Get Paid to Travel and Review Hotels: 17 Ways to Make Cool Cash in 2022

The earth is endowed with so many beautiful places and cultures and it’s no news that this generation enjoys adventure, exploring the world, and taking pictures to document it.

The United States of America is a dream destination for many individuals as it’s a land of opportunities and there are many ways in which one can get paid to travel to the USA.

You may also want to travel but may not have the means to do so or you have some savings but need to learn how to make money online and get paid to write it or find travel jobs while on the route.

In this article, you will learn 17 ways you can get paid to travel and review hotels. Travelling can be a lot more fun when you’re earning from it.

What is Hotel Reviewing?

Hotel reviewing is basically evaluating their services and rating the system. You share stories based on your own experience and not what you heard.

You can review a place you’ve either stayed in or visited personally while considering the place and then change your mind when you arrived.

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How to Become a Hotel Reviewer

First of all, you get to experience travel writing through freelancing, and there are quite a number of places to start from. E.g. travel websites, etc. Try to aim your freelance assignment on reviews such as hotel reviews, restaurants, and bar reviews.

After freelancing, you could search for jobs in magazines or publications and write reviews for them. If you’ve patronized any hotel before or referred a friend or family via social media, a good way to begin will be applying to work for them.

You get to review a hotel in the following manner;

  • Be Professional. Make sure to sound very intelligent as you write a review.
  • Don’t write in the heat of the moment. If you’ve had a bad experience, take time to gather your thoughts before you write a review. 
  • Don’t wait till you get home to express your disappointment. Feel free to talk to the management to help resolve the issue immediately if necessary.
  • Be detailed and specific when describing the situation. Give as many details as you can so each reader is put in context.
  • Be polite and courteous always.
  • Make sure to proofread your comment before you click the send button. This ensures fluency and anyone reading it will take you seriously.
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As a hotel reviewer, it is important that your hotel has an online presence and is visible on many platforms as possible.

That way, you get a massive audience and also drive revenue to your site. So each feedback you deliver automatically makes you a hotel reviewer.

How Much Does A Hotel Reviewer Earn?

The average salary of a reviewer is $50,554 per year or $24 per hour.

This is how much you get paid to travel and review hotels.

17 Ways To Get Paid To Travel And Review Hotels

Follow these ways to get paid to travel and review hotels this year.

#1. Cabin Crew

Being part of the Cabin crew in a flight is one of the ways to get paid to travel and review hotels. There are flights to almost every part of the USA.

The Cabin Crew which consists of the Pilots, Flight Attendants, Pursers, Onboard chefs e.t.c is all part of the Cabin Crew.

They are the team that is responsible for the well-being of passengers onboard.

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#2. Public Speaking

Those gifted, trained, and specialized in the art of public speaking are most times invited to conferences and seminars in the US. T

The organizers of the events cover travel costs and top-ranked hotel accommodations for the guest speakers. They get paid to travel and review hotels

#3. Brand Ambassador

When you represent a brand as an ambassador, you’re entitled to multiple all-expense trips within and outside the country to promote the value of the brand and tell tales of their goodness.

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Brand ambassadors will be paid to travel and review hotels as well.

#4. Teaching

Teaching is one of the highest-paying professions in the world especially when your specialization is in language teaching that is English, French, Spanish e.t.c. Language teachers get more offers in the USA.

#5. Cruise Ship

Traveling on a cruise ship is a fun and adventurous way to get paid to visit and explore new places as you sail from one port to another as a member of the crew you’re well paid for it.

#6. Tour Guide

 Being a tour guide is another way you can get paid to travel and review hotels as you tour the country and get paid highly by sharing your knowledge about the city with other tourists.

#7. Journalism

Most radio and TV news stations will pay for you to be their eyes and ears in that country. Journalists are always get paid to travel and review hotels.

#8. Vineyard

The finest of wines we enjoy come from the best vineyards and because of the distance of the location those that work in the vineyards are well paid to work there.

#9. Aid Workers

The Non-governmental organizations that work to promote peace and unity especially against racism send their aid workers to different countries and for sure they are well paid to review hotels as well.

#10. Diplomats

If you love your country, you can take the tests and examinations to become a diplomat traveling the world and resolving issues such as natural disasters, immigration, etc, and they’re paid to travel.

#11. Medical Personnel

Those in the medical field are always offered trips to the US as Doctors and Nurses to help the patients in the country and by choice, they can travel to as many countries as possible and get paid for their reviews.

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#12. Photography

Photography is currently one of the highest-paid professions in the world and once you know how to do the job very well you’re paid to travel and review hotels that cover events such as weddings etc.

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You can start a photography business as well, then travel to review hotels as a side hustle.

#13. Writer

As a writer in other to cover the history and culture of the country you need to be there to experience it yourself and in turn, it pays you richly.

You can get paid to travel and review hotels on your blog or website and also get their works featured in top magazines and newspapers.

#14. Consultant

Most companies hire consultants from around the globe to share their experience and insight on how they can resolve and fix the problems in their businesses.

#15. Customer Service

If you have good communication skills and experience with people, then being a Customer service worker will pay you to travel and review hotels.

#16. Realtor

In the developing industries,  realtors are needed in real estate companies and are paid to travel and review hotels. 

#17. Social Media Influencer

Social media influencers are public figures that help to promote your brand and are handsomely paid to travel and review hotels. They influence the brand online.


With all these, we’ve been able to learn how to get paid to travel and review hotels.  

You can get paid travel and review hotels as an affiliate marketer. It’s one way for bloggers to earn and there are many travel affiliate networks like



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