Best Banks in Pennsylvania PA | Rates, Account Types, Min. Deposit

According to Pennsylvania’s Department of Banking and Securities DOBS, their work is to regulate financial services and ensure consumers and businesses are well-informed about the marketplace.

Part of this job is what The Wealth Circle aims to achieve with this post; educating the residents of Pennsylvania on the best banks in the state.

There are over 200 banks in Pennsylvania, and DOBS manages them to comply with statutory laws. However, efficiency isn’t guaranteed by these laws, just effectiveness.

To bridge this gap, we have provided the best banks in Pennsylvania for customers to have efficient financial security.

In addition to this, we have also discussed their interest rates, minimum deposits, and the types of accounts each bank operates. Stay with us.

How to Choose the Best Banks in Pennsylvania?

The perfect bank depends majorly on your individual banking preferences. Whether you’re looking for a high-yield savings account, a low-fee checking account, or a CD, there are general factors to consider. These are features that you value. They are:

Rates and Fees: Banks charge for monthly service fees, ATM usage, overdraft, transfers, and lots more. You have to check the fees against the annual percentage yields to see if you’ll lose some funds or gain interest.

Account Types: The accounts are typical, checking, saving, money market, Certificate of deposit, credit cards, loans, etc. If you want to keep all your money in one bank, check the banks offering all services you’ll require.

ATM and Branches: Do you love personal contact with the bank, or is an online transaction convenient? This will determine if the best bank for you in Pennsylvania will be an online or a physical one.

The technology involves budgeting tools, automated saving plans, and security measures.

Similarly, for effective budgeting, you need to separate bank accounts. Read how to do this.

Safety: Insurance is another key factor that makes the best banks in PA. Look for banks whose deposits are backed by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. You can check the websites of the FDIC or NCUA to see if your bank is covered.

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Best Banks in Pennsylvania PA in 2023| Rates, Account Types, Min. Deposit

There are many banks in Pennsylvania, but we have brought the creme de la creme in this article. We also focused on interest rates, account types, and minimum deposits. These best banks in PA accept. We promise that the article will be worthwhile.

Here are the best banks in Pennsylvania, PA.

#1 – Santander Bank

Santander is one of Pennsylvania’s biggest and best banks, with over 150 physical locations in the city alone. It is a good option for residents who travel frequently.

Read the cheapest ways to travel.

Santander Bank is here if you’re looking for a bank with free checking. The minimum opening account is $25. You’ll get free checking if you make one transaction a month. Otherwise, a $10 fee awaits you.

Customers can use online, mobile, and business banking with an APY of 0.3%.

#2 – BB&T

Branch Banking and Trust Company is one of the best banks in PA for students. They have excellent savings and checking accounts for students in Pennsylvania and even postgraduation packages.

The student checking account has a zero-fee saving account and two free cash withdrawals from the B&T ATMs.

BB&T has a 0.01% APY on savings and a minimum deposit of $0.

In addition, some banks give teens a high interest.

#3 – PNC Bank

PNC is the largest bank in Pennsylvania, PA, for consumers, small businesses, and corporate customers. It has over 400 locations in the state.

Their checking account can be opened with as little as $25 with a monthly fee of $7 that can be waived when you save an average of $5,000 monthly.

Customers can make a pick from a wide array of personal banking products, including checking, savings, credit cards, and its Virtual Wallet banking packages.

The APY for virtual wallet reserve is 0.01%.

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#4 – Citizens Bank

Citizens bank is another best and large bank in Pennsylvania, with over 329 branches in PA.

The minimum opening deposit for Citizens bank is $1, and your interest increases from 0.03% to 0.07% APY as you deposit more money.

The Platinum Plus savings account offers no monthly service fee. Balances lower than $25,000 earns a 0.03% interest, while higher balances earn up to 0.07%.

Generally, there are 4 checking accounts at Citizens, namely: Students, Platinum, One Deposit, and Platinum Plus accounts.

It is the best bank in PA for financial planning.

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#5 – TD Bank

Small business owners in Pennsylvania should use TD Bank.

One of the advantages of TD Bank over other banks in Pennsylvania is that with a minimum balance of $1,500 across all your accounts, the $25 monthly fee for the checking account can be waived.

The checking account is opened with a $100 initial deposit, allowing 500 transactions a month.

#6 – Axos Bank

In Best Banks in Denver, we mentioned that online banks give the best rates, the same is true for Axos.

Axos is an online bank that offers numerous services to personal banking customers. They have checking, savings accounts, and CDs. There are many checking accounts available.

For instance, essential checking is free. The Cashback checking account gives 1% cash back on purchases. Reward checking account, which is the most popular account, is a high-yielding checking account.

All accounts have no minimum deposit balance or monthly fee.

#7 – BBVA

BBVA offers an appealing APY of 0.05% for the premium checking balance. The customer will have a minimum balance of $4,000 to get a $19 monthly service fee waived.

For personal banking in this best bank in Pennsylvania, there are saving, checking accounts, credit cards, and loans.

The minimum deposit to access various products, including 2 checking accounts in PA, is $25.

#8 – CIT Bank

CIT bank offers to check; savings account with a deposit of $100. It has one of the best savings accounts in PA.

There are 3 accounts available: the savings builder, premium high-yield savings, and money market accounts.

If you’re for an online checking account, by all means, go for the checking account. You earn interest for saving $25,000 in your account plus the account is free.

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There are many banks in Pennsylvania, but we have successfully reduced the search to the best 8 banks in PA. Below we have also tabulated the essential features of these best PA banks for easy assimilation. Check it out.

BankAccount TypesInterest RateMin Deposit
#1 Santander BankChecking0.3%$25
#2 BB&TChecking and Savings accounts0.01%$0
#3 PNC BankSavings, Checking, Virtual Wallet accounts0.01%$25
#4 Citizens BankChecking account0.03%$1
#5 TD BankChecking Account$100
#6 Axos BankSavings, Checking accounts, CDs1%N/A
#7 BBVA BankCheckings0.05%$25
#8 CIT BankSavings & CDs0.45%$100



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