Trauma Surgeon Salary in 2023 | How much does a Trauma Surgeon make?

The average Trauma Surgeon’s Salary is $420,464. Trauma surgeons are qualified for the diagnosis and surgical repair of trauma caused by injuries and illnesses. They evaluate and determine the condition of a person and which type of surgery is required.

When you see a trauma surgeon, it is usually after arrival in the emergency room of a hospital. You come to your care team when it is possible that you need an operation to treat your illness or injury.

What Do Trauma Surgeons Do?

Trauma Surgeons diagnose and treat the following medical conditions


You may need a trauma surgeon bend to treat severe burns such as thermal burns, chemical burns, frostbite, and inhalation burns. Treatment options include emergency operations, skin removal, and skin transplant processes.

Blunt or Penetrating Trauma

Stumped trauma is a violation of a powerful effect. Frequent causes are motor vehicle accidents, falls, or attacks. Penetrating trauma is a violation of an object that pierces the skin and other tissues, including gunshot wounds, stab wounds and injuries to agricultural equipment.

Acute Care & Emergency General Surgery Conditions

Sometimes people have unexpected medical emergencies that need immediate surgical interventions. A trauma surgeon can treat appendicitis, diverticulitis, cholecystitis, a perforated intestine, a perforated ulcer, abdominal abscesses, imprisoned hernias, and intestinal structures.

Surgical diseases of intensive care

Trauma surgeons also carry out surgical procedures for intensive care in patients who have already been to the hospital to maintain a different surgery or further intervention. This includes people with sepsis, breathing errors, multi-organ failure, or coagulopathy.

If you enter the emergency room with one of these critical injuries or illnesses, a trauma surgeon quickly evaluates your illness and determines the best treatment course. Sometimes this means plunging into emergency surgery.

How much does a Trauma Surgeon make? says the average annual Trauma Surgeon Salary in the United States is $420,464.

Trauma Surgeon Salary by State

StateAnnual SalaryMonthly PayWeekly PayHourly Wage
New York$283,420$23,618$5,450$136.26
New Hampshire$267,608$22,301$5,146$128.66
New Jersey$251,176$20,931$4,830$120.76
West Virginia$239,853$19,988$4,613$115.31
Rhode Island$239,476$19,956$4,605$115.13
North Dakota$233,695$19,475$4,494$112.35
South Dakota$221,517$18,460$4,260$106.50
New Mexico$217,068$18,089$4,174$104.36
South Carolina$216,802$18,067$4,169$104.23
North Carolina$182,104$15,175$3,502$87.55

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Trauma Surgeon Annual incentives

Trauma surgeons’ salary base can increase with annual incentives. The amount of annual incentive that a trauma surgeon bends is due to various factors.

For example, more prominent organizations pay higher annual incentives because they have a higher rate of return than smaller organizations.

The amount of experience a trauma surgeon also influences incentives. According to Medscape, a general surgeon would receive an annual incentive of 11% of their total compensation. However, most do not earn their full potential bonus.

One of the biggest factors influencing incentives is where in the healthcare system trauma surgeon are used.

According to, Pennsylvania, New York, California, and Washington State offer more than $20,000 in annual incentive bonuses.

Trauma surgeons who work in Colorado earn an average of US$10,000, and Ohio offers an average of $2,500.

Factors Influencing the Trauma Surgeon Salary

Many factors can increase or decrease the salary area of ​​a trauma surgeon. You can maneuver some of these factors to improve your ability to earn higher-than-average basic content.

Others are factors that cannot be changed but still influence the salary. With this knowledge base, you can know your fair market value and do everything possible to put wage disputes in your favor.

Years of experience

Each doctor begins to earn as a resident. According to the Medscape Resident salary report, a local surgeon can earn up to $65,700 yearly, depending on sub specifications.

The same report shows that this number is increasing every year.

As an entry-level trauma surgeon, your pay should increase as you gain experience. says he can earn $23,664 more than the national average after only five years of experience.

Interestingly, after the first five years, the salary will only reach six to eight thousand with five or more years of experience.


As with every career, a trauma surgeon’s compensation per year depends on the cost of living in the selected situation. And continue with the current demand for trauma surgery at that time.

Starting in 2019, the HealthCareers website will summarize the average salary of the trauma surgeon in each state.

Based on their compensation data, Minnesota was the highest-paid state for a trauma surgeon, offering $500,000 for full-time trauma surgeons.

Second, in New Hampshire, $450,000 US was the average salary for a trauma surgeon. New Jersey and Washington State ranked third with a $430,000 US base salary for a trauma surgeon.

Your data pattern shows that the northeast has the highest merit for a trauma surgeon.

The wage rate also varies within states. According to 2023 data from, trauma surgeons in San Francisco are worth $459,700 at the 25th percentile and $717,998 at the 90th percentile. In Los Angeles, these figures are $415,929 or $649,633.
Trauma Surgeon Specialty

Different practices can commission a trauma surgeon curve at a certain pay scale based on earnings and demand.

Trauma center

Paying for a Sasura sleep at a trauma center is one of the best, as this is the most popular type of health center to use for a trauma surgeon.

There are various standards for trauma centers. Whether you work in a Level I, II, III, or IV trauma center, your salary may increase with any level achieved.

Along with a level, the salary and work hours depend on the trauma center’s size and location.

Even if you use a trauma center, you may need to go directly to the ER and work alongside an HE doctor.

Private practice

In private practice, a trauma surgeon often belongs to a group of surgeons who work shifts. Many hospitals seek out private practices for contract work treating trauma patients.

This path has the most potential for high income because you can determine your income and profit-sharing.


Trauma surgeons require more training than general surgeons and learn to be cool under pressure just to survive the job.

With this high demand on your nervous system and mental capacity at work, you should do your utmost to make your personal life as simple as possible.

FAQs on Trauma Surgeon Salary

How much do trauma surgeons earn?

The hourly earnings of a trauma surgeon can be as high as $192.31 and as low as $14.66

How much do trauma surgeons earn annually?

How much do trauma surgeons earn? The hourly earnings of a trauma surgeon can be as high as $192.31 and as low as $14.66
How much do trauma surgeons earn annually?

How much do entry level trauma surgeons earn in the US?

An Entry Level Trauma Surgeon in the United States is $135,361 per annum



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