How To Make Money Creating Apps For Android/ 10 Procedures Involved In Creating Apps

Billions of people worldwide use smartphones; the only thing keeping them engaged is the apps on those devices.

There are various apps on a smartphone, from Gaming apps, Educational apps, Religious apps to Entertainment apps, and of course, Social apps—various choices to select from when you want to create an app for Android. Business apps are not left out of this list.

In today’s technological world, there has been substantial significant growth in the mobile app market, as it is becoming a booming and fast-growing economy. This has made it a very competitive market for app developers.

While creating an app for Android is one great way of making money, don’t be naïve enough to think that you’ll start making money automatically. Even starting up a new business venture doesn’t guarantee success right away. 

In this article,  I’ll highlight ten procedures involved in Creating an App for Android and making money from it.

Before that,, let’s get a few questions out of the way.

How Long Does It Take to Create An App For Android?

Creating an app isn’t easy,, especially if you’ve not done it before; all you need do is start small,, and with a lot of determination, persistence and hard work you’ll eventually create one.

The duration of creating an app varies, depending on the kind of app you want to build and the processes involved.

It could be anywhere from 1 – 6 months but do not be in a hurry as you’ll not want to create an app without quality.

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Can l Create An App Without any Formal Education?

Yes you can. You don’t really need a college degree to create an app for Android. You don’t have to obtain any degree in computer science and programming or any other similar field before developing your app. 

However you’ll need to have a basic idea of what software development entails. This can easily be learnt online.

Some of the skills and training required include:

  • Software Design and Development processes ( which are the design_ development _ test_ and release cycle). 
  • Understanding of the development methodology, platforms, and environment.
  • A solid skill of programming languages like Java, C++, Python, and a lot more.

All these are basically self-taught.

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How Much Money Can I Make Creating An App For Android?

It is really difficult placing a particular figure or amount you can make creating  apps for Android. It all depends hugely on the problem your app is solving, the idea behind the creation, the potential capabilities and it’s receptiveness.

On average Gaming apps bring in around $20,000 and more daily, while entertainment apps make around $4,000. There’s no specific amount you’re likely to earn by creating apps.

Procedures Involved In Making Money Creating Apps For Android.

Before we talk about how to make money creating apps for Android, let’s discuss the steps or processes involved in creating an app, because you’ll need to have an app before making money from one.

There are two common ways of creating an app. These are:

#1 – The App Builder

An app builder is an online tool that assist you in by passing the normal app creation process and gives you a ready made app within a short period of time, such platforms includes, Appy pie, Appery, The App Builder, Good Barber, App Machine and a lot more.

#2 – The Customer Software Development

It involves the process of developing an app on a specific demand by a software development company, this is a great way to create a unique app and get a competitive edge compared with app builder.

Ever thought of Creating An App for Android users but don’t know where to start?

Here are a few steps that’ll guide your app creation process:


 Before venturing into the app market, you’ll need to carry out a thorough research on the kind of market you want to cater for.

You don’t just wake up and decide to create an app, without a strategized plan unless you want to fail. 

Before creating an app, you’ll have to;

  • Identify the problem your app will be solving, and find out if there are any competitors in that field, check out what they did to succeed, their strengths and weakness, what they’re not doing right with customers, the strategies they employed, and loopholes in the industry. You don’t want to end up creating something no one needs, if not you’ll waste your time, resources, and money, not to talk of the huge losses you’ll make.
  • Calculate the expenses and projected profits you’ll make, the main idea behind creating an app for Android users is to make money but before that, you’ll need to calculate the expenses you’ll incur. You don’t want to start up a project with low budgets. Make an estimate of your profit, the diverse means by which you’ll have an inflow of revenue, and keep your app running successfully for a long period of time.
  • Develop strategies that make your app stand out. You don’t just want to create a regular app, but something people will accept. Since the platform, you’ll be marketing your app on is the Google Play store, you’ll discover a lot of similar apps like yours, find out strategies that will make your app rank, choose a cool name for your app, color, and a beautiful interface.

2. Make a Rough Sketch of your idea.

You don’t just go ahead and start creating an app after the research phase, you’ll need to sketch out the idea for your app. You don’t create anything directly from your brain as you don’t want to get stuck, you’ll need a clearer picture of what you’re developing.

You’ll have to sketch out the features, general look, color, and the app’s interface. Your sketch doesn’t need to look beautiful since you’re likely not an artist. 

Sketch something you or your app developers will understand each time you refer back to the sketch.

3. Wireframing and Storyboarding

A wireframe is a visual guide that represents the skeletal framework of the project you’re working on. They’re created to arrange elements to accomplish a particular objective best.

This is where your sketch is organized into a more clearer, detailed picture of your app. Input all the elements you want your app to have.

Developing wireframes are not really tasking, thanks to prototyping tools like Pop, Balsamiq, HotGloo, etc.

Next up is storyboarding, a storyboard is practically a visual design that shows how each screen within your app will flow from one end to another and how your users will navigate through the app.

It is a graphic organized picture that consists of illustrations displayed in sequence for the purpose of pre-visualizing a motion picture, animation, or interactive media.

