10 Best Free Android Navigation Apps | Best List

Most times we ask questions around whenever we are trying to locate a destination. This is crude as there are apps that can help you to locate anywhere.

By installing navigation apps on your Android devices, you can search and locate anywhere without any hassle.

On the other hand, you may also think that it is only Google maps that can help you find your way around any vicinity. This is because Google has been providing solutions to navigation for several years now.

The good thing is that there are other navigation apps other than Google maps that can get the job done.

So, this article provides the list and details of other navigation apps that you can install and use on your Android devices.

The Best Free Android Navigation Apps

Here, we compiled a list of the best android navigation apps that you can install on your Smartphone free of charge. A lot of these navigation maps function the same way. Once you input the location, the app brings out a direction for you to follow.

Thus, the best free android navigation apps are as follows:

  • Google Maps
  • HERE WeGo Maps
  • MapFactor
  • MapQuest
  • Maps.Me
  • CoPilot GPS
  • Polaris GPS Navigation
  • Sygic GPS Navigation and Offline Maps
  • Scout GPS Navigation
  • Genius Maps

Google Maps

Google Maps is the most common navigation app. It is not just a navigation app as it offers real-time traffic information, music streaming and Google assistant integrations, trip progress sharing, and the AI-powered “explore tab”.

This GPS app features several locations, reviews, directions, and street-level photography of many locations.

You can also download maps that you can use offline. You can download maps of about 2GB which is approximately equal to 200 x 120 miles. Google Maps automatically deletes any downlaoded map after 30 days if you do not have internet connection on your device.

Google Maps have several disadvantages. It does not have social media sharing function and the GPS consumes battery. Whenever you make a wrong turn, it always redirects you back to your initial route even if there is a closer new route.

HERE WeGo Maps

HERE WeGo is a great navigation app for Android devices. The app does not have in-app purchases. This means that the app is free.

It features offline maps for every country of the world. The offline contained in the app offers turn-by-turn directions, traffic information, public transportation ticket prices, car-sharing prices, and train and bus timetables.

Once you type in your route, HERE WeGo will compare car, bike, pedestrian, taxi, and public transportation routes to find the fastest and most cost-effective route you will take to get to your destination.


MapFactor is a great GPS app for android. It does not have in-app purchases, in other words, the app is free.

You can use this app without internet as it contains offline maps. The offline maps are organized by countries and it uses OpenStreetMap. Due to its offline nature, you can download maps for countries, regions and cities around the world.

On the other hand, MapFactor has other options that cost money including voice directions, cross-border routing, 2D and 3D modes, and day & night themes.

MapFactor does not give up-to-date traffic information.

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MapQuest is one of the best free navigation apps that you can use on your Smartphone. It is an interactive map that lets you discover hotels, gas stations, grocery stores, etc.

This GPS app offers real-time traffic data such as traffic slowdowns, incidents, and webcams. In addition, it can help you find the best route to take during traffic congestion so as to save time, money, and gas.

MapQuest is not available offline as you will need to have internet before accessing it. The app also contains pop-up ads.


Maps.Me is another interesting android navigation app that is free of charge. The app contains offline maps, turn by turn directions, traffic data, bookmarking locations, etc. Maps.Me updates its maps through OpenStreetMap.

This android navigation app is almost similar to Google maps. It features some ads and it does not consume much battery since it is offline. You can even share your location with friends whenever you are online.

The bad thing about this app is that businesses are not updated frequently.

Maps.Me is available on iOS, Android, and Blackberry.

CoPilot GPS

CoPilot GPS is designed specifically for drivers, thus, people using foot should avoid it. The app is known for its route planning whereby it gives users three different options for every journey. You can then add 52 individual waypoints for the three routes.

This navigation app can be accessed offline and it shows locations including hotels, restaurants, ATMs, etc.

You can use its premium version for seven days and it contains 3D maps and an audio navigation assistant. If the premium version expires, the app will start showing you 2D offline maps and visual turn-by-turn directions. The premium version costs $13.99 to $99.99 per year to subscribe.

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Polaris GPS Navigation

This Android GPS app seems to be an all-in-one navigation app as it can access Google Maps, OpenStreetMap, MapQuest maps, and Cycle Route Maps.

Polaris GPS Navigation contains various coordinate formats, trail recording, a unique waypoint management system, and turn-by-turn directions. It also features activities including hiking, camping, fishing, hunting, etc.

The app looks old and it is not a GPS app that you may want to use every time.

Sygic GPS Navigation and Offline Maps

Sygic is a popular navigation app for Android and statistics show that it has over 50 million downloads till date. It provides offline maps for every country worldwide due to its partnership with TomTom.

This GPS app for Android contains features including turn by turn directions, voice-guided GPS navigation, alternate routes, pedestrian GPS navigation for when you’re on foot, and a speed limit display.

Once you have internet connection on your device, the navigation app will automatically alert you about the cheapest nearby parking lots and gas stations and upcoming speed cameras.

The GPS app has a free version and three premium versions which costs $13.99 (basic features), $17.99 (real time traffic updates), and $29.99 (all the features).

Scout GPS Navigation

Formerly known as TeleNav, Scout GPS is another great navigation app for Android. Scout GPS contains normal features including turn-by-turn navigation, real-time traffic information, and speed updates.

The GPS app can help you to text people automatically with your ETA to let them know your arrival time and when they need you. It also recommends socal features such as nearby restuarants.

Scout GPS basic version is free while its premium version costs $4.99 per month or $24.99 per year. This GPS app works only in the United States. It consumes much battery because the app runs in the background.

Genius Maps

Genius Maps is another free GPS app for Android. It features offline maps fro any country around the world.

This GPS app also gives information about places of interest within the user’s locality.

Its premium version features voice guidance, automatic re-routing, speed limit alerts, and live traffic reports.


The advent of technology has made it possible for anyone to get to places they do not know about using navigation apps. If you are travelling to a place and there is too much traffic, these GPS apps can suggest the fastest and most cost-effective route you will take to get to your destination.

While using these navigation apps, keep in mid that it drains the battery faster. So, if you are using the app while driving a car, get a car charger so that your device battery does not run down.

We do hope that these Android navigation apps take you to your location in the fastest possible time.



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