11 Agricultural Businesses That Require Little Capital To Start

Globally, agriculture remains an important business. Agricultural businesses are one of the evergreen sectors that will not change even when there is a global slowdown in business.

If you are searching for agricultural businesses you can start with little capital, then this article is for you.

So, relax and read through this article to the end because i will show you some of the agricultural businesses/agribusinesses you can start with little capital.

The table of contents provided below will give you an overview of what you’ll learn from this article.

What Is An Agricultural Business?

An agricultural business also refers to as agribusiness, is the farming, management, production, and marketing of agricultural commodities, like livestock and crops.

This sector used to depend much on the climate for its flourishment but with the introduction of technology and science, this field too has witnessed huge development.

There are fields in agricultural business, which include resource management, farming, conservation, ranching, and sales.

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List Of List Of Agricultural Businesses That Require Little Capital To Start

Here are the list of list of agricultural businesses that require little capital for you to start.

#1. Agricultural Farm

This is one of the agricultural business ideas that you can start with little capital.
If you have an empty land, it can be suitable for farming, you can start with an agricultural farm.

products which they need locally can be produced on it. maintaining a good quality product can get you high profits/income.

#2. Organic Fertilizer Production

Organic fertilizer is also one of the agricultural businesses that have become a household business.

This business requires little capital and very easy to begin with a little understanding of the production process.

#3. Fertilizer Distribution Business

This business could be one of the best small agricultural business ideas that you could start. It is suitable for people who live in small towns or rural areas.

All you need to do in this business is to buy fertilizers from big cities and them available in rural areas for people to purchase.

#4. Mushroom Farming

This business of growing mushrooms is a good agricultural business you can start with little capital but fetch you big profits in a short period of time.

This business requires little space. Mushrooms are in great demand at hotels, restaurants, and households.

#5. Poultry Farming Business

If you are looking for small farm business income, this could be the best fit for you.

The poultry farm business has changed into a techno-commercial industry. In the last few years, it is one of the fastest-growing businesses.

#6. Beekeeping Business

This is also a good small agricultural business you can start with little capital.
With the increasing awareness for health, the request for honey is growing day by day. So because of these reasons, beekeeping has become one of the best business opportunities you can ever think of.

Furthermore, this business needs a day-to-day watching the bees with close supervision.

#7. Business on Fish Farming

fish farming is a lucrative Agro-business especially if you are going for commercial fish farming, but it yields a huge sum of money.

So, with the application of modern techniques, production, and quality that can enhance to a great deal. Also, it requires a moderate to high investment to start.

#8. Florist Business

This business is an agribusiness that you can start with little capital and profit in the long run.

Selling flowers is a very profitable retail business. as you may know, arranging flowers and bouquets are always in high demand for gifting, weddings funerals, etc. With innovation and creativity, you can do amazing things in this business.

#9. Goat farming business

Goat is one of the meat-producing animals which we use globally. For this reason, the rearing of goats has been flourishing as an economic industry with good prospects. You can start with two goats and from there are increases.

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#10. Soil Testing Business

This business is a technique used in monitoring the nutrients present in the soil, also makes precise fertilizer recommendations for different crops.

This business is a good agricultural business you can start, so establishing a soil laboratory with government certification is a good business idea.

#11. Diary Farming

Surely the demand for milk and milk products can never go down. Commercial dairy farming is one of the most profitable agriculture-based business ideas.

Apart from the production of milk, it also produces manure in high quantities. Most importantly, Hygiene and quality should be always kept in mind while doing this business.


The agriculture business is an evergreen business that never goes down. For most of these businesses, you can start them with little capital and it yields a large profit along the line.

So, if you are interested you can start with any of the agriculture businesses/agribusiness listed in this article, and you won’t have any regret for doing it.

Good luck!!!



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