4. Define the Back end of Your App

Here you’ll need to examine the app’s functionality with the storyboard. There are a lot of do it yourself app builders that provides tools to easily work with, some of them go the extra mile of doing it for you.

No matter the process you choose to use in creating an app, remember that straightforward visuals are created to serve as guidance to u or anyone working with you on the project.

Always update your wireframe if there are any changes, back end services includes,,,, 

5. Check Your Prototype

This is where you’ll have to demonstrate the function of your app to friends, relatives and anyone ready to give you constructive criticism. 

Never waste time on people who pay unnecessary compliments to your work, compliments are not bad but at this stage, you can do without them, all you need is pure, plain honesty. 

Don’t feel bad with any criticism given, instead work on improving on areas that need improvement because this is the first step in finalizing your app structure and foundation.

6Start Building

With your structure in place, you can start adding up all the pieces. You or any developers involved must set up your servers, APIS, and database.

Put into consideration the feedback you got from your testers. You can also use a quality app builder, which will do all this for you.

7Design the Interface

You’ll have to create your user interface. This is the most important part of the app. People are drawn to attractive things, making sure the navigation process is easy.

You’ll also need to keep your testers feedback in mind when designing an interface for your app. Check out app design agencies like, blue fountain,, and a host of others.

8Retest your App

You’ll have to carry out another test on your app, this time the focus will be on the functioning app and the user interface.

You can use platforms like Proto.10 and others to perform the test on your app. This program will help you evaluate the final layers, interaction, and design of your app. This process is a lot more detailed than the first test you carried out earlier.

9Modify and make any Adjustments

After testing running your prototype and you’ve checked out the app in its full functional stage, you’ll have to seek the help of your testers again.

Ask them to evaluate the performance of your app as they did in its development stage, always be open to constructive criticism, and employ every feedback gotten accordingly as long as they’re not detrimental to your app’s progress. Make changes that you feel will add more value to your app.

10. Final Testing and Getting your app into the market

After taking your app through several testing processes and you feel you’ve created a beautiful and mind-blowing functioning app that provides solutions to your targeted users, you can then proceed to evaluate how your app will perform in a real-life scenario.

Android makes this process very easy, you can easily upload the file into any Android device and test it, and from here you can monitor its progress.

Phew! You’ve successfully created an app. It’s time to launch it in the market and let the world have a feel of it, hopefully, it solves the problem you created it for, and makes lots of money from it.

All you need do is launch it on Android’s very own Google Play Store, where you’ll instantly start selling your app without getting it reviewed first.

Come up with a nice name that aligns with the whole idea of your app and piques the interest in your targeted users.

Ways To Make Money Creating Apps For Android

#1 – In-App Purchases

You can make money by offering any extra bonus, premium content, or virtual currencies for the app or unlocking any extra levels. It could be consumable, like currency, or nonconsumable like maps: example, Games.

Up to 50% of mobile apps make use of in-app purchases. You’ll have to decide on this while developing your app. Users unlock new additional features after purchasing an upgrade.

#2 – In-App Advertising

This is one of the most famous and easiest ways of making money after Creating an app for Android.

After Creating the app, you’ll choose to let advertisements run on your app. As the app owner, you’ll get paid according to the number of clicks the ads get and the kind of ads you’re showing. Video ads pay more than banner ads.

Don’t forget to consider if your users will have the patience to watch video ads.

#3 – Paid Apps

Here, you put a price tag on your app, say $0.80, and get millions of downloads but statistics have shown that users don’t-spend much on apps especially when they can easily find a similar one, even if it’s of low quality. 

You’re likely not going to earn enough this way.

#4 – Affiliate Programs

An affiliate program is a mobile platform that brings the mobile advertiser and affiliate on one side.

When working together with affiliates, you’ll be advertising essential apps, products or services offered by the affiliates and make money from it.

You can either earn by cost per action, which is a means of making money whenever someone clicks on the ads or installs the app.

You can also earn when u receive a percentage of income you generated on behalf of the advertiser.

#5 – Crowdfunding

This is becoming a very popular way of making money, you’ll be raising money for charitable organizations or a unique business idea through the app itself.

It simply means you’ll create an app for non-governmental organizations, and religious bodies or even running a campaign for a purpose you’re pursuing.

This gives a lot of people all over the world a chance to assist you in attaining your goals.

#6 – Selling Merchandise

This is a great way of making money especially if you’re designing an e-commerce app to sell your products and services. Your app is generally free to download.

#7 – Subscription

This mode of making money creates quite a fair deal for the developer and the app user. After developing your app, you’ll put some of the content up for free and let the users have an access to them.

If the user finds some value and enjoys using it, they can pay a subscription to gain full access to it’s content.

The user can also get a free trial period and have unlimited access for a certain period of time, once the time given elapses, and the users love using the app they can buy a subscription to have unlimited access to it.


A few decades ago, many people never considered making money by Creating apps for Android. 

With the surge in technology, there’s a huge growth in the app market, which is fast becoming a booming economy. People are making huge fortunes developing apps for Android.

You’ll find in this article the procedures involved in creating apps for Android, training and requirements as well as ways to make money from it .


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