How I Transferred My Sweatcoin To PayPal

Just as the name suggests, you earn when you sweat. All you need to do is run, walk, or even cycle; this fantastic app will make you richer. To transfer money from sweatcoin to PayPal, this article is written to guide you.

This guide has been helping our audience, and you won’t be an exception.

To make money in Sweatcoin, you need to save your coins. This is because there are regular massive offers releases. For instance, refer at least 100 people, and get a $100 PayPal gift card.

Do you wish to learn how to transfer and link your sweat coin to Paypal? If yes, you may need to hang on for a while and read through this post to see my method of converting sweat coins to PayPal cash.

You will find a detailed guide on how to cash out sweatcoin immediately after the introduction to sweat coin.

Introduction To sweatcoin

Exercising is necessary as it helps ensure your body systems function optimally, without any life-threatening illness. But the big question here is, how often do you exercise? Do you lack the motivation to exercise?

Now, this is where sweatcoin comes in. It gives the motivation to exercise and live healthily.

Sweatcoin is a digital currency like bitcoin and others. It was created by a firm in 2014 to push and motivate people to stay healthy by offering a reward for exercising. Amazing.

After gaining coins from exercise, you can cash out sweat coins through various methods. This includes the option to convert the sweatcoin to your Paypal account.

The sweatcoin program is a new and fantastic way to make money while doing your routine, and we will be looking for you to know how to transfer sweatcoin to PayPal.

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What Is Sweatcoin?

Sweatcoin is a mobile app that tracks your daily outdoor movements, which records in the form of cash. You earn about 1 SWC (1 Sweatcoin) per 1,000 steps you make.

Currently, their offer marketplace has dozens of offers that are constantly changing. These offers range from online memberships, gift cards, food gifts, electronics, clothing, app downloads, music downloads, and more! And, once in a while, a PayPal or Amazon Gift Card becomes available as an offer.

You can get more sophisticated goods and services like high-tech shoes, iPhones, anti-gravity yoga classes, and Apple Watches.

Subsequent sections will answer some of the frequently asked questions, including how to transfer and link sweatcoin to Paypal cash.

Where Can I Get Sweatcoin?

Sweatcoin is readily available to android and apple phone users through the respective stores – Google Play store (Android) and iOS (iOS ). However, sweatcoin Paypal is not available to many countries of the world. Find out if sweatcoin cashout is available to your country here.

What Are The Supported Devices?

Android phones and iPhones are supported devices. However, note that sweatcoin only operates on Android 4.4 or recent versions, while for apple, it functions on iPhone 5s and above.

How Sweatcoin Works

Sweatcoin is a free app readily available for download on Android and iPhone, as stated above. Once you download the app, here are the steps you need to take for it to begin earning.

Firstly, once you open the app, there is a form you will be asked to fill out. It contains just simple personal information. Also, you would need to verify that you are ok with the app tracking your daily steps even when it is turned off.

After this, you can start working and making money. One sweatcoin equals 1000 steps.

As of the time of this publication, the app only tracks steps. It has no provision for cycling.

Also, the app doesn’t work at home. Once it recognizes that you are inside, it stops working. Although a few people have said, the app worked while they were at home.

Sweatcoin currently has no provision for the conversion rate of sweatcoin to PayPal cash. Hence, it was created to exchange products online and not to be cashed out. But, some of us have transferred our sweatcoin to PayPal, a method I shall review shortly.

Aside from tracking daily steps, Sweatcoin has a repository where you can learn about making purchases. This includes the number of cons needed for an item.

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What Can You Buy With A Sweatcoin?

There are lots of fantastic stuff you can acquire with sweatcoin. Once you have enough sweatcoin, go to the app marketplace to buy anything you want. You can buy iPhones, Samsung TV sets, audiobooks, and gift cards.

They are priced based on the cost of the product. Want $1,000 in cash from PayPal? It’ll cost you 20,000 Sweatcoin. A $50 Nike gift card costs 3,650 Sweatcoin.

