15 Online Jobs in Oregon That Pay Well in 2023

Working online is becoming more popular due to online jobs’ flexibility, diversity, and income potential.

Furthermore, the start-up costs are low, and various gigs are available depending on your interests and skill set. If you want to start your online gig or work for someone, numerous opportunities are available.

This article is your best bet in finding the 15 online jobs in Oregon that pay well in 2023.

What is an Online Job in Oregon?

An online job requires only an internet connection to work. You could be self-employed as a small business owner or freelancer or employed by a company.

You can find online jobs in various places, including job boards, recruiters, networking, and more. UpWork, FlexJobs, Indeed, Monster, and other job search websites may be of interest.

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Is it possible to Work Online in Oregon?

Yes, it is possible to work online in Oregon. Many jobs can be done remotely, and you can work from almost anywhere as long as you have a reliable internet connection. Various online job opportunities are available in Oregon, including freelancing, remote work, virtual assistant work, online tutoring, and online selling.

In recent years, there has been a significant increase in remote work opportunities due to technological advancements and the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Many employers now offer remote work options, and some online platforms and marketplaces connect freelancers with clients needing their services.

However, remember that some jobs may require specific licenses or certifications in Oregon, so it’s essential to research any legal requirements before pursuing a particular online job opportunity.

What are the Advantages of an Online Job in Oregon?

Less time commuting

According to studies, employees waste far too much time commuting to work. According to an international traffic study survey, Oregon ranked fourth among 20 cities surveyed regarding traffic congestion.

An employee working and commuting within Oregon must spend approximately 2.1 hours in traffic, greater than the average 1.3 hours in other cities. On the other hand, working online allows you to avoid commuting to and from work.

Spending quality time with family

Most people struggle to balance work and family life. Working online allows you to work from home and spend more time with your family. You can arrange your schedule to have more time for your family than when you commute or work late at work.

Save money

You can save so much by not having to commute or buy breakfast or lunch.

Furthermore, in most cases, your wardrobe will not be as essential as when you have an on-site job, saving you money on that end as well. Working from home as a mother will save you money on daycare and hiring a nanny.

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Online work necessitates using the internet, a laptop, and personal time management. It increases your flexibility and allows you to work from anywhere. Want to work in Paris today and eat dinner in the Maldives? You do not, however, require permission from your boss.

What are the Cons of Online Jobs in Oregon?


A lack of self-discipline can lead to decreased productivity. Since you don’t have an official time to clock in at work, it is very easy to start work late. Other factors can easily lead to procrastination on tasks if not appropriately handled.


It is easy to lose focus when working from home, whether from your children or your favourite show that airs during work hours. Being online most of the day, especially with the availability of gaming and social media sites, can easily lead to distraction. You can avoid this by exercising self-control.

Household duties

When you work from home, it is challenging to avoid doing some housework. Tasks you would have spent a lot of time on if you were going to work end up taking up much of your time. These chores consume so much of your working time, leaving you with unfinished tasks that pile up every day.

Unrealized networking opportunities

Being unable to interact with your colleagues, unless you are an introvert, can make you feel isolated and lonely. Being unable to discuss work and assignments with your colleagues can lead to boredom. Furthermore, you lose interest in attending networking events.

Internet addiction

Any online work is via the Internet. If your internet goes down, you cannot complete any job.

Working online has advantages and disadvantages. It is critical to evaluate and decide whether it is worth your time. If you must, you must learn better time management techniques and maintain high levels of discipline to outperform the cons.

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15 Online Jobs in Oregon

#1. Computer programmer

Average National Salary: $89,190

A programmer has numerous opportunities, similar to web development, because there is always a need to develop apps and programs. 

You can earn a good living working on software solutions sold to individuals or the general public.

Although programming can often be self-taught, learning through specific online learning platforms is beneficial for obtaining certificates and more structured knowledge.

#2. Interpreter

Average National Salary: $78,593

A translator or interpreter position can be very lucrative if fluent in multiple languages. This is due to the internet’s international nature. It allows companies to get noticed in places where there are other languages besides English. It is one of the best online jobs in Oregon.

While Google Translate is acceptable for essential translations, websites or businesses that require accurate translations should hire a dedicated translator. You must perform grammatically correct language conversions as a translator and convey the right message to a user. 

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#3. Web Designer

Average national salary- $70,053.

Guess what? You’re working online. Many other people are as well. As a result, web development jobs are in high demand. While web design is widespread, the development side is the most lucrative. It is one of the best online hobs in Oregon.

The work entails developing applications and back-end content to ensure that websites function reliably, no matter how complex. 

Rigid testing procedures are frequently required to ensure the site’s security from any threat.

As with all the most lucrative roles, web development roles are almost always available if you have the necessary skills. Often, you will need to complete training or obtain a specific degree; however, many online courses make this more attainable.

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#4. Sales Consultant

Average National Salary: $68,933

Working in sales, remotely or in person, can be very profitable if you have the right temperament. The best sales representatives are personable individuals who can establish a strong rapport with their potential customers or clients, ultimately selling them the best product for their needs.

The key to being a successful sales representative is never selling to sell. Instead, engaging customers and learning what they need ensures you satisfy them. 

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#5. Personal Assistant

Average National Salary: $67,115

A virtual assistant functions similarly to a personal assistant in the workplace. They can answer emails for clients, schedule appointments, and sometimes even manage social media. They, like receptionists, are frequently the first point of contact for anyone contacting a small business.

A virtual assistant must manage calendars, perform data entry work, schedule meetings, and respond to emails. In some cases, they may also follow up with clients or complete basic accounting for their employer. It is one of the best online jobs in Oregon.

