Is Personal Capital Safe & Secure? An Expert Guide to Wealth

In one’s journey toward financial success, it is essential that one learns to manage financial resources properly.

Personal Capital is a household name in financial management that helps you learn to manage your finances but even so, a lot of people still keep a suspicious eye on whether it is safe or not.

So, is personal capital safe? That is the question we aim this article to answer. So do take your time to read through this article.

Meanwhile, here’s the table of content below for an overview of what to expect in this article.

What is Personal Capital?

Personal Capital is said to be an online financial advisor, through the merging of robo-advisor algorithms with access to human financial advisors for a more personal experience.

Personal capital is best known for its tax optimization, free financial management tools, High-net-worth investors, Hands-off investors, access to human financial advisors.

Personal capital offered two affordable services namely:

  • A paid version that acts more like a robo-advisor for clients with over $200K in investment assets.
  • A free one that can be used by anyone.

 Capital operates in three tiers of service namely

  • Clients with $100,000 to $200,000 in assets
  • Clients with $200,000 to $1 million in assets
  • Clients with $1 million or more in assets

Personal Capital gives millions of free comprehensive tools such as an investment checkup, a 401(k) fee analyzer and also a spending tracker. But firstly you have to create a personal Capital login credentials to be able to access them, so therefore you don’t need to be enrolled in the company’s advisory service.

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Is Personal Capital Safe and Secured?

Personal capital has the highest priority is keeping your financial data safe and secure.

In every component of the system, they make use of multiple layers of security to keep accounts and people’s money safe and keep your private information safe as well.

The new innovation techniques now are that every month there’s a global cyberattack that is impacting hundreds of thousands of computer systems around the globe. And there is this software known as ransomware, which typically locks up people’s data and information is under the threat of destruction unless a “ransom” is paid. Software ransomware helps a lot in the following aspect.

Personal capital safe makes use of AES-256 encryption with multi-layer key management rated A+ by the world-renowned Qualys SSLLab. This makes it strong. Therefore before confirmation of your identity, your device must be authenticated and you will receive a phone call or an email verification.

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A Fintech industry veteran popularly known as Yodlee secures adequate storage of your data in a safe place. In personal capital safe, all tender information is safe at rest and in transit with AES-256 with multi-layer key management which includes rotating user-specific keys and salts.

In Personal Capital safe, all your credentials are safe against fraud because after linking up your accounts to personal capital you would be eligible to use the transactions page to look at all your transactions across all accounts. This makes it easy to check for suspicious activity in your accounts.

Internet Security Pioneers

When it comes to online security services, the staff’s working in a personal capital safe are aware of the problems facing internet security and that makes them work with passion in keeping you safe. One of the ways they did this was by application to ensure that you are still safe.

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Personal Capital free financial software

Here are some of the tools to use in tracking your net worth, planning your retirement, and x-raying your portfolio for excessive fees they include:

  • Net Worth Calculator: This allows you to quickly find your net worth at any point in time. It also helps you to track your assets and liabilities.
  • Investment Checkup tool: This allows you to make your assets allocation plan consistent.
  • Cash Flow Analyzer: This tool allows you to create a budget or where to track your income and expenses. This tool will suffice and help you see where you’re spending money.
  • Retirement Planner: This tool allows you to make adjustments for major life changes such as income changes, jobs, career, childbirth or even saving for school.
  • 401(k) fee analyzer: At personal capital, they keep your best interest in mind safe through the following:
  • Never, ever sell your data.
  •  When your data is shared with third parties to help us deliver our services, we make sure they don’t sell your data either.

In Conclusion

Personal Capital is clean and focused on your finances. There’s no clutter, no ads, and you can easily find the tools you need. Also, your data or credentials are heavily encrypted with the same level of security used by top financial institutions and companies which makes the Personal Capital safe and secured.


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