15 Online Coding Jobs in Java for 16 Years or Older That Pay Well In 2023

There are undoubtedly several online coding jobs in Java for 16 years or older. However, only a few people with the relevant skill and expertise know what career to pursue.

Therefore, if you still find it challenging to land your first job with your Java certification, consider reading this article to the end.

The release of Java opened up various opportunities for online coding jobs. Today, the growth of the social media space and the clamor for personal business apps has made Java applications even more relevant.

Consequently, companies seek to employ those at least 16 years old or older to fill pertinent industry spaces.

Hence, if you are conversant with Java programming language, there are several opportunities for you in the tech industry. From JS Nodes Developer to Coding tutor, this article will show you the top 15 online coding jobs in Java for 16 years or older that pay well in 2023. 

online coding jobs in java 16 or older

15 Online Coding Jobs in Java for 16 or Older That Pay Well in 2023

Every online job has its set of requirements. While some mandate employees to be available via phone, video calls, or emails during certain hours, others allow employees to report to them once a week or at the end of the month. Even so, the key to working effectively online is communication.

Here are the top 15 online coding jobs in Java for 16 years or older that pay well in 2023.

  • Full Stack Web Developer
  • Java/Nodes JS Developer
  • Software Engineer
  • Java Programmer
  • Junior Software Developer
  • User Interface (UI) Designers
  • User Experience (UX) Designer
  • App Developer
  • Data Scientist
  • Backend Developer
  • Become a Coding Tutor
  • Technical Support Specialist
  • Web Developer
  • DevOps Engineer
  • WordPress Developer

#1. Full Stack Web Developer 

National Income Estimate: $111,591 yearly

The primary duties of a full-stack developer are: to develop applications, build websites, code, and update the user-facing interface and the backend infrastructure.

A full-stack web developer may work alone or collaborate with others in the early web stage to design a digital program’s substructure and code functional assets for users.

Full-stack development can be an excellent career path if you are looking for online coding jobs in Java for 16 years or older. Several companies allow full-stack developers to work from home, provided you possess the required skills and experience. Also, many full-stack developers work as a member of a team. Nonetheless, others work as freelancers from home.

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#2. Java/Nodes JS Developer

National Income Estimate:  $110,000 yearly

There are several opportunities for online coding jobs in Java for 16 years and older for those with the relevant skill and expertise to work as Java/Nodes JS Developers. The primary duty of a java programmer is to design and produce functional java programs. The Java/Nodes JS Developer usually collaborates with a team to develop, code, and ensure an application function according to specifications.

Nonetheless, Java/Nodes JS Developers can also work solo, writing codes as freelancers for clients. You can also operate privately and work for hire via your private website or blog. Again, GitHub is a great place to display, sell your codes and connect with developers and potential clients.

#3. Software Engineer

National Income Estimate: $107,265 yearly

The primary duties of a software engineer are to transfer designs into models and finished products for digital assets like operating systems, games, software, and computer applications. Today, the demand for software engineers is high.

Through team collaboration, you can work as a software engineer. Several online coding jobs in Java for 16 years or older pay well in software engineering. Indeed.com is a great place to start your search. However, many software engineers choose to work as freelancers. Sites like Freelancer.com and flexjob.com are good places to search for freelance software engineer jobs.  

#4. Java Programmer

National Income Estimate: $103,840 yearly

Java programmers are earnestly sought after lately. Hence, there are numerous online openings in the field. As a java programmer, your primary duty is to design, code, and monitor applications that run on java programs. Today, almost all the applications you come across, either for mobile phones or computers, require Java.

Therefore, if you are looking for online coding jobs in Java for 16 years or older, consider working as a java programmer. The good thing about working as a programmer is that you can either work from home, sell your programs or work in an office.

One of the ways to find remote java programming jobs is by signing up as a freelancer. Also, a site like GitHub is a great place to connect with programmers worldwide and sell your codes.