#6. Blogger

Average National Salary: $64,662

Blogging can be far more difficult than it appears. In some blogger roles, employees write content based on an editor’s assignment. These can be specialist or general, addressing a company’s need to rank well in search results.

Other blogging roles require the employee to plan and research what is needed from an article, identify where a company would benefit most from new content, and write it up. It is one of the best online jobs in Oregon.

#7. Independent Editor

Average National Salary- $60,250.

A great editor can transform even the most mediocre copy into something special. Even the best writers require the assistance of an excellent editor to ensure that their work is accurate and enjoyable to read.

The work of a freelance editor is frequently varied. It usually entails a lot of reading, reviewing, and correcting writing. That means a keen eye for detail and a command of spelling and grammar are essential.

It also frequently entails assigning new work, collaborating with other freelance writers, and determining the work’s overall tone for the website or service.

#8. Technical Writer

Average National Salary: $59,267

Technical writing is distinct from regular writing, as the name implies. Since it involves writing and editing manuals or procedural documents, it is frequently far more precise and accurate. It is one of the best online jobs in Oregon.

A keen eye for detail is essential here, as it is critical that the technical writer explains things clearly and precisely, or else the person following the technical specifications will make mistakes.

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#9. Marketing Consultant

Average National Salary: $58,961

Working as a marketing consultant can be an online job, thanks to video conferencing software and other collaborative tools. It usually entails developing a strategy for best positioning a product or service to a specific client base.

The core of marketing consultancy is a mix of meetings and planning. Workers must also be able to think creatively about achieving results and keeping up with the latest trends and developments.

In some cases, marketing consultation includes determining how to manage SEO campaigns best to maximize response via Google searches. It is one of the best online jobs in Oregon.

Knowledge of critical tools such as Semrush and CMS software such as WordPress is beneficial, as is staying current on the latest developments in search changes, marketing methods, and the product area in which one works.

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#10. Social Media Manager

Average National Salary: $55,117

A social media manager is frequently part of a marketing team. A social media manager’s job is to use social media to promote a product, business, or website.

This can include posting Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram content and creating Tik Tok videos. It’s critical to adapt to changing trends and keep up with popular memes and changes in the social media world.

Social media managers typically collaborate with businesses to determine what best meets their needs before coordinating a strategy that attracts attention.

#11. Proofreader

Average National Salary: $54,520

A proofreader is similar to a freelance editor, but their role is more specific. In each case, a proofreader reads through documentation or articles to determine if the content is well-written and grammatically correct.

Unlike an editor, a proofreader rarely changes or suggests changes to the content. Instead, they concentrate solely on the information provided rather than considering the larger picture of what a company requires from range.

Proofreading is often paid hourly due to its nature, but it’s relatively simple to work for anyone who can spot typos and grammatical errors quickly. It is one of the best online jobs in Oregon.

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#12. Graphic Designer

Average National Salary: $50,227

Extensive design work is always available to talented individuals keen to create graphics or videos. Graphics can range from simple photo editing or Photoshop skills to creating extensive new pieces for a website or company logo.

Video work is comparable. It can be as simple as minor tweaking or editing a video or as complex as creating a full trailer for a new product.

Graphics and video work are frequently varied, with opportunities typically coming in pieces unless you join an in-house team. Often self-taught, a strong portfolio of previous work is often more important than qualifications in obtaining a job.

Pay varies greatly depending on your level of expertise, as it does for many of the jobs listed here. It is one of the best online jobs in Oregon.

#13. Accountant

Average National Salary: $45,446

A bookkeeper keeps track of and manages a company’s financial records. While accounting may necessitate formal qualifications, bookkeeping does not. Instead, bookkeeping requires knowledge of accounting software and a mathematical and methodical mind.

To monitor financial transactions, typical tasks include:

  • Creating and posting journal entries in bookkeeping software.
  • Reconciling accounts.
  • Potentially processing payrolls.
  • Invoicing customers or clients for a business.

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#14. Online Tutoring

Average National Salary- $40,391.

Tutoring roles can be a great way to make money while working online if you have an educational background or are extremely knowledgeable in a specific field.

Using video conferencing software, tutors can hold remote meetings with their pupils and students to discuss specific issues. They can also send assignments and coursework to students via email, allowing them to stay on top of their workload.

Online tutoring requires some flexibility, but fitting it in around other aspects of your life is often possible. An online tutor can devote additional hours to marking assignments and projects by designating specific days or hours for tutorial meetings.

#15. Customer service representative

Average National Salary: $33,648

Many users earn a consistent income from customer service or online chat support. Many customer service roles now require remote working rather than working in a contact centre to take calls or email support requests.

Workers can then handle a wide range of tasks. Depending on the company, this may entail dealing with the general public or other employees. It is one of the best online jobs in Oregon.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the most straightforward online job with the highest pay?

Virtual Assistant
Fill out surveys.
Develop an Online Course.
Online English Instruction
Manage advertisements.

What online jobs will be in demand in 2023?

Web designer.
Graphics designer
Customer Support Representative
Virtual Assistant
Social media manager
Content writer

What stay-at-home job pays the most?

Grant writer.
Medical coder.
Freelance marketing consultant.
Technical writer.
Graphic designer.

What are the most in-demand online jobs right now?

Web designer or web developer.
Graphic designer.
Virtual assistant.
Freelance writer.


With so many online job opportunities, it isn’t easy to know which ones are legitimate and which aren’t worth your time. This list includes some of the most popular and potentially profitable options. We hope it has helped.



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