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Virtually everyone you know has at least one app on their smartphone. You are probably not left out.

Apps, generally, are created for different purposes, ranging from entertainment, education and work. One of the masked benefits of the apps in your phone is creating a source for quick money.

Yes, so many apps serve dual purposes, first, the entertain and then, you cash at quick money while getting entertained. These apps, like Mistplay let you easily cash out all points and coins you accumulate while using the app.

Like Mistplay or Applike, playing Casino Games is one way to cash out fast. Apps that have casino games with auto features levels you up super fast. Others allow you to bet super low and turn auto-spin to earn coins, points, or money for each game.

15 Apps like Mistplay that cashes out easily

#15. Swagbucks LIVE 

This interactive Livestream app is where you can win $1000 weekly. It is a legit win real app where you answer trivia questions for cash. This app

#14. InboxDollars

 Inbox dollars app allows you to accumulate points that can be transferred into cash. Once you sign up, you earn a $5 bonus. To download, click the button below.

#13. Blackout Blitz (iOS only)

This app, like Mistplay allows you win real world rewards and even cash prizes while playing the bingo-style game.

#12. my KONAMI Slots app (iOS only)

On Konami slots app, you can have all the fun while earning big bonuses and progressive jackpots. The app allows you play free social casino games while working your way up in VIP status.

#11. Swagbucks 

New users on Swagbucks earn $10 upon as a signup bonus. Subsequently, this app, like Mistplay, allows you to play games for money and prizes.

#10. Solitaire Cube

Solitaire club is one app like Mistplay for Android that allows you win real prizes from playing cards on your phone. Click the button below to download.

#9. Lucktastic

This app, like Mistplay for android allows users to scratch cards to win prizes, gift cards, and real rewards.

#8. McDonald App

This app is available on iOS and Apple stores. Mcdonald’s app allows you to enjoy McDonald’s deals, coupons, offers, and more. Unlike other apps like Mistplay, Macdonald’s rewards do not come through Paypal and direct credits, but you will surely enjoy bounteous access to offers and rewards that could get you a beautiful meal.

#7. Poll Pay

Poll pay app allows you make money by taking online surveys. It’s an app like Mistplay for iOS and mobile phones. To cash out, you must have a minimum of $10

#6. Sweatcoin

Sweatcoin is an app that rewards you for walking. In exchange for your steps, you earn sweatcoins.

These sweatcoins can buy you things you may need in real life. Unlike most apps like Mistplay, sweatcoin doesn’t pay through PayPal or other direct payout methods.

However, you can shop in marketplaces with credits earned on sweatcoin app.

#5. Dabbl

Dabbl allows you earn gift cards for taking surveys and answering quizzes. Like Mistplay for iPhone, this app can be downloaded with a click on the button below.

#4. Gameflip

On Gameflip, you can improve your gaming skills and earn credits. You can shop with these credits. To earn, download the app, purchase skins using Paypal or credit card. Then, get a trade offer from the bot and accept the skins. This app currently records over 4 million users.

#3. SurveyMonkey

SurveyMonkey is an app that allows you earn rewards for general surveys, market research and customer research. Also, you may earn with SurveyMonkey if you give some evaluation feedback.

#2. Lucky Nights

This app, like Mistplay for pc is a free mobile gaming app. On this app, you can win rewards and prizes. Everything on the app is free, from signing up to playing all your favorite games .

All you have to is play the hottest scratchers, lottos, raffles, mini games, daily challenges to win rewards like Amazon gift cards, and so much more.

#1. Applike

This app, like Mistplay that, allows you earn money when you install and test android apps. Applike delivers unique products and business solutions to app publishers.

On this app, you earn rewards when you test apps and other app products.


On average, statistics shows that snart phone users have anywhere between 60-90 apps installed. But, the owners do not use ninety percent of these installed apps.

While there are apps you need to keep up with daily tasks, learn daily and communicate with family and friends, you can convert your leisure moment to extra bucks.

These apps, like Mistplay offer you rewards either as coins, cash, or gift cards for playing games, carrying out surveys, and testing apps.

Scroll through this list to download some apps that allows you make extra cash daily.


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