Companies like Selby Jennings and Verizon are among the best places to work as a java programmer. Sites like epam anywhere are great places to find loads of freelance java programming jobs. Other websites where you can find remote java programming jobs include Toptal and  Guru.com.

#5. Junior Software Developer

National Income estimate: $65,466 yearly

The junior developer usually works as a part of a team. His primary duty is assisting senior team members in designing, coding, testing, troubleshooting, debugging, and revising software applications. There are several openings for Junior Software Developers, especially those looking for online coding jobs in Java for 16 years or older.

You can explore freelancer sites to find several openings for junior software developers. Sites like indeed.com also provide you with several opportunities in this area. While most jobs on indeed.com require a physical presence at the office, a handful allows you to work remotely from home.

#6. User Interface (UI) Designers

National income estimate: $86,539 per yearly

Several aspects of UI design also require knowledge of Java. Your primary duty as a UI designer is to collaborate with other professionals like graphics and UX designers and developers to create quality software products that are attractive and accessible.

There are online coding jobs in Java for 16 years or older who wish to work as UI designers. One of the ways to prepare for these kinds of jobs is to attend coding bootcamps. It will help you better understand modern design principles and how designs and code interact well.  

#7. User Experience (UX) Designer

National income estimate: $102,526 yearly

 When it comes to app development, UX design is very crucial. Therefore, many organizations hire a UX designer to collaborate with the UI designer and the rest of the team to develop an application that users will like. Creating an application that users will select also requires coding knowledge.

Therefore, consider UX design if you are interested in an online job. One of the ways you can find an opening for this role is as a freelancer. Besides working as a freelance UX Designer, other companies are willing to allow you to work from home as a UX Designer.

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#8. App Developer

National income estimate: $91,302 yearly

Today, Java has become almost a part of every software development process. Therefore, there is an increase in the need for app developers. Hence, there are several online jobs coding jobs in Java for 16 years or older popping up in the area of app development.

An app developer’s primary duties include coding and testing, troubleshooting, and revising software applications for computers, mobile devices, and other specific electronic devices.

They are also in charge of app design and monitoring to ensure they function according to specifications. Even though app development is a huge task, there are many opportunities to find online options if you are an app developer.   

#9. Data Scientist

National income estimate: $122,901 per yearly

There are also coding jobs in Java for 16 years or older persons in the field of Data Science. In other words, data science requires programming skills to develop a functional framework for the collection, analysis, and automation of the data collection process.

A functional system or process makes it possible and more accessible to keep data up to date. Today, many fields of life require data to create intelligent solutions and marketing plans that produce effective results. Hence, the better your technical know-how with java 16 or older, the better for you.

There are several opportunities to earn as a data scientist online. You can choose to register as a freelancer or work solo online, gathering and selling information to organizations where they are needed.

#10. Back-end Developer

National income estimate: $128,480 yearly

A backend developer is primarily responsible for building and ensuring the website’s backend is up to date. They also ensure that the user assets are functional and that data is secure and organized. Backend development also requires coding skills.

Hence, there are several coding jobs in Java for 16 years or older with the relevant skills and the willingness to work on the backend as developers. Java coding skills allow the backend developer to create interactive website features and environments.

#11. Become a Coding Tutor

National income estimate: $55,369 year

Becoming a coding tutor can be an excellent career path if you are looking for jobs in Java for 16 years or older. You can make money working as a virtual tutor from the comfort of your home. Many people are willing to pay to acquire the knowledge you have.    

Besides teaching people how to code, you can also teach them how to maintain, upgrade, and fix codes. Depending on the student’s needs, you can also help students prepare for college coding courses.

 Many working-class people want to learn how to code or enhance their knowledge to handle more tasks. Hence, there are many opportunities to earn using your java knowledge as a coding tutor online if you are 16 years or older.

Besides your ability to work with Java, there is no other special requirement you need to become a coding tutor. Whether you have a formal degree or not is optional to start working and earning as a tutor. All you require is an in-depth understanding of how the various java platform work.

