How To Write A Resignation Acceptance Letter

When an employee submits a resignation letter to you, an employer, you may decide to either accept or reject this resignation letter. If you accept this letter, then responding to them with a formal written resignation acceptance letter allows you to acknowledge the receipt of their letter and confirm their last date of employment in writing. 

Also, it allows you to express well wishes and communicate other vital information that the employee will need, such as expectations during the duration of their notice period or information concerning the policy of the company’s resignation. 

Having a detailed understanding of the components that you should include in a resignation acceptance letter can make it formal, presentable, and easier to write a letter yourself.

In this article, we researched and discuss the vital keys to composing a resignation acceptance letter as well as what it means. We also included some useful tips, templates, and examples to help you easily write a resignation acceptance letter.

What is Resignation Acceptance Letter?

A resignation acceptance letter is a letter written to acknowledge that you accept your employee’s request to resign from a job. 

When an employee sends a letter of resignation to the employer, the employer can accept the resignation letter and will have to write a resignation acceptance letter showing that the employee has been relieved of work. 

The employer can acknowledge the employee’s contributions towards enhancing the businesses and also wish them well as they begin another career. An employee may resign because of personal matters, mistreatment, or low salary. 

It’s the duty of the employer to look at the reasons and decide whether to ignore or solve this issue to either reject or accept the employee’s resignation letter. 

If the employer can’t or doesn’t want to convince the employee, a resignation acceptance letter is issued to the employee by the management. 

The resignation acceptance letter communicates important information such as whether the employee’s resignation will begin immediately or if the employee is to serve the notice period.

How to Write a Resignation Acceptance Letter

If you’re writing because of the acceptance of a resignation letter, consider the following steps to guide you :

  • Make use of the right formatting and structure
  • Put the date and contact information
  • Include a salutation
  • Acceptance of resignation letter
  • Include the end date of employment
  • Add other vital information
  • Show appreciation
  • Add a complimentary close 
  • Protect yourself
  • Sign the acceptance of resignation letter

1. Make use of the right formatting and structure

You should know that it’s important to always consider the right format and structure when writing a professional business letter. Start off by using a font that is easy to read, such as Arial, Calibri, Helvetica, or Times New Roman. 

Use the smallest font size that’s easily readable, which is typically between a 10-12 point font. Generally, it’s best to write in a block format without indenting. Also, ensure there’s a one-inch margin on all sides of the letter. 

The right format gives the perfect touch to your writing. Discuss: How To Write A Paper In APA Format In 2023

2. Put the date and contact information

At the top left side of your letter, write your name, title, company name, and address. Leave a blank space for writing the date under your contact information and then write the date whenever you wish to issue out the acceptance of the resignation letter. Leave another blank space right after the date. There, but the name and address of the employee who submitted a resignation letter. 

3. Include a salutation

You should start with a formal salutation, such as “Dear (name of the employee)”. You can also use the employee’s name and leave off the salutation, such as “Mr. Mikeson”.

4. Acceptance of resignation letter

In your first paragraph, notify the employee that you’ve received and accepted their resignation letter. Depending on what the employee stated as the reason for their departure, you might want to add your regrets about their decision to resign in your first paragraph as well. Also, don’t forget to include the employee’s official last day of employment within this paragraph. 

5. Include the last date of employment

You should include the last date the individual is expected to stop work. Acknowledge their last day per their request and show that you’re allowing them to continue work until that day. Sometimes notify them that their last day will be sooner or even that day. 

6. Add other vital information

Add other information to the resignation letter, after you’ve concluded the employee’s last day. Information such as the next level or what is expected of the employee during their notice period with the company. This step depends on the policy of the company or organization and it’s optional. 

7. Show appreciation

In your next paragraph, express understanding and appreciation of their effort during the period they have been with the company, regardless of the circumstances of the employee’s departure. 

Again, express that you’re sad to see them leave but that you wish them success in their future career and respect their decision. Depending on the reason for their resignation, you could offer to reference them in time to come. 

8. Add a complimentary close

When you are done with the resignation acceptance letter, add a complimentary close at the bottom of your letter. 

Complimentary close such as “Sincerely, Best wishes or Regards” can be used. It’s appropriate to use a formal closing when writing an acceptance of resignation letter. 

9. Protect yourself

Keep a few copies or records. Make duplicates of your acceptance letter, sending one to the employee and keeping one for your own records. 

10. Sign the acceptance of resignation letter

After you’ve added the complimentary close, leave a space to sign your name after you must have printed the letter. You can simply type your name and leave out the blank space if you’ll be sending the resignation acceptance letter via email. 

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Resignation Acceptance Letter Tips

Here are some useful tips to utilize when writing a professional resignation acceptance letter:

1. Use the right line of subject

If you are sending the resignation acceptance letter through email, use a subject line that communicates the details of the email clearly. 

2. Use of professional language

Your resignation acceptance letter should always be formal and professional in tone. Avoid using casual language no matter where you are sending the letter through. 

3. Keep the letter short

Your letter should be brief and straight to the point. Acknowledge the employee’s resignation formally, confirm their last day of employment, and wish them success in their endeavors. Also, inform them about any expectations for what they should expect before resigning. 

