinical and administrative needs.

Clinical and staffing professionals developed their service style for today’s healthcare system. 

They take care of your personnel issues as if they were their own.
They listen and respond swiftly to match the right healthcare expert with the right patient. 

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8. Global Health Resources

This is one of the international nursing recruitment agencies in USA that recruits and places excellent nurses and health care professionals from all over the world for hospitals, nursing homes, rehab organizations, and other healthcare providers.

They coordinate the hiring of qualified and highly trained Nurses, Medical Technologists, Physical Therapists, and Occupational Therapists, as well as credentialing, license processing, legal, and visa processing.

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9. O’Grady Peyton International 

O’ Grady Peyton International has over decades of experience in placing nurses in rewarding careers throughout the United States. They are one of the leading agencies in the United States for International Nurses.

They take pride in connecting the best nurses in the world with many of America’s finest healthcare institutions.

Also, they have a proven track record in keeping promises made to both their clients and clinicians and making a difference in the lives of each individual.

Besides excellent pay and benefits, O’ Grady Peyton can help you navigate the complicated processes of RN licensure, visa screening, and immigration requirements.

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10. Global Nursing Recruiters 

This is one of the global nursing recruitment agencies in the United States that assists ambitious foreign-trained nurses who want to live and work in America.

They are the leading nurse recruitment firm for African and Caribbean nurses.

By guiding you through the registration procedure, they make the recruitment process less stressful for you. They also present you with materials to help you study for the GRN and NCLEX-RN exams.

They can also help you prepare for the Registered Nurse Licensure Examination administered by the National Council. Their experienced teachers will assist you in preparing for the exam.

They may also help you get your nursing school transcript examined by the nation’s premier nurse credential evaluation firm. Finally, when you decide to migrate, they will be there to support you.

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11. GlobeMed Resources

Over 400 Indian nurses have been successfully placed in the United States by GlobeMed Resources. GlobeMed and its partners can sponsor Indian nurses who have already been granted visas but require additional sponsorship.

This is accomplished by recapturing the former priority date and proceeding with your Green Card application.

GlobeMed can assist you with getting to the United States and finding a good work environment if you are a Registered Nurse who has passed the NCLEX exam and has current clinical experience.

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12. Guardian Healthcare Providers 

You work hard as a healthcare practitioner to provide individualized treatment with clinical excellence. For your career advancement, you deserve the same consideration.

In the area of healthcare staffing, Guardian Health Providers’ attention to detail is unrivaled. They locate chances for you in a big metropolis or a small town, a large hospital or a home care setting, full-time or part-time.

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13. HealthStar International 

Their expertise and experience are unrivaled in the industry. HealthStar International provides recruitment help and immigration case management to U.S.-based healthcare firms looking to address skills gaps with international expertise

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14. MedPro International 

Registered nurses from all around the world are being hired. Their goal is to assist you in establishing a career as a healthcare professional in the United States.

They have effectively placed more foreign-educated healthcare professionals than by any other company in their field.

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15. Medliant 

Their large network of national clients allows us to offer a number of assignment alternatives in a variety of venues all around the United States.

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Nursing recruitment agencies in the USA can assist in making the process of finding a new job in another country easier.

You can be confident that you are working with a company with a proven track record of success if you choose one of the top international nursing recruitment agencies in the USA listed above.

These companies have contacts worldwide and understand how to handle visas and other necessary paperwork so that nurses like you don’t have to worry about them while looking for work in your new country.


Who can practice nursing in the US?

The United States hires nurses from other countries, decimating some countries’ healthcare systems.

What do I need to practice nursing in the US?

Have a degree from a recognized institution.
Maintain a good reputation.
Comply with any of the country’s licensing requirements.
Pass the NCLEX-RN exam (National Council Licensure Examination).
Pass any specialist tests that are required.

Where are nurses paid the highest?

Luxembourg pays nurses the highest in the world. Becoming a registered nurse in the country is quite cumbersome –  Nurses earn an average $91,000 (USD) in Luxembourg.



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