The more versions of Java you are familiar with; the more opportunities you will have to earn more as a tutor. Platforms like Teachable.com are great places to sign up and become online tutors. The good thing is that you don’t necessarily need to be always present to earn as an online tutor. You can earn by uploading and selling your courses online.

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#12. Technical Support Specialist

National income estimate:  $59,064 yearly

Many tech companies today hire the services of remote Technical Support Specialists to assist customers with several software tech issues. Some of a tech support specialist’s primary roles include taking phone calls from customers and answering questions about software and other technical problems.

Other essential duties include providing tech tips to companies and updating their websites and existing software applications.

The job of a technical support specialist can sometimes be demanding, depending on the client. Therefore, advanced knowledge of Android or iOS systems may be required. Also, some companies will require you to understand the concept of voice telephony.

In addition, educational qualifications in relevant fields like computer science may be necessary for this position. However, it is essential to remember that it is optional, primarily for those working from home. Many clients will still hire you without qualifications.

Various platforms provide opportunities for Tech Support Specialists to work and earn a living. GitHub is a good example.

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#13. Web Developer

National income estimate: $97,728 yearly

Part of the primary duties of a web developer is creating secure and functional web applications for clients. Other key responsibilities include designing navigation menus and user interfaces, reviewing and writing applicable codes for sites, basically JavaScript, HTML, and XML, testing web applications, etc.

Therefore, many companies have job openings for online coding jobs in Java for 16 years or older for individuals with the right skill sets to collaborate with web development for the best results.  

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#14. DevOps Engineer

National income estimate: $105,017 yearly

DevOps Engineering involves several processes that are involved in automating development processes. Part of the primary duties includes creating effective and efficient applications. As a junior DevOps Engineer, you will likely work with the coding side of the job.

Nonetheless, many senior DevOps engineers are more involved in development management and planning. Hence, many firms have openings for online coding jobs in Java for 16 years or older where necessary.

You can start as a graduate or associate DevOps engineer. As your experience grows, you can take on more responsibilities as a senior or principal DevOps engineer. Taking further courses or attending bootcamps can significantly improve your skill and prepare you for more prominent roles.

#15. WordPress Developer   

National income estimate: $66,656 yearly

WordPress is among the top utilized content management systems (CMS), accounting for over 50 percent of websites in the world today. There are online coding jobs in java 16 and older for those who want to explore the area of WordPress development.

Nonetheless, besides your knowledge of Java, you also require knowledge of HTML, CSS, and PHP to be successful in this career.

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Are Online Coding Jobs in Java for 16 years or Older Legitimate?

No doubt, there are many fraudulent job postings online that claim to pay high. However, there are also other legitimate online jobs available. Many companies today operate entirely remotely to cut down costs. Hence, it is essential to do proper research before accepting any online job.


Can you get a job programming at 16?

It is possible to get a programming job at 16. However, some companies require a work permit before you can work.

Can I still become a programmer if I am over 40?

There is no age limit to becoming a programmer.

Can I become a Java developer at the age of 40?

Yes. So long as you have the required skill for the job. The more experience, the better your chances of getting a job.

What is the average age of a coder?

The average coder in the United States is 40+, representing 69% of the population.

Can I become a developer in six months?

Learning to code requires much work and is not something you start and complete in six months.

How can I get a coding job with no experience?

There are a few ways to land a coding job, and they include:
Attending a Bootcamp and improving your coding skills
Build your portfolio
Improve your online presence
Earn a programming certification
Build your network
Participate in coding challenges
Start and finish projects


Due to the continuous demand for expert knowledge of java programming, many firms today are opening up their doors and embracing remote staff as part of their effort to meet the demand for java programmers. Hence, several online coding jobs in Java for 16 years or older are available.

Also, many independent java programmers who wish to work remotely either as freelancers or selling their apps earn enough to put them at par with their counterparts working a full-time 9 to 5 job. Therefore, consider adding an online coding job to your plan, depending on your schedule.  



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