These goods and services on the sweatcoin marketplace are from brands in partnership with the app. They are often in high demand, and once the offers are available in the marketplace, they are quickly snapped up. Consider leaving between 5000 and 10000 sweatcoins on the app so you can readily purchase unique products.

In the same vein, there are some free products in the marketplace.

How To Transfer Sweatcoin Money To PayPal 2022

Methods of transferring Sweatcoin to PayPal cash are vital information to users. Here is the answer. Sweatcoin PayPal cash is possible, but it is not as easy as you would want.

Earning money through sweatcoin comes in different forms, like exchanging it for Amazon gift cards with significant value as cash.

However, Transfering the earnings from sweatcoin directly to cash is impossible for now. You also cannot link your sweatcoin to the Paypal account.

Go to the marketplace, and tap on Paypal reward; it will open instructions on purchasing it. If you don’t see a PayPal reward, that is because it is not currently available. Keep checking daily to find it. Again, you need at least 20,000 coins to redeem via PayPal.

Moving on, follow the instructions on how to claim the selected offer; an email will be sent to you. Tap buy.

After following the how-to claim, this will redeem your sweatcoin and send you cash to Paypal.

So, if the app has no platform for such conversion, how do you convert the coin to cash? Keep reading!

How To Cash Out On Sweatcoin On Android?

As stated earlier, sweatcoin Paypal cashout is quite rigorous. If you use an Android, take the following steps to cash out on sweatcoin:

Step 1: Download the sweatcoin app

Go to your android download place (Playstore), search and download the app for Android. It is easily recognizable as it has a broken letter S on a blue background as an icon.

Once the download is complete, you can find it on your home screen, app drawer, or by searching “sweatcoin” in the search bar. Click to open it once found.

Step 2: Go to the shopping bag

At the upper right corner of your screen is a shopping bag icon. You will gain access to all your shopping offers when you click on them.

Step 3: Tap the Paypal or Amazon reward

Once you have gone to the shopping bag, tap on PayPal to see specific offers and instructions to purchase.

Step 4: Follow the Instructions

All offers have a specific way to claim. Simply click on an offer and read the instructions in this section. The “how to claim” proposal section will explain in detail all you need to cash out sweatcoin.

You will need to access your email at some point to get started. So keep it handy.

Step 5: Click on Buy

Buy is located under the offer’s image at the top of your screen. When you tap it, it lists out the Sweatcoin price.

To cash out sweatcoin on android, this last step will redeem your sweatcoins and send your cash after you follow the specific instructions in the “How to claim” section.

How To Sell Your Sweatcoin

You convert your sweatcoin to Paypal cash by selling it. All you need to do is go online and advertise your sweatcoin for sale, and you are sure to get a handful of people willing to buy. Sweatcoin can be sold on Platforms like Reddit and Discord chat room.

Most times, the investors willing to buy your sweatcoin would quote the price extremely low, and you can either take or leave such an offer.

But when you consider that you made the coin by just walking, you will likely take the buyer’s price.

Usually, buyers offer to pay between $0.02 and $0.06 (USD) for a coin, which is extremely low, but when you consider you can make $10 for a week for covering a distance of 6 miles per day (i.e., 45-50 Sweatcoin per week), you go for it.

In addition, you may use the sweatcoin to purchase either an Amazon gift card or a PayPal gift card, then sell. Since they are bought at a lower price at the marketplace, you will make a considerable sum from the sales.

If you don’t wish to sell your coins, save them on the app because there are lots of fantastic offers at the marketplace where you can use the coins.

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What Is The Future of Sweatcoin?

Since its inception, the app has shown only signs of growth, with thousands of people downloading it weekly. Sweatcoin does not seem to be going into limbo anytime soon. I hear the founders are seeking ways to improve the app in terms of payment.

In one or two years to come, sweatcoin may be seen to have the same values as bitcoin and other coins with blockchain.

So, if you walk a lot and wish to convert your daily steps to money or goods and services, you should consider downloading the app.

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Keep walking or running to generate more sweatcoin, and when you see that you have a substantial coin, use the coins to redeem special offers available in sweatcoin marketplace. Most of all, have fun with this fitness-based digital currency!


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