4. Ensure to Proofread thoroughly

Bring out time to proofread the letter thoroughly and check for grammatical errors or typos before sending or giving it to your employees.

Resignation Acceptance Letter Template

Here are templates you can use to help you structure your own:

Resignation Acceptance Letter Sample 1

[Name] [Title] [Company’s name] [Company’s address] [Date] [Employee’s name] [Address]

Dear [name],

It is with utmost regret that I acknowledge the receipt of your resignation letter dated (date) indicating your wish to resign from your position as (title). Your resignation has been processed and approved. Per your request, your last day at work will be (date). 

It has been the organization’s pleasure to work with you, and on behalf of the entire team, I wish you the very best in your future career and endeavors. (Add additional information here about your company’s resignation process).

If you have any questions, please let me know or contact the human resources department. Thank you once more for your hard work.



Resignation Acceptance Letter Sample 2

[Date] [Employer’s name] [Employer’s address]

{Employer’s phone number] [Employee’s name] [Employee’s title] [Department]

Dear [Employee’s name],

This letter is to formally acknowledge and confirm the receipt and acceptance of your resignation letter, received on (date you received the resignation letter) for the ( title name) position at (company name), with effect from (date of last working day).

Kindly return all (company) property by your final day of work (date of final working day), including laptops, company issues mobile phones, ID badge, company credit card, parking pass, keys, and any other company-owned property in your possession.

Attached to the letter is vital information for exiting employees regarding benefit coverage, final wages, and other important information you should know. 

Also, reach out to the Human Resources department at (HR contact number) or (HR email address) should you need more information or have questions 

If willing, you may take part in an exit interview to provide the company with valuable feedback on things that should be known or ways to improve the organization. 

If you wish to take part in this interview, then kindly visit the following URL (URL address) to be part of the interview and complete the questionnaire. This process is optional and anonymous but if you wish to take part in a face-to-face exit interview, then kindly contact the Human Resources department by calling (HR contact number) or emailing (HR email address).

We appreciate your work here at [company’s name]. We wish you the very best in your future career and endeavors. Cheers!


[Supervisor’s signature] [Typed name of supervisor]

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Examples of Resignation Acceptance Letters

Below are two examples of resignation acceptance letters. 

Example 1

Resignation of Acceptance Letter for someone who is being allowed to continue working for the company throughout the time of their notice period. Here, the employee serves a notice period.

Susan Peters

VP of Communication

Warner Corp.

845 S. Main St.

South Gates, GA 44531

Feb. 22, 2022

Timothy Green

9016 N. South Road

South Gates, GA 44531

Dear Timothy,

Your resignation from your position as director of Communication has been approved, to be effective on March 1, 2022, as per your request.

I am sure that you will continue to perform at the highest standards during your remaining period at Warner Corp.

On behalf of the entire team and department, I say that it has been a pleasure working with you for the last five years, and I wish you all the best in your future endeavors. I have included additional information about Warner’s resignation procedures and guidelines along with this letter.

If you have any questions you would want to enquire about the enclosed additional information or the procedures involved, please contact me or the Human Resources department. Once again, thank you for all of your hard work while working with the company.


Susan Peters

Example 2

Resignation Acceptance Letter for an employee whose resignation is accepted but whose employment is ending on the day the acceptance letter is given. Here, the employee’s employment is immediately ended.

Melisa Ottah

Director of SOC

Melisa Agency

22 Golden First St.

Kansas City, MO 22245

Jan. 29, 2022

Chinwe Joseph

10009 Snow Road

Statue, MO 22245

Dear Chinwe,

It is with utmost regret that I acknowledge the receipt of your resignation letter received on Jan. 29, 2022, quitting your position as Security Analyst with Melisa Agency, with effect from Feb. 05, 2022.

Your resignation has been accepted and, under the circumstances, we have decided that you may not have to work through the duration of your stated notice period. Therefore, your last day with us at Melisa Agency will be today, Jan. 29, 2022.

The accounting department has been notified and you will be paid up to and including Feb. 05, when the duration of your notice period would have elapsed.

Thank you for your time and your hard work towards accomplishing the organization’s goal. We wish you the very best in your future endeavors. Cheers! 


Melisa Ottah

Can an Employee Resign Without Notice?

There are two conditions involved that determine whether an employee can be able to resign without notice, they include:

1. At-Will Employment: 

The vast majority of states in the United States have at-will employment. This implies that both the employer and or the employee can break the relationship with no notice and for no just cause. 

When your employee’s employment is at will, you cannot stop them from resigning from their jobs without giving two weeks’ notice, even if the employment policy or guidelines says otherwise.

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2. Contract employment: 

Here, an agreement or contract between you and your employee covers your employee’s employment. The terms of that agreement may apply unless they are resigning for a good reason. The employment contract may also require the employees to lose benefits like unused vacation leave if they don’t provide sufficient notice.


Your employee may want to resign because of different reasons. It’s up to you to investigate reasons and determine whether you should convince the employee to stay back or accept the letter of resignation. When issuing out a resignation acceptance letter to an employee, you can follow the steps listed above and make use of the templates to guide you through these